Friday, January 20, 2017

All of Wilmington, North Carolina (Costco, a supermarket, a large popular restaurant, and my neighbors), Seemed TERMINALLY DEPRESSED Today -- EXCEPT One Close Friend of Betty (Price) Kenan!!!

This has been a strange day. Costco said they were nearly VACANT today -- until people began coming in in normal Friday droves after Trump gave his Address (which is when I arrived there). People who usually had loved discussing "recent political foibles" of BOTH Parties, all just shook their heads -- including the Republicans and ones who told me they voted for Trump.

Only one woman -- about 75 and dressed more for a Yacht Club Gala than Costco, and STUNNINGLY gorgeous, said she was THRILLED with Donald Trump's Address today, and when I told her my name, she exclaimed that she was a CLOSE FRIEND of Betty (Price) Kenan of Chapel Hill (but literally, Durham).

I filled my car with Costco gasoline. Since about 2002, exclusively supplied to ALL Costcos in the USA by Kenan Advantage Group, whose trucks usually bear the names of the companies they bought to put it together:

And it was ODD of me to respond so long and with long explanation to my high school friend from West Chester, PA, Kerry Glatts. Kerry almost NEVER posts to Facebook, and although I don't know for sure, I believe he is more to the conservative side of politics. Most old friends from high school I've gotten back with are FAR progressive -- as are nearly all college friends.

And NO ONE I KNOW actually voted FOR Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump. They voted AGAINST the other, so ALL are depressed that Trump and Pence keep talking about their MANDATE to govern -- when they did NOT get as many votes as Hillary, and so many of their votes were really AGAINST Hillary, thinking Trump was not as bad.

This will come out soon enough -- and Republican Senators and Congressmen have reported being BESIEGED in town hall meetings by not just Democrats, but REPUBLICANS, giving them hell -- so we'll see. Living in a BUBBLE in times like these is dangerous.

Two hours ago, I read a news report that someone unremembered -- and I can't find it now -- will be ACTING Secretary of State, meaning my Kenan Family's top businessman Rex Tiilerson is NOT quickly confirmable, then just now, I see the Committee will vote on whether to send his nomination to the Senate on Monday.

We'll see.

And just a final note on the below exchange: I'm trying to find a voice and approach to be heard by the VAST majority of Americans whose understanding of History -- especially since about 1950 -- is largely shaped by the Media, which is controlled by the Powers that make BIG money, the ONLY real difference in left and right (BOTH make the money together, but the political side in the winning seat gets MORE), is that they screw the middle class on down, while DISTRACTING THEM and GETTING THEM CRAZY by arguments over who is LYING BETTER or WORSE -- but NEVER the issues and made-up facts equal provable ones.

But I already know that Americans are TOO LAZY to read anything -- especially on Facebook -- that runs longer than about five lines. I bet even Kerry Glatts does not read all I posted on his thread -- nor will his friends, some of whom I knew in high school, and virtually NONE of them know of my adventures since high school.

And then there is THIS problem:

Kerry Glatts
I really never knew I had so many HATEFUL so called friends. Way to come together people

Leigh Willmore I'm feeling the same way🙀
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Gayle Plebani Miller Are you talking about the Trump issue?
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Kerry Glatts Yes, not even 6 hours and we are showing the rest of the world WE can't get along
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Scott Kenan Well, as anyone who reads my blog knows -- and I had NO IDEA of the wealth of my Kenan relatives when I was at Henderson High with Kerry Glatts -- Rex Tillerson is the TOP Kenan Exec in business, and a retired Exxon-Mobil exec I met two years ago told me how the Kenans and Exxon and Tillerson -- with the Clinton State Department -- put Pena Nieto into the Mexican Presidency, he then changed the Constitution so Kenans could get the Oil -- and all of them split the narcotics. 

I was held hostage for six weeks in Puerto Vallarta by two sons of El Chapo Guzman (until I escaped), so heard a lot from them as well (much of the Puerto Vallarta Drug operation is also with the Episcopal Church USA). 

My family controls not just Exxon-Mobil (and Standard Oil before it --since Henry Flagler left his Kenan wife more stock than Rockefeller ever owned -- as well as 40% of US railroads, shipping, etc. in 1913, the NYTimes declaring Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler the wealthiest woman on earth), and the plan is that with Kenans also now controlling Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and the largest trucking company in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, the Kenans/Exxon have the TECHNICAL knowledge and MONEY to develop Russia's oil, so Kenans are BIG Vladimir Putin supporters and only want to make that money. 

The Kenan family was the LARGEST financial supporter of Donald Trump in this election. I'm just glad so many MORE people are starting to do their OWN research. That is what will bring us back together -- getting past all the Political Lies of BOTH sides and the US Press. 

I TOTALLY support the new President -- but will do ALL I can to fight any of his initiatives that are foolish -- and he has to START actually governing first to know what that might be. He has contradicted himself constantly, saying opposite things and making so many false claims. 

EVERYONE (especially Republicans I know), hope he soon settles down and stops feeding uneducated people what they want to hear and gets to what he wants to actually DO -- and I hope so too. 

MY only disappointment today, was that Trump's Inaugural Address was the darkest I ever remember hearing, even Nixon was "loftier" -- full of untruths about many of our country's strengths. Nothing uplifting to speak of, and NO olive branch to those who are not wanting to take our country back to a darker era. So we will see!!! 

My Kenan family has also narco-trafficked with the Bush and Cheney Families for YEARS -- and the Clintons since Bill was in office, so NO, I felt I had to vote for her, but to me, BOTH were "devils". 

And as a funny note, I had an "all night date" with a cousin of George W. Bush in early October (NO, not Billy Bush of the "Pussy Tape"), but he and I were up all night laughing about the HIGH CRIMES of the Kenan and Bush Families -- LOL!!!

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Pam Haring We shouldn't hate!!!
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Leon Woodward Sorry Kerry, now you know why politics is responsible for so many strained relations. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground or understanding of others views.
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Scott Kenan I agree with Pam Haring -- but without getting into WHAT is hated and why, and what to do about that, we solve no issue or even face the beginning of solving any. Please remember that people shouldn't get drunk or have babies they can't afford to raise right -- but they do.
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>>> JUST IN @ 10:38 PM: I just learned that Facebook has NOT let messages to me actually come to me -- except from "Friends". I had long ago set it to allow ALL through.

It is FULL of TONS of messages nearly ALL positive to this blog, and a quick glance found NOT ONLY a DEMAND of Jennifer McCracken (Mormon Drug Mafia living in Carolina Apartments), but an old boyfriend of Ryan Lee Burris's (Third Vice Chair of New Hanover County Democrats) old International Narco-trafficking roommate, John Mann, wants to tell me MORE ABOUT THOSE CRIMES!!!

And THIS was from less than a year ago, so probably worth following through on.

John Mann ALSO perjured himself in Judge Hogston's Court -- testifying against me in the FALSE CHARGE of Cyber-Stalking, the conviction for which I later FORCED D.A. Ben David to ERASE. I STILL spent more than two months in jail -- and they are STILL going to pay!!!

That more and more Wilmington citizens tell me that they KNOW Mayor Bill Saffo is the BIGGEST Drug Mafia problem in town -- although FEW knew that I have a friend who worked for thirty years in New York City for the Saffo Mafia, run by Bill's Uncle, who is known to give Bill his orders.


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