Saturday, January 7, 2017

As "Old Roomie" Packs His Bags -- Has It Come to THIS???

No, no -- this is NOT about Donald Trump!!!

Unfortunately, "Old Roommate" has been acting like he did a couple of months ago -- when I ended up having to file "Communicating Threats" charge against him and have him thrown in jail. WORSE (for my state of mind), "Testosteroni", when I tried to have a serious conversation with him a few minutes ago -- made a joke and acted like all is like he likes it.

In any case, besides slurring his words, he ASKED if we could watch a new movie I have, and after we got 2/3 through it, he needed a bathroom break, "to pee". Twenty minutes later, he was still in the bathroom, so I asked if he was alright, and he claimed "constipation".

After half an hour of my waiting for him had passed, I cooked the diner I'd promised tonight and he finally emerged to go out for a smoke -- then just putzed in his room, getting a call from someone he tried to talk into getting into a homeless shelter for the night. But the guy -- knowing when it is this cold they let ANYONE in -- still was not wanting to.

Forty minutes later, he was still saying the same thing, but I had eaten and began cleaning up. Roomie got off the phone and said SLURRINGLY, that he's just trying to help someone out. I said he's been acting too oddly, and maybe he should be drug tested every week -- should I talk to his Probation Officer, about WEEKLY drug testing Monday???

That got lots of defensive nonsense -- after first slurring. "Maybe I should be . . . ", when if he weren't using, it wouldn't matter at all.

Without any yelling (or other) words, I returned to my office -- after shutting down the long-paused movie -- and then when I went for a smoke, Roomie was packing up all his things. I told him I certainly was not now asking him to leave, and he claimed "(I) didn't want him there." I don't respond well to that kind of Christian Emotional Blackmail or Three-Year-Old's Tantrum stuff, so shutting my trap, I returned to my office. Now, another half hour has passed -- let me see what he's doing (or has done) . . .

 . . . He has made no further progress, but has been speaking on the phone with someone -- assuring them that they will see each other at The Anchor Church:, tomorrow -- while he putzes with his belongings, getting snacks in the kitchen, but avoiding his supper of spaghetti with home-made marinara and Italian sausage.

I'm not holding this open longer -- to see if he leaves or goes to bed. I'm off to bed, myself.


PS: I forgot to say, that while watching the film's unrelenting action (and it was visually and sonically RIVETING!!!). "Old Roomie" dozed off a few times, and looking over, I saw the profile of an Old Italian Doge -- older than my 65 years -- and THAT was the BIGGEST SHOCK OF ALL!!!

An Old Italian Doge


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