Sunday, January 1, 2017

On New Year's Day, a Few Words from Our Christian Brethren:

“Until sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.” 

― Thomas Watson
(S) One of our favorite posts from 2016.

Evangelical Ministers Ken Copeland and Jesse Duplantis claimed they talked to God on a private jet and that their supernatural feat was impossible to accomplish…
“If God should show mercy only to such as deserve it, he must show mercy to none.” 

― Thomas Watson, The Ten Commandments

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Pastor Jay Weigel, Third Presbyterian, Charlotte, North Carolina

And then THIS, from my long-time Friend on Facebook, the Jewish Gene Morgan of Atlanta -- who like ALL ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONISTS, promotes WAR due to RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. The Muslims and Jews (original ones) are ALL Semites -- ONE PEOPLE -- but HATE GOD SO MUCH they fight EACH OTHER to the death BY COMMAND OF GOD!!!

Gene Morgan OFTEN recognized THE TRUTH of what I knew about the Clintons' narco-trafficking with my Kenan Family -- and the Bushes and Cheney -- but STILL promoted her candidacy because she was a WAR HAWK FOR ISRAEL for MILITARY PROFITS and also NARCO-TRAFFICKING:
The Israel Project
The history of Jerusalem and the history of Israel are inseparable, stretching back over 3,000 years. A history underwritten by countless artefacts, scriptures, scrolls and other historical references. The recent attempt by the UN to simply erase 3,000 years of Jewish history from Jerusalem is both insulting and totally unacceptable.

Please share this and stand with Israel in her time of need. Add your name to now

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It's a cool enough -- but not cold -- day in Wilmington, with socked-in gray skies, so all last night's revelers -- Christian to Heathen -- need not face the shock of sunshine. My neighbor Neal appears to be moving out of his cottage -- sparing our landlady the expense and time of evicting him. His homeless buddy who traded beers for a sleeping place is helping him.

Old Roomie tells me that Neal can easily get into any shelter -- since he's got all his IDs and has never had Legal Troubles that we know of. Good Shepherd Center, would be his best bet:

Roomie tells me that, IN HIS EXPERIENCE, the Shepherd has NO PROBLEM with active drunks coming in drunk (and even drinking there), but that the Salvation Army Shelter TESTS everyone before allowing them in (although one guy he knew used to sneak in little "airline bottles" of booze -- and once a flask -- but that was HIGHLY unusual)!!! 

And of course The Good Shepherd is KNOWN by most in Wilmington as PRIMARILY a Heroin Distribution Center. In 2011, I learned from the homeless in Mercy House Shelter (where I stayed for a while), that MOST churches that had first supported the Good Shepherd, STOPPED -- after finding out the staff had embezzled enough funds to buy themselves cars and boats -- and I once caught long-time resident "Whitey" cutting Heroin in the mens room at Pine Valley Church of God, when they still had "The King's Breakfast", monthly in their own building.

Me -- once again -- clownin' at the King's Breakfast, February 4, 2012.

Readers know that the Good Shepherd's logo-ed vans used to park in front of my 8th Street apartment and HACK my wifi -- and their employees even SHOT IN THE FACE my then undocumented Colombian roommate, David Escalante's, two similar friends when the three of them WORKED for the Good Shepherd, and DEMANDED to be paid, but were refused, they telling David they would MURDER HIM TOO -- if he ever demanded payment for his work, again.

David FLED in panic to Charlotte, but I STILL have his immunization records.

I thought I had a scan of David Escalante's records, but found THIS instead. There really WAS a BLOG in 2011, created by Sen. Thom Goolsby or his friends, which ran about five postings like these two, taken from it when I discovered it on March 5, 2012.

The Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking, First Presbyterian, FOUNDED the Good Shepherd -- and with First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), and Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, REMAIN the biggest HATE CHURCHES financially supporting this DEN OF NARCOTICS-SELLERS and OTHER CRIMINALS.

As you might imagine, since I began blogging about the LEGAL SEWER that the Good Shepherd actually is, they REMOVED the list of individuals, companies, organizations, and churches who support them, but TODAY, I see that "congregations" only give them 4% of the donations they get, 26% comes from Government support of narco-trafficking, while 46% now comes from corrupt foundations, businesses, and events.

The Citizens of Wilmington will EVENTUALLY wake up to the local Politicians and Churches being BEHIND and PROFITING FROM all the narco-trafficking in town.

Just ask Mayor Bill Saffo about his uncle in NYC who has run the SAFFO MAFIA for about 40 years, now!!!

OH!!! And in early 2011, the Good Shepherd -- in conjunction with Liberty Hall, not only BANNED ME TWICE at the Kenan Family Homestead, but POSTED a poster at The Good Shepherd with my photo and name: "Scott Kenan -- Wanted Dead or Alive", and listed that the Kenan Family refusing entry to me helped PROVE I needed to be KILLED.

THANKS, Thomas S. Kenan III, who actually HEADS Liberty Hall via surrogates, so had to APPROVE of that. In 1985, I dated Tom Kenan's most recent long-term boyfriend, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, who lived in Carolina Apartments -- we dating while Blue Velvet was being filmed there.

And although this might not be FAIR (Presbyterians having a reputation for VERY HEAVY DRINKING -- so not too mobile yet, today), I counted ONLY six cars in their parking lot across the street from me for this morning's Sunday Service -- when USUALLY it is over-full and local streets filled with cars. (In fairness, I cannot see from here their main parking lot).


St. Mary's Catholic, around the corner, is MOBBED this morning -- but then Catholics GO TO HELL if they miss Mass on Sunday, so they have NO CHOICE about it -- and January 1 is a HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION for Mass, "Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God" -- which is a GIANT LAUGH TO ME -- because it was FOR CENTURIES called the Feast of Jesus's Circumcision -- and intermediately, for a few years -- a few years ago -- "Celebration of the Law".

The POINT being that even the Catholic Church recognized the JEWISHNESS of Jesus, and the Circumcision was his first coming under demands of JEWISH LAW, but NOW, they want to shift to Mary -- rather than focusing on Jesus's dick.

Well, let us leave the Christians to their TERMINAL CONFUSION!!! 

"Old Roomie" and I are watching to see if we can volunteer to help Neal, today -- but he has his one friend helping and it is NOT the best for neighbors to help someone "evict", due to the "embarrassment factor" (and likelihood of his apartment being infested with both fleas and bed bugs -- as the landlady claims).

And we ALSO want "Testosteroni" to know that we are fine and think he is TOO!!! I just can't take a lot of his VERBAL NONSENSE caused by his NOT UNDERSTANDING human relationships WITHIN a society -- but APPRECIATE how valiantly he tries (and helps with his financial support).

So as the New Year WARMS UP and begins GOING (after so many complete their recovery from last night), may WE ALL THINK MORE, before we SPEAK or ACT!!!



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