Monday, January 30, 2017

SUPER-HOOT: My Christian Roommate Has Declared that if "Testosteroni" Says the Blu-Ray Player Can NEVER Be Connected to the Internet -- Then It CAN'T BE / My Current Email List This Blog is Always Sent to:

"Vesuvius" de Andy Warhol, 1985 en el Museo de Capodimonte, Napoli, Italia.

My roommate's not just a PIN-UP BOY for Testosteroni, now -- this is a series of four shots Roomie and I did and emailed him to EXCITE Old Testo (without any disrobing) -- just a few days ago:

That "Old Roomie's Cross" hanging on the wall with the MONSTER female orifice in the bottom part, was MADE by "Teststeroni" and is reported on in GREATER DETAIL here:

-- Roomie's now a FULL DISCIPLE of a long-time, GENEROUS but bag-lady-like RECLUSE, to learn from him the DOWN-TO-EARTH ways to deal in TODAY'S WORLD!!!

>>> ALL OF THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES show that my emails are NOT blocked, and they ALL get every blog posting emailed to them (before I've edited them enough, frankly):

wilmjourn, wilmingtononfire, thecarolinian, jbookman, mjoseph, atlantacouncil, eredenbaugh1, bill.saffo, council, scoop, editorial, newsroom, breakingnews, breakingnews, sarmstrong, teri, partnership, toconis, rjkus, rapoole2000, rhodes1005, ryanleeburris, swerner, gbennett, cppabert, officeofthechief, emcmahon, benjamin.r.david, info, rodney.moore, info, tom, ltgov, ThomTillis, robin.w.robinson, michael.franklin, pcd, kim, paul, jwfish7, mail, wwhite, rzapple, jbarfield, swatkins, templeoffice, BnaiisraelILM, mfmoye, rcarroll88, burgawpresbyteri, info, andrearedmondstonemountain, revwatson, office, mmoore000, stjudes, nhcnaacp, Ashley.N.Bullard, moyredikh, info, sdistrict16, rkenan, Contact, office, communications, info, saffo, casapacifica99, conagencypuertov, todddillon, president, brian.t.moynihan, jamie.sutherland, sordidwedding, faulkjoseph6, mcook, jeverette, jdavis, krjec, roostersutherland, dsaper, info, info, Jcboseman3 Jcboseman3@Gmail.Com, michael.lopez, information, publicaffairs, info, ken, rosenproductions, elderford, forgeyouth, nbcc, chacmoolcafe, jkenan02, kenan5, duffyjr3, Opinion, info, madonnamcmahon, contact, philipchryst, consularagentpvr, ksbufkin72, tlholbrook790, dreamwindows, jnhohman, Pam.Sander, info, montrillionbusiness, argile5, leads, noelle, gerry.lowrey, thomas.kaplan, dmurtaugh2, gmail, jaclyn.jordan, bob, ray, lenaludwig, 2redeyes, press, info, ron, stacy, dopierce, jpenley, hayeste, lazypiratesportsgrill, merrittrw, carlton.wells, Mark.Beguhl, Daniel.Simpson, eraymundo, blembcke, tmcdonald, feedback, dlopez, ac, philipchryst, templeoffice, cmstarwave, mmathes1, ben.steelman, heather, contactgov

lindsey.m.luther, Jennifer.Harjo, dollarlois, 1kikiwin, gingertindall, joyeckel, KHolditch, info, pjwillisnola, asaddik, telliottk, runningsun, ps, joel, flynn, mike, mitchdouglasicm, Christian.Ferney, hobbsart, bojones, connor.kenan, ChadHogston, gm2127, dtaft, lmacneish, wcrowningshield, jhart, lwyatt, loisannfisher, lroberson, rlewis, info, don, cynthia, jfaulk001

"No, no . . . I NEVER manipulate anyone!!!"


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