Thursday, January 5, 2017

EUREKA!!! "Christians" Now REPUDIATING Their CHAMPION Donald Trump (and Kenan Exec Rex Tillerson), as GOD-HATING Christian White Republicans and Clinton Democrats FADE into INSIGNIFICANCE???

The BEST image I have found to represent my Kenan Family, now headed by Rex Tillerson, Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, and their CHRISTIAN LACKEY Donald Trump.


Eric Karas What?
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Bart Cops I am watching, amazing.... The world is going crazy and we are just 'watching' it
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Margoh Channing What happened
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Ellen Rosenberg Senate hearings on Russian hacking.......I believe.
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Scott Kenan Because on CNN, the TOP SECURITY OFFICERS are tearing Donald Trump (and indirectly, my Kenan Family now led in business by Rex Tillerson of our Exxon-Mobil), a NEW ARSE-HOLE -- THAT'S why!!!
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Elizabeth Sobieski In 2010, the Sociopath-in-Chief (SIC) wanted Julian Assange executed and now his fellow sexual predator is his hero!
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Scott Kenan Actually, Trump REVERSED overnight and TODAY, claims the OPPOSITE. How TRUMPIAN!!!
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Scott Kenan Everyone should KNOW that I was raised with SWASTIKAS on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and my parents set up the major narco-trafficking in Wilmington, NC -- as well as Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA -- with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, whom I knew WELL, Coach Lou Holtz, John Boehner, Sean Hannity, and others of my parents' close friends. 

When I FIRST blogged that TOP JEWISH business leaders in Atlanta had told me my parents are America's TOP NAZIS (learned in 1990, first blogged in 2010), the Reiner Family of Hollywood (Carl, Rob, and Jonathan), then made me an HONORARY JEW -- LOL!!! 

Google my name to find my blog, if interested in MORE DETAILS.

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I ONLY did not put a link to this blog on Randy Jones's Facebook thread -- because Randy is CLOSE FRIENDS with Clinton supporter and HUGE narco-trafficker Ryan Lee Burris, ryanleeburris@gmail.comwho hides behind his claims of GREAT CHRISTIANITY and HEAD of the local chapter of NC EQUALITY.

I have sent the EVIDENCE of this MANY, MANY times to county Democratic Party Leaders -- but they KEEP RYAN BURRIS IN PLACE, as the THIRD VICE CHAIR of the Democratic Party --  because in Wilmington, the Democrats in power do MORE NARCO-TRAFFICKING with their "Christian" Churches than do the Republicans -- but MOST profits still go to the Republicans and my own Kenan Family of Chapel Hill.

Ryan Burris (on right), just over a year ago, showing his EMOTIONAL and INTELLECTUAL MATURITY at an NC EQUALITY event.

Ryan Burris in 2011 (when I met him), and his ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD -- the notorious GAY HOUSE on Fifth Avenue near the Cape Fear River bridge -- were into MAJOR Local and International NARCO-TRAFFICKING, then, and the DEMOCRATS KNEW that Ryan was STILL on PAROLE from major narcotics crimes when they elected him as an OFFICER!!!

Here, he is pictured with his boyfriend of 2011 - 12, James Elks, who BEAT RYAN, all that time, and was a BIGGER drug dealer around Wilmington.

John Mann was Ryan's OTHER housemate then, and HE showed me how he used the internet to make INTERNATIONAL DRUG DEALS, and I once rode around Wilmington with John Mann as he illegally sold Adderall (Pharmaceutical grade METH) -- and EVEN to my good friend Danny Sinatra, NOW in California Prison on Meth-Related Charges:

Goth Movie Queen Phoebe Dollar with her husband Danny Sinatra in front of the former ZIGGY'S Drug Mafia hangout near the base of Market Street in Wilmington -- spring 2015.

John Mann (and that mini photo of him shows Ryan Burris's BACK DECK)ENCOURAGED by Ryan BurrisPERJURED HIMSELF as did Lawyer David Nash (prime member and financial supporter of D.A. Ben David's First Presbyterian Church -- the Kenan Cathedral of RACIAL HATRED and NARCO-TRAFFICKING), when David Nash with Assistant Prosecutor "Miss Coca-Leaf" -- actually Lindsey Roberson:

Lindsey Roberson is in private legal practice in Wilmington, today.

 . . . prosecuted me in Judge Chad Hogston's Court -- CONVICTING ME of "Cyber-Stalking" -- a CONVICTION that REPUBLICAN Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo FORCED Ben David to CLEAR FROM MY RECORD, since the charges and info I was convicted on -- with Judge Hogston ADMITTING ON THE RECORD that he was IGNORING my First Amendment and Press RIGHTS -- had NOTHING TO DO with the Legal Charge of "Cyber-Stalking"!!!

Jennifer Harjo SAVED MY LIFE!!!

>>> EVERY ONE of these local Democrats should be TRIED for NARCO-TRAFFICKING or protecting it -- and GO TO PRISON for at LEAST a few years, if convicted:

New Hanover County Democratic Party Officers

 Richard Poole
1st Vice Chair
Deloris Rhodes
2nd Vice Chair
Susanne Werner
3rd Vice Chair
Ryan Burris
Jennifer MacNeish
Brenda Fong

But GOD BLESSED my friend Elizabeth Redenbaugh (a former Republican), who changed Parties, and WRESTED leadership from the TOP CROOK, Richard Poole, for a year or nearly so -- until ELIZABETH saw that what I claim is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and she left, giving Richard his position BACK -- LOL!!!

In 2011, Caroline Kennedy gave Elizabeth Redenbaugh (then Republican, still), the Kennedy PROFILE IN COURAGE AWARD -- for fighting fellow Republicans successfully on the New Hanover County School Board.

Of course Caroline was BOUGHT OFF by BLACKMAILED HOMO Barack Obama with an Ambassadorship to Japan -- the ONE PLACE she could GLORY in "OLD CAMELOT CARRIAGES" -- SMART of Obama to shut up the GREEDY LITTLE BITCH -- and I say that knowing her MOTHER, all her KENNEDAUNTS, their husbands -- and many of their children.

Ain't Caroline Kennedy SPECIAL -- and she SOLD OUT the USA so CHEAP!!!


1. The Salvation Army Shelter called this morning to say they have "Old Roomie's" proper North Carolina I.D. -- for which I THANKED AND BLESSED THEM -- despite their "Christian Policy" of NOT allowing Gays to stay in their shelter -- but they had still FED ME when I was homeless, nonetheless -- and I THANKED them for that too!!! 

2. This morning, my Pontiac Vibe was showing all the same idiot lights from the GIT-GO -- so tomorrow, I'll do what is necessary to get a SECOND ESTIMATE of the actual problem and needed repairs (it's murky) -- as reasonably demanded by "Testosteroni".

3. Two nights ago, Old Roomie's new Probation Officer showed BY SURPRISE at our back door. He and I got on like BROTHERS, he LOVING what I said about the Wilmington Corruption of BOTH PARTIES and of ALL top Law Enforcement/Prosecution -- EXCEPT Sheriff Ed McMahon!!! 

He and Roomie get on EXCELLENTLY, too.

4. "Miss Lucy" -- who knows EVERYTHING about all the illegal (and some legal), goings-on around town -- has been TEASING ME EXCESSIVELY -- because I did NOT SEXUALLY PROPOSITION that HOT BLACK OFFICER -- LOL!!!

True, I've propositioned most of my male neighbors of a certain age (getting several sex-events out of it), but NOT Lawyer Oliver Carter (next door), or Psychologist Ben (behind me).

I'm TRYING to COOL DOWN a tetch, OK???

I'm 6' 11" (2.10 meters), tall, so YOU figure it out -- HA!!!

I'm trying to stay LIMP (or limpish), MORE OFTEN!!!

My father's nickname -- when he graduated New Hanover County High School in 1935 was "MIDDLE LEG" for SOME reason, no???


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