Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Woke Up This Morning the BUTT of a Political JOKE (nothing new, really)!!!

THIS is not the joke -- YET (and let's HOPE it can be avoided)!!!

The joke this morning is that as "Old Roomie" went off EXCITED to have TWO job leads to follow up on, I was thinking it would be SO MUCH BETTER if he could just go to ANY other state (preferably a couple of states away), to escape the CONSTANT WORDS AND ACTIONS -- trying to PULL HIM BACK IN -- of the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia that my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan originally set up with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, when my parents lived here in the 1980s and 90s. 

PPD World Headquarters in Wilmington, NC

Later, PPD (originally owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal families), came to town, and Wilmington residents tell me that THAT was when the narco-trafficking got REALLY GOING in Wilmington -- with help of my former employer of twenty years, Patrick Stansbury:

Patrick Stansbury's most recent of many Mug Shots for selling or distributing drugs.

This blog posting gets into MUCH of this -- as well as reporting the time Chicago tourists -- familiar with the Barack Obama/Rahm Emanuel/Clinton narco-trafficking -- told me they had heard ALL ABOUT what a problem I was to Obama/Emanuel -- me blogging then all the way from Puerto Vallarta!!!:

And getting back to the JOKE, Roomie cannot abscond (leave this Court's Jurisdiction), without permission -- and in 2012, the deal my Defender made with D.A. Ben David SPECIFIED that if I LEFT the state of North Carolina for a YEAR (DESPITE my having pending Court actions on the calendar) -- he would drop all pending charges -- and ERASE the false conviction of me of Cyber-Stalking by lawyer David Nash.

Ben David was GOOD ON HIS WORD, but is not now HAPPY I have returned to SEEK JUSTICE.

And Mayor Bill Saffo is not happy, either. HE at least allowed City Detectives to break the law, paying Christopher Wright Rogers, Cindy Beatty, Robert Tra(y)han, and Michael "Jersey" Keogh to STEAL evidence from my private files, or otherwise get it from me -- and Ben David (and then-Asst. Prosecutor Alex Nicely), so the State of North Carolina is ALSO LIABLE, due to Ben David's crimes against me.

Chris Wright Rogers

Cindy Beatty

Robbie Trahan

Michael Keogh (who will not speak to me, today -- but I SAW him a year ago, so assume he is still alive, now)

These were ALL serious ABUSES OF POWER by the Mayor and District Attorney (both Democrats) -- as well as HIGHY ILLEGAL and David Nash, Mayor Saffo, and D.A. Ben David have NOT offered to make Peace and a Settlement, so they MUST BE BROUGHT TO COURT!!!

I have said about all I know about my Kenan Family's White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking -- and REX TILLERSON -- the Kenan/Trump/Putin candidate for Secretary of State, so NOW it is time to BACK new Democratic Governor Roy Cooper -- as EVERYTHING he is fighting against has been FINANCED by the Kenan Family and my family's  MANY Corporations, CHRISTIAN NARCOTICS SALES, etc. 

So I will NOW turn my attention more toward straightening out my OWN situation of being TIED UP (legally and financially), by these Wilmington actors -- with fake Democrat BEN DAVID also cooperating across state lines so a FEDERAL OFFENSE.


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