Monday, January 9, 2017

Mercy ME: I'd Better Type THIS -- Without Further COMMENT!!!

I love all the conservatives tweeting about "out of touch Hollywood elites".

"Old Roomie" finally got out of Court at about 5:30 PM. He's assigned a lawyer (whose name he doesn't yet know), and his NEXT Court Date is March 20  -- 2.5 months away!!!

He also got his "Food Stamps" card in the mail -- $54.00/month (about $12.00/week) -- a HELP (I guess), but I told him to just use it for his own needs -- rather than use it to contribute to my Food Budget. I continue to prepare MANY good foods for us both.

I ALMOST titled this posting: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dental Impressions" (but it ACTUALLY happened once I got there) -- LOL!!!

The BEST way to simplify things is to say: 

I have NO IDEA if it is true now or not.

But my misunderstood cost from my primary dentist GREW by $300.00, then GREW MORE by another $1.252.00 (for services I did NOT realize were NOT included in the costs I had asked to get previously), then SHRANK by $681.00 due to Aetna Dental Access Plan (under a different North Carolina name). In any case, HIS charges will total (after discounts) $2,071.00 rather than the expected $1,200.00.

I believe the Oral Surgeon -- who was very detailed with me -- remains at a total of $5,150.00. All together: $7,211.00.

Take that less $950.00 saved by the better-diagnosed and lesser costing car repair (than expected), last week (which included additional Preventive Maintenance), and it might be thought of as "$6261.00" -- nearly a hundred dollars less than I (Old Testo) had expected to pay for CAR and TEETH together.

Or SOMETHING like that -- but NOT "that, exactly"!!!

I was DETERMINED to pull something POSITIVE out of this. TOMORROW, I will take up some PET PEEVES of mine -- and REALLY, by more rights "Testosteroni's" -- against my IMMEDIATE FAMILY.

But NOT tonight . . . 


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