Saturday, January 28, 2017

Off and RUNNING!!!

Two Iraqis file lawsuit after being detained in NY due to travel ban

Washington (CNN)Lawyers for two Iraqis who had (ALREADY) been granted visas to enter the US have filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and the US government after they were detained when they arrived in New York Friday.

Nathanel Williams Obama on camera admitted he was Muslim, but the media buried it but not before talk radio got hold of the interview. 
But I do have to agree about Christians adherence to the teachings of Christ.
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Scott Kenan Nathaniel Williams: SHOW us the video of Obama "admitting" he's Muslim. YOU must be a God-Hating Christian to claim such a lie. If such a thing happened you idiots would have posted it all over the place by now. But you can't.
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Nathanel Williams It's been played on Fox news , and every talk radio show from Rush on down. Pull you head out of the sand some time!
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Scott Kenan So post it.
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Nathanel Williams Call a radio talk show I'm sure they can find it for you. Oh by the way just because I didn't record a copy don't mean it isn't out there. As for hating god maybe you should look in a mirror your being the intolerant one.
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Scott Kenan NO -- YOU claim it exists and I'm not going on a wild goose chase to find something that does not exist. You ARE Christian -- for SURE!!! No point going further until you produce what you claim you can easily find. Now get to it!!! I'm out to get some breakfast and I expect you to have posted it here by the time I return. Thank you.
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Scott Kenan God is the seat of Wisdom and Truth powered by Infinite Love. 

To LIE is to HATE GOD who is Truth. Now, I'm back from breakfast and you haven't been able to back up your claim about an issue that isn't real and Obama's no longer the President, anyway. 

If you checked my FB page or blog you know I have friends who saw both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in their private gay bathhouse many times, and you know that my family controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, etc. and put Trump into power to make alliance with Putin a GREAT friend of my Kenan/Exxon family, but before it became clear Trump could win, they backed Hillary Clinton -- but she wasn't for letting Kenans/Exxon into Russia to get the oil. 

My Kenan family has narco-trafficked with the Bush, Clinton, and Cheney families for decades now -- and Obama was blackmailed to also support it. 

Given that "Nathanel" (odd spelling) Williams and I are both MALE, and are blessed/cursed with TWO heads, I hope Nathanel's LOWER head works better than his upper!!! 

My own last "all night date" was with George HW Bush's cousin this past October. Besides the sex, we were up all night comparing notes on our criminal families

Google my name to find my blog if you'd like to read more detail. Thanks!!!
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Lara Yunaska, wife of Eric Trump and native of Wilmington, NC where she and Eric maintain a home on Wrightsville Beach, today CLARIFIED that she is now taking leadership in Trump's 2020 Campaign -- and leaving her job at "Inside Edition"

"A week into the already eventful first term of President Donald Trump, First Daughter-in-law Lara Trump is turning her focus to the future and the efforts to secure a second term. The Wilmington native is settling in as a senior adviser for the president’s 2020 campaign, which she said sprung directly from the 2016 run as a way to stay engaged with Trump's supporter base."

(Apparently, many feared that it sprang/was springing from Hillary Clinton's Campaign -- and Lara was SMART ENOUGH to clarify that for us ALL!!!)

A week into the already eventful first term of President Donald Trump, First Daughter-in-law Lara Trump is turning her focus to the future and the efforts

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The "Tribunal" of airing grievances is TODAY, 2:30 PM at Creekwood Community Center, then the "Armed March" or "event", begins at Creekwood Center tomorrow at 1:30 PM.

I won't attend, as I have seen ENOUGH GUNS, both pointed at me and NOT, the last seven years of fleeing from and being held hostage by Christian Drug Mafia in Stone Mountain, GA, Wilmington, NC, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My NERVES are TIRED OF GUNS!!!

In fact, I expect to re-join the NAACP soon, instead.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous

But an IMPORTANT ISSUE about all of this is that Police Chief Ralph Evangelous stated MOST EMPHATICALLY -- and the LAST thing he stated, not for the FIRST time:
Evangelous’ final message to reporters at an afternoon news conference was "don't show up" for the events.
“If you really want to help the community, don’t show up this weekend and give them their five minutes of fame,” he said. “That’s my advice, my counsel to you.

With the Christian Drug Mafia continuing to RAGE for DRUGGIN' JESUS in Wilmington, North Carolina -- and nearly ALL citizens now discussing that it is led by Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo, with his orders from his uncle in New York City who has headed the Saffo Mafia there for 40 years (and a friend of mine worked in NYC for the Saffo Mafia for 30 years under Bill's uncle), I wonder if Chief Evangelous, who has served as Chief since 2004 -- while Bill Saffo was on City Council from 2003 until he became Mayor (by appointment after the previous Mayor resigned in scandal), in 2007, is ALSO part of the Saffo Mafia.

Not only is Evangelous a Greek name like Saffo -- but perhaps the Police Chief ALSO is Greek Orthodox like the Mayor -- St. Nickolas Greek Orthodox, here in Wilmington -- along with hyper-racist First Presbyterian and First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), being the ONLY Wilmington churches that majorly support the town's BIGGEST Heroin Distribution System, The Good Shepherd Center,

MANY other churches supported it at first, but by 2011, the rest of them had ABANDONED the Drug Mafia Org -- which was also known for its staff EMBEZZLING enough money to buy cars and boats. Good Shepherd Center ALSO hacked my wifi from their logo-ed van in front of my house to harass me in 2011, put up a POSTER at their homeless shelter with my picture and "Scott Kenan: Wanted DEAD OR ALIVE", as well as employees of the Good Shepherd shot two friends of my roommate then, David Escalante, an undocumented Latino, and told him he had to CONTINUE WORKING WITHOUT PAY (as a slave), for The Good Shepherd -- or THEY WOULD MURDER HIM, TOO.

David Escalante then FLED IN PANIC to Charlotte, never to be heard from again -- but I still have some of his Legal Papers to correctly identify him!!!


1. Police Chief Evangelous's DEMAND that the News Media NOT cover the Black Panther event is the MOST BOLD attempt at suppression that I know of -- PROBABLY with DIRECT ADVICE from Donald Trump.

2. In 2015, an owner of the Black Cat Shoppe (John and Kim Hirchack own the store), told me that NO "historic walking tours" -- I had scripted one in 2011, and I was to give it, while my friend Evan Fish was to be business partner and head of Marketing for it -- would EVER be allowed in Wilmington if ANYONE from a Wilmington Family that still is in town was CRITICIZED!!!

My OWN Kenan Family headed the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection and is behind MUCH Narco-Trafficking with Christian Churches here, now, so GAG ORDER ON THAT!!!

3. In summer 2015, a top producer from TV-6 told me he knew ALL ABOUT who I am, but that the Wilmington Media had had a MEETING and decided that NO ONE was allowed to report anything on or about ME -- until someone else did so.

So NO ONE is allowed to report on me FIRST -- LOL!!!

4. The MURDER of Evan Fish (about September 5, 2011) -- who had done business in Maine as the state's SECOND biggest distributor of cocaine that he was supplied by Lee Gosney, also an employee of Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc of Snellville, GA -- my employer 1990 - 2010, until Patrick FIRED ME for knowing about his drug trafficking -- was SUPPRESSED in the news not only by the Police Department, but the Wilmington Star News.

Since the Sheriff's Deputies and Negotiator then on the scene TOLD ME how Wilmington Police FORCED Evan to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck next to the downtown Library -- by using his ex-girlfriend whom Evan then HATED (Evan and I had been sharing a hotel room for more than a week at that time, so knew each other very well). HER name is Eleanor "Ellie" Schwaner, and then she played the ROLE OF GRIEVING WIDOW at the Christian funeral back in Ohio.

I twice emailed Evan's Pastor of that church -- getting NO REPLY either time -- BUT I got received receipts both times -- they actually being SOLICITATIONS TO JOIN THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION!!!

WHAT kind of CHURCH is THAT???

will be to go to the Wilmington Police Department to DEMAND to see all the files on Evan Fish's death -- and to DEMAND that a MURDER INVESTIGATION be opened.

What can they do??? D.A. Ben David ALREADY had me in jail five times on eight false charges (now all ERASED -- because I and Defender Jennifer Harjo FORCED HIM), I was falsely committed to The Oaks Mental Ward twice in 2011, and Ben David got his D.A. brother Jon David's LYING PSYCHOLOGIST, Carrie Menke, PhD, to try to PERMANENTLY commit me to notorious Cherry Hospital -- and Judge Russell Davis LAUGHED THEM OUT OF COURT.

I can force nearly EVERY local Judge to RECUSE him- or herself -- so it WON'T be easy unless Evangelous/Saffo/etc., just SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD!!!

Evan Fish with his Dad, James Fish -- about five years earlier, while Evan was still in high school.

Evan HATED Christianity -- especially his old Evangelical Church in Ohio -- and they hated Evan so much, TOO, they turned him into a PURTY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT (which, of course, they SOLD -- by the HANDS-FUL)!!!:



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