Monday, January 23, 2017

NOW, "They Say" Rex Tillerson Will Be Voted On in the Senate Next Week -- So I Slow Down on That (only)!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 9:24 PM: An EMAIL from LIBERTY HALL (Ancestral Home of the Kenans in Kenansville, North Carolina):

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Toliberty hall

Thank you!!! I LOVE LIBERTY -- and Liberty Hall!!!

I will write them something THOUGHTFUL, soon -- but first thing TOMORROW I have dental extractions then OPIATES -- so not right away.


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Email addresses to the Liberty Hall Commission Board.

(Sixteen were listed.)
Mr. Barack Obama ALWAYS treats Michelle with RESPECT in public -- but has had male lovers while in the White House as well -- including Reggie Love (of my North Carolina Duke University), and others:

Click image to ENLARGE.

LOL!!! I guess I wasn't actually PROMISED that DUKE scholarship.

There are two types of men. There's the the guy who'll hold the door open for you, introduce you to his friends rather than leaving you of the conversation, and…

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That girl is a TRIP!!! 

I knew her mother and all her Kennedy aunts and their husbands back in the early 1980s. But BEFORE Obama bought her off with that Ambassadorship, THIS was what she thought of HIM (see MEME in comments below) -- LOL!!!:

Up until the Trump administration took over the White House just a couple days…

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I love this.

Brooke KilleenFollow
This is seriously the most amazing thing and gave me goosebumps! 💕 There needs to be more places that do this. Does anyone know any in Michigan? 🙏🏼

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Genie Gaither Jones That's a beautiful thing. Would be made even better if the coffee shop just gave them their coffee. But still it's lovely.
Catherine Dunne PAY IT FORWARD and the Good will travel around the world!
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Scott Kenan Since so many good people would buy suspended coffees, it is the STORE OWNER who GREATLY profits -- if his neighborhood isn't about 1/3 homeless!!! 

If they had a tally on the wall of how many "suspended coffees" were available, then good folks would see if there was actual need to pour their money forth for this -- like the Proverbial "Endless Pot of Coffee" -- LOL!!!

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Catherine Dunne You my friend are a cynic

The Power of Good is never a ruse! It's wonderful when people try to help people. My goodness!!!
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Scott Kenan GOOD is NOT a system to enrich the owners, mostly -- LOL!!! 

Are you "Christian" by any chance???
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Catherine Dunne I should have figured you were an Atheist. Well, to each his own, I suppose.
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Scott Kenan Catherine Dunne: I have NOW figured YOU must be an Idol-Worshiping, linear-thinking, MURDERING Christian -- LOL!!! 

I worship the ONE GOD -- not the Prophet Jesus -- nor the Prophets Muhammad or Abraham!!! YOUR people murdered my Cherokee Nation IN THE NAME OF F*CKING JESUS!!!

Not necessarily.

Scott Kenan shared Brian Akers's post.
9 hrs

“I lift up my whole mind to the realization that the Spirit of God is within me and that this perfect Spirit is my real self.”

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1. I heard NOTHING BACK from Wilmington bartendress Katie Miller of Jax Fifth Avenue Deli & Ale House (from this:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

2. I DID hear back from Coach Jack McClellan's daughter, Debbie Bunting:

Aldine Gearhart was my STRICT 11th grade English teacher (and of course there are MANY more errors in the just above). THEN, she was thought to be a "prissy, old-maid, dried-up prig" -- but LATER I learned she was an ALCOHOLIC MAN-TRAP -- LOL!!! 

"Sure, I'll talk to her!!!"


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