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Staying SANE and Happy -- Whilest Superstitious FEAR-BOTS Run Rampant All Around Us (and apparently LED by "Testosteroni" -- the "self-abusing" Testosterone and Cialis-Daily Addict now Age 84)!!!

The sort of old brownstone -- a few doors off Central Park West -- that Testosteroni would live like a "Bag Lady" in the attic of.


BOTH the Wilmington Star News and Port City Daily were FAIR in their coverage of yesterday's confrontation between the Black Panthers and Wilmington Law Enforcement, BUT as any Wilmingtonian will tell you, the Star News -- as always -- fell FAR SHORT in the depth of its coverage -- and I DON'T mean of coverage of my words with them all -- what I believe was the very END of things.

TV-6's producer told me more than a year ago that the Wilmington Press has AGREED not to publish anything about me or my claims -- until some "FOOL" publishes about me FIRST -- and then they will HAVE TO.

Yesterday, although I stood among the Press, I did NOT address them -- nor pay attention to whether they recorded me or not. I only know they listened with RAPT attention, so they had to GET IT.

The two coverages:

And my comment in response to another comment on Port City Daily (which exists only online):

I responded to THIS comment:

Steven Seigler · 

I had full respect for this group and was willing to to listen to there message until I saw the American Flag on the ground being trampled. Now...... there just noise. If there not willing to respect the system that gives them the right to speak then why should I listen.

Scott Kenan commented on an article.
57 mins
(I resisted first saying that his abuse of "there" was enough to have to face the FIRING SQUAD -- were I the god of this World -- but frankly, it means he is likely just a "common Christian"as they say.)

Steven Seigler does not lie well. 

Anyone who knows the Black Panthers knows they are into SHOCK tactics -- going back to the late 1960s when I worked with them helping to build a school in Philadelphia. I too, find "disrespect" of the American flag repugnant -- but I DON'T claim that trampling a piece of cloth for shock value -- symbol that it is -- changes the actual issues here, which have nothing to do with the flag, per se. 

Either Mr. Seigler is a PRISONER of his emotions, or he lied about his earlier openness. I DO tend to give Wilmington (especially) black folks some extra patience because it was my OWN God-Hating Kenan Family (William Rand Kenan, Sr.), and First Presbyterian (which I once belonged to) who CAUSED the 1898 Insurrection. 

I thought ALL Wilmingtonians involved yesterday were HIGHLY professional in handling the entire matter. My hat is especially off to Sheriff's Lt. Warnick and other Law Enforcement who had to PLAN how to handle things together -- as well as Dr. Alli Muhammad. And I, TOO, shook Dr. Muhammad's hand in the end of my conversation with him -- as did Lt. Warnick. 

I DOUBT the Panthers have a legal case, but I'm GLAD local Law Enforcement allowed them some leeway so they could EXPRESS their points, while "standing down" voluntarily from breaking current law.

Founder and Chief General in Command of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, Dr. Alli…


And I DID try to calm someone down on Facebook, this morning:

In addition to what's going on in the political/governmental world raising my anxiety level to an 11, my personal life feels like a sad, sad country song right now.

I was sick all week last week, meanwhile my 13 yr old niece tried to kill herself. (She's realizing she's not straight and that is a whole lot to handle where she lives in Po-dunk uber-ChristianNC.) My best friend is going through breast cancer treatment and needs my support (her family lives out of state).

My partner is working through some ongoing and serious addiction and mental health issues (which also includes cheating which makes it hard to even look at him). And to top it off, my son is a testosterone-crazed emotional wreck who I've decided needs therapy because I just don't know what else I can do.

I'm taking the 15 lbs I've gained over the past few months and putting them in the "whatever" category while I focus on other things.

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Kerra Bolton I am so sorry you and those you love are going through tumultuous times. I wish you peace, strength and stillness during these times.
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Ella Patterson Thanks Kerra. Just needed a vent.
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Scott Kenan Hi Ella Patterson: Sorry you got a case of "when it rains, it POURS!!!" 

I see you live in Winston-Salem, while I live in Wilmington, NC, and I have had this kind of inundation going on for some time -- while working with General Colin L. Powell's people, Gen. Russel Honore', and others to BUST my wealthy Kenan relatives who founded The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, control Exxon-Mobil and Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, etc., and the Kenans were the biggest money behind Donald Trump -- but ONLY after they figured out how he could win. 

The Bush, Cheney, and Clinton families have been narco-trafficking with the Kenans for DECADES, so of course first supported Hillary, in fact my parents with Nixon's old Aide John Ehrlichman SET UP the Christian Drug Mafia here in Wilmington and also in Atlanta -- something Gen. Honore' especially knows all about. 

Trump promised to deliver the giant OIL DEAL to the Kenans after putting the Kenan exec (Mr. Tillerson), into power. 

I found that keeping my focus on the GOAL of healing the country keeps me OK while I deal with all these annoying things going on around me. 

Perhaps you will like this meme:

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Scott Kenan That is the same thing as if you stand in the eye of the hurricane, you are not harmed.
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Old Testo awoke me (I'd slept in late, so I was glad of that), and IMMEDIATELY told me I had to delete yesterday's posting, BECAUSE:

Some blogger was SUED by Melania Trump for calling her a "whore" -- and Melania won a $150,000,000.00 judgement against him. I think I heard something about this (and am HEARTENED TO HEAR that at least ONE blogger is "Filthy Rich"), but MANY of my Facebook Friends have posted as much -- and posted THIS meme and WORSE ones -- and have NOT been sued.

Under US Law, it is difficult to sue anyone criticizing Public Figures, such as Politicians, Religious Leaders, etc. -- without showing HARMFUL INTENT and PROVING it is LIES, knowingly/intentionally delivered.

And yesterday, I wrote (and spoke in public), about things I have been saying and publishing on this blog for YEARS (so Police Chief Evangelous, D.A. Ben David, and others whose crimes I expose, are YEARS LATE to bring any action against me).

Also, I've had TWO DISCUSSIONS with Ben David in person -- in which he promised to have ERASED the unconstitutional and illegal conviction of me in Chicago of Libel. I was never legally served, and then I was tried and NOT ALLOWED a defense. Jamie Lee Sutherland had asked for $50,000.00, ONLY, but without showing DAMAGE to his career (he was soon PROMOTED, so no damage that I see -- and now works for Ameriprise Financial in Chicago, rather than Wells Fargo Advisors -- rival to Kenan-held Bank of America).

This was ALL accomplished by Ben David and his Legal Intern from the time Ben had me in local jail FIVE TIMES on false charges, 2011 - 12 -- all of which he was FORCED to drop/erase -- including my false CONVICTION of "Cyber-Stalking" in Judge Hogston's Court, that Mr. David accomplished while Jeffrey Duncan was his Intern. THEN Jeff Duncan got his first "full lawyer" job working in Daliah Saper's Law Firm (Daliah ALSO a Fox News Talking Head), WHILE that "conviction" was achieved:

REMEMBER: Amazon did NOT believe this, but after half a year removed my book's sales site since they got NO FURTHER CLARIFICATION.

They STILL sent all moneys from sales to ME, not Jamie.

Google/Blogger did NOT believe it either -- and I STILL have control of my blog that is listed in this order.

And then the Courts Inspector for Cook County Courts told me that if true I was NEVER LEGALLY SERVED (easy for me to prove), then I don't even need to bring up that I was unconstitutionally tried IN ABSENTIA to get it thrown out -- and SHE recommended I sue every ONE of them for EVERYTHING THEY HAVE GOT!!!

And unfortunately, I would need to live for a while in Chicago to achieve this, as there are ALWAYS delays, continuances, etc., but I will FIND A WAY, soon enough.

There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION when FRAUD is involved, and there is MORE THAN ENOUGH fraud involved in this case.

If Ben David and Mayor Saffo -- and perhaps Police Chief Ralph Evangelous -- had ANY SMARTS AT ALL, they would have LONG AGO AGREED not to persecute others like they did me, and settled with me by paying me a FAIR cash amount as compensation. Of course this would also mean that Ben David would have to VOID that Chicago conviction -- or they could also supply me with the legal or financial means to do so myself.

But they are CHRISTIANS, NARCO-TRAFFICKERS, and Ben cheats on his wife by having sex with guys.

Just for "giggles" I found Testosteroni's Amazon reviews and wish list here (on Amazon, he uses the name "Joseph Faulk"):

And HERE is what is on his WISH LIST -- but I DARE SAY he has ALREADY gotten it and has been PLAYING IT -- wouldn't YOU agree???:

Product Description

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. 

And then Testo told me this morning that the Blu-Ray player he sent for my roommate is FLAWED and to NOT connect it to the Internet (most of what my roommate wants to use it for).

I checked the product pages, and it DOES jam-up and not open the drawer again if you connect to the internet functions BEFORE updating the firmware -- and an easy enough thing to do, and the player gets GREAT REVIEWS (other than from those who did NOT do that).

I've washed my hands of the whole thing, telling Testosteroni that he must contact my roommate to tell him all this nonsense of his fears. Even after I did MY research and tried to SOOTHE Mr. Paranoia (who after a YEAR is still too afraid to call Time/Warner Cable or Microsoft to get his email working on Windows 10 -- he's still using Windows VISTA, instead of his year-old, new computer).
The Borowitz Report: “The fact that they can do these things without the aid of spines makes Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan anomalies in the animal kingdom,” said Dr. Davis Logsdon.

Doctors believe that both men’s ability to stand, walk, and even break into a brisk trot when confronted by reporters’ questions is “virtually inexplicable.”

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Facebook suggested that I RE-POST this today -- I posted it SEVEN years ago, when Terrorism was about the SAME, but Christians had not yet TAKEN OVER THE US GOVERNMENT.



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