Tuesday, January 3, 2017

POOR Charlotte. POOR Poor Charlotte (North Carolina)!!!

New year, new Governor. Welcome (Dem.) Gov. Cooper - can't wait to work with you.

What's ahead for outgoing Republican "Bathroom Bill" Pat McCrory? Reports say he's moving back to Charlotte before deciding what to do next.

"I wish I would have been successful in convincing Charlotte not to start this masquerade of an issue that no doubt had an impact on my future election and on North Carolina in a very unfair way," McCrory said in the video.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory released a nearly 15-minute video on Friday, reflecting on his four years in office.


What is PECULIAR here, is that North Carolina's Governors are SWORN IN in January 7 -- but even as BITTER as the political fight was -- and this is a change of Party from Republican to Democrat -- Roy Cooper was sworn in in a private ceremony on New Year's Eve -- and there seems no protest from Republicans, INCLUDING Pat McCrory!!!

I ASSUME this is a sign that North Carolina Law (or Constitution), about such things is TOTALLY CONFUSED!!!

Nevertheless, North Carolina Citizens can rest easier, knowing that the transition of power has now been accomplished, AND Courts BLOCKED some of the most heinous POWER GRABS by Republicans restricting the new Governor's USUAL powers, and MORE of these hideous attempts will soon be examined in Court.


1. The Republicans in US Congress, as their first action, gut the Ethics Committee for the House -- and then Donald Trump chastises them in a tweet -- LOL!!!

And so FAR, I think this was just proposed.

2. Now that the SLOW Christmas Real Estate Season has passed, CHRISTIAN METHAMPHETAMINE LOVER Micheal Lopez is BACK IN FORCE with his WHITE EMPLOYEES ONLY ads for his Alpha Mortgage -- in which Wilmington WHITE-ASSED CHRISTIANS are made CERTAIN to know, that of his 50 agents, only TWO are "NIGGERS"!!!

Wilmingtonians know that Michael Lopez -- a BIG Republican -- paid a $31,000.00 fine for BRIBING Real Estate Professionals to bring him business. THAT is the past, and I don't doubt his services are GOOD (or he could not have grown so big over a lot of years), but his OPTICS ARE TERRIBLE, and he is said to ACT LIKE he's high on speed:

Alpha Mortgage's CURRENT agents

And although Mr. Lopez is a year younger than my 65 years, look how pathetic he looks with his ONLY son, named "Ocean":

Ocean and Michael Lopez in their STYLISH Mexican haircuts (for young men up to about 25 years of age).

Michael makes CERTAIN in his TV ad, that EVERYONE sees not just that he wears a suit too tight for him by FAR -- but that he displays the CROSS OF JESUS in his ear-post (I found no image of this online -- just on TV, but I'm too lazy to watch for it and photograph it).

And as the commentor on FACEBOOK (when I previously posted about this), wrote (and got her comment "liked" a lot): "Gay people are far saner than single guys that get married at AGE 60!!!"

"Mr. Wilmington 2012" winner at Golds Gym -- SPONSORED by Michael Lopez of Alpha Mortgage!!!

It takes a SERIOUSLY HORNY HOMO (or "Drug Bitch"), to vote for THIS GUYno???

3. My email ONLY of my letter to Thomas S. Kenan IIIhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/01/my-final-letter-to-thomas-s-kenan-iii.html, which was ONLY emailed to Tom's assistant, Steve Armstrong, was RETURNED to me, "CONNECTION TIMED OUT", which my emails to him do about two to three times per month -- LOL!!!

But shortly after sending it, I realized I had NOT confronted him with the evidence that his Liberty Hall staff (High Christians and Republican Party Members), had worked in CONJUNCTION with The Good Shepherd in putting up the WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE poster of me in 2011.

See halfway down herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/01/on-christmas-day-few-words-from-out.html

But Tom has NEVER responded to any of my attempts at communicating with him, but I HAVE gotten scans of letters of Tom REMOVING FORMER KENAN DRIVERS from industry FREEZE-OUTS of them ever getting a job (after they had PROTESTED Kenan Advantage Group dumping GASOLINE WASTE into protected wetland in the Lower Cape Fear).

I knew SEVERAL Kenan Drivers in 2011 - 12 who had reported the Kenan Family's POLLUTION crimes near Wilmington -- all of them blacklisted in their industries. I blogged about all of this back then. So Tom Kenan FORGIVES others who call his CRIMES -- just not ME -- HA!!!

He DID get the broadcast email of the posting, later, but that doesn't mean he READ it -- LOL!!!

And WHY SHOULD HE??? He controls too much money and power to give a damn about people.

I guess I'll mail him the hard copy, today, regardless.

4.Wilmington skies are dumping on-and-off rain, again, today, and it's been so warm my windows have been open all night the last three nights. For two weeks, I've mostly been a day ahead of myself -- even going to Benefits Management for my weekly check, forgetting I have to wait another day.

"Old Roomie", who's gotten so organized he makes his bed first thing in the morning EVERY DAY (don't tell Testo -- he does not APPROVE or DO anything like that -- brushing his teeth only a couple of times per week), and was off this morning on a confusing list of errands. He has classes he has to take -- one this morning -- that complicates GETTING A JOB, but he CAN'T work places that don't already KNOW him -- due to waiting to get his ID from the state.

And he expects to get convicted in a Court action late this month, so has to find someone who will ACCEPT he will be out of work for a while.

I DON'T ENVY him!!!

But Testo's financial help has kept Roomie from panhandling, and he has NOT asked for another chunk of the cash I'm holding for him.

If ONLY "Testosteroni" would learn to LISTEN to me and READ THIS BLOG with comprehension. The two of us were ACTUALLY on the same page about what to do through the last days of HUGE ARGUMENTS -- simply because he has NO IDEA about how to comprehend and process information -- but he IS good at his accounting, still. THAT was his profession.

Testo did NOT answer his cell this morning, which he NEVER carries when he leaves his apartment. I have no idea if he is sulking again -- like someone even less mature than Donald Trump -- or if he was out.

5. And it is time for me to get into NEW YEAR CONCERNS!!!


CNN has not only SCREWED ME several times, but broadcast many FALSE STORIES in support of the CIA/Clinton/Bush/Cheney/Kenan Family narco-trafficking. This one they FEATURED for THREE DAYS on CNN online -- despite my sending them the PROOF that Christal Presley -- who worked directly with Sean Hannity and my own mother -- totally LIED about her father Delmer Presley's PTSD.

Christal's POINT had been to establish a CHARITY (which she did) raising money to fight PTSD of Veterans -- so that she could TAKE MANAGEMENT FEES (her entire pitch being LIES), but between my BLOGGING AND EMAILING about her INTENDED CRIME, she never got many donations and the whole scheme COLLAPSED.

MORE on that as well as CORRUPTED Gay Activist and noted MEMOIRIST, Edmund White's LIES TO CNN about how Ronald Reagan and his Surgeon General C. Everett Koop LOVED GAY PEOPLE and ENCOURAGED AIDS RESEARCH -- which is the OPPOSITE of what happened while Reagan was President.

I met Edmund White (a HERO of mine in the 1980s when he was a GAY ACTIVIST fighting for Reagan and Koop to RECOGNIZE the seriousness of the AIDS epidemic -- and release money for research for drugs, etc.) at the Decatur, Georgia Book Fair in 2009.

AFTER I blogged about his DISGUSTING LIES to CNN, repeatedly, he emailed me to say that he'd been a SHIT -- but to please take him off my email list, which I did.

An OLDIE BUT GOODIE from 2016!!!


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