Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Happy Golightly" APPROVES of My Last Posting, so I BEGIN with a Woman Who Is RIGHT-SIZED for 6' 11" ME!!!

“There is no sense in loving someone you can never wake up to except by chance.”

― Jeanette Winterson, The Passion

Well, STRAIGHT MEN (and Lesbians), I suppose!!!

Directions to the g-spot inside.
Mercy ME!!! 
After being kicked off Facebook for a MONTH for the FIFTH TIME in 1.5 years, I'm back to post THIS, first -- LOL!!!

The meal will be available in California starting New Year's Day.

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This is not the WHOLE TRUTH

My Kenan Family that had co-founded UNC Chapel Hill was the GREATEST FORCE behind it. William Rand Kenan, Sr. (the only Confederate who penetrated Washington, DC defenses and took a clear shot at Lincoln -- missing him and killing his Aide), was the Head of the Customs House (the most powerful and most bribes-gathering Political Position in North Carolina), but when a new Republican President replaced Bill Kenan with a Black Man, WRK, Sr. -- an Elder at First Presbyterian, the Kenan name ALL OVER that congregation today -- was at the center of it and is the reason my wealthy relatives won't allow removal of Silent Sam at UNC -- even today!!! 

William Rand Kenan, Sr. of the Duplin Rifles, Kenansville being the SEAT of Duplin County, North Carolina.

A photo of Bill Kenan on the back of a wagon as he rode around Wilmington LEADING THIS COUP is displayed PROMINENTLY at the Cape Fear Museum (but can be found in NONE of the many books written about my Kenan Family).

The North Carolina government is officially recognizing what historians call the only successful coup d’etat in American history, when white supremacists overthrew…


1. Re: Did you see my blog posting from earlier today???

Scott: I need to move your email into my inbox, it ended up in spam. I read it, we need to change some things. I like what you've written!


On Saturday, December 30, 2017, Scott Kenan <> wrote:

Comments or suggestions???


As of 7:12 PM NO suggestions from Happy of WHAT she thinks should be changed, so NOT very important!!!

2. The just-above link is to yesterday's MOST HIT blog posting that got HUNDREDS of hits from Russia -- MORE than from the USA -- and following is the SECOND most hit posting, that is ALL ABOUT the CIA/NAZI/CHRISTIAN abuse of ME by Facebook -- which back THEN was not yet recognized as a TOTAL ALLY to Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump -- and the wealthy Kenans of North Carolina!!!

Unidentified Episcopalian sycophant, Betty (Price) Kenan, and gay Thomas S. Kenan III (a high-functioning alcoholic).

3. We actually had a short period of light snow in Wilmington half an hour ago, and I let Cheese (the orange-stripey male cat), in to WARM UP!!! Allie, upstairs, takes care of him -- makes certain he doesn't get fleas, etc., and I gave Allie all the cat food that Gold Walker had given me to feed the stray cats around here -- Allie knowing which cat is claimed by which nearby family (none of THEM neutering or otherwise spending money on the many feral cats, here)But no one has been upstairs for HOURS to let him in to warm up.

Allie feeds them outside her door -- and the STRAY DOGS (at least three), don't climb the stairs to steal the cat food.

And YES -- just now -- he jumped up on my desk and sat on my computer keyboard!!!

4. And in the Spofford Mills Clubhouse News, Yesterday, I spent a lot of time with new resident Robert and his buddy Aaron. They are both in mid to late 20s, employed, Robert is an electronics genius, and Aaron is studying musical composition at the GRADUATE level. They are BOTH straight, and Aaron might move in as my roommate. We've agreed on a fair rent, and we are both giving it additional consideration before deciding.

One thing I did NOT DO -- although I told them ALL ABOUT many of my wild adventures due to being the eldest son of America's TOP NAZI (completely tied to the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party), was mention a THING about my recent misunderstandings with Gold Walker, Jonathan Deputy, Allie, or her boyfriend "Pete".

I KNOW that it will ALL blow over, now that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are being so THOROUGHLY UNMASKED as the DEVIL!!!

5. And I figured out to WHOM I am going to FIRST OFFER my book's story -- to possibly make into a MOVIE (or maybe on ME and my Kenan Family).

He is the older brother of Lawrence Buchthal -- my boss at Mama Mia's Pasta & Pizza1988 - 1990 (when it was originally on Main Street in Stone Mountain, GA).

Lawrence Buchthal from his Facebook page, 2012, is an AVOWED "WOKE" REPUBLICAN (Jew-gone-BAD)!!!

But his brother STANLEY BUCHTHAL produced John Waters's HAIRSPRAY 1988, and many well-respected documentary films on TOP PEOPLE in the ARTS!!!

Stanley Buchthal on left at the HBO screening of his Bobby Fischer Against the World.

Also, Stanley's (and Lawrence's) parents invited me to participate in PASSOVER SEDER at the house of Lawrence and his then wife, Robin Meltzer!!!

My ONLY Jewish ceremony EVER!!!



Saturday, December 30, 2017

QUICK!!! Someone Buy Judge Lindsey McKee and Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther Some ADULT DIAPERS -- Because "Happy Golightly" Is a-Comin' to New Hanover County Courts for ACTION!!!

Just keeping abreast of NATIONAL trends:

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Sandra Beckham
“You all know," said the Guide, "that security is mortals' greatest enemy.”

― C.S. Lewis, The Pilgrim's Regress

>>> OK, THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT (actually only new to my awareness), IS SO INCREDIBLE -- that after a good night's sleep (after "relaxin' in the green"), I am STILL so overwhelmed by its possibilities, that I am AGAIN overwhelmed and must get a wee cat-nap before writing much about it.

I HOPE those who have had PEROXYSMS OF FEAR over my reporting their affairs with Miss Mary Jane, have noticed that I DO report my own peculiarities, leaving myself open to attacks by the SWAT TEAMS (and everyone knows where I live).

I named this person (who has taken the LEAD in the expose' of Judges McKee/Luther and Corpening -- as well as Detective Evan Luther -- THANK GOD, because I can't do EVERYTHING), in honor of my old not-exactly-friend Truman Capote's character Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

And as all my Readers know, I sat at the Head Table at the State Department Dinner preceding the Kennedy Center Honors 1981, with Audrey Hepburn and others:

Here is where/when I met Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Truman INSULTED HER whilest I had my arm lightly around Jackie's waist -- and FELT the shock go up her spine. NO Politics was included in my memoir:


Good to see that Sheriff Ed McMahon protects SOMETHING -- LOL!!!

More than 150 birds kept at woman's home.

JUST NOW, I got notice from Facebook, that JUST NOW they have decided my comment on Jonathan Andreoli's Facebook Page that I left LAST NIGHT -- letting him know I'm BACK after my FIFTH one-month suspension due to criticizing FAKE CHRISTIANS and NAZIS in the US Government is over, has been deemed SPAM by Facebook and removed -- LOL!!!

Me, flanked by Old Original Jesus and Jonathan Andreoli (the HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE), in Paraty, Brazil, fall 2009.

Jonathan on the beach -- AND he is NOW very successfully married to a WOMAN and raising a FAMILY (and continuing as a BAND LEADER in Brazil as part of THEIR RESISTANCE)!!!

And just now going out for a CIG, Allie has returned (only THREE cars spent the night here -- all of them homosexual vehicles belonging to ME, Kelsey Holmes, and her girlfriend), and Allie passed me DOUR AS HELL and silent -- when I gave her a simple greeting, "Good Morning!"

Allie is going from Loretta Fudge"Fingering and Praying for the Lord" (see above), to THIS woman, the EPITOME of a female life as a DEVOTED CHRISTIAN.


1. She is a trained Legal Assistant and worked for HIGH-POWERED Law Firms in North Carolina -- although today, she lives in a desert state to the West.

2. She is a SERIOUS MORMON -- converted from her original Southern Baptist -- which says MORE about how HIDEOUS Southern Baptists are for these BASIC MORMON BELIEFS to seem more SENSIBLE to her:


3. My Readers do NOT want to hear Happy's TAUDRY HISTORY of marrying men (two -- but NOW she trusts NO ONE), the SECOND OF WHICH she has evidence of being a BIG MARIJUANA DISTRIBUTOR on Carolina BeachWRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- and she GAVE Deputy Evan Luther that EVIDENCE and INFO, and of course, NO ACTIONS HAVE BEEN TAKEN!!!

4. She knows ALL about Judge Lindsey McKee (formerly Luther), from birth to current (but less about Evan), and that Lindsey ONLY married Evan because to get elected judge in New Hanover County you MUST BE STRAIGHT-MARRIED (but only for the FIRST election):

Evan and Lindsey's engagement photo

SEE!!! That is how Chad Hogston first got elected -- but he and his wife REMAIN married (as far as I know).

Sherman Lee Criner was DIVORCED by Judge Sandra Ray -- RIGHT AFTER I blogged about Sherman's CHRISTIAN SNAKE HANDLIN' -- and his having "diddled the vagina" of a five-year-old girl in Thalian Hall about ten years ago, now.

In her most recent election, Judge Sandra Ray got the MOST VOTES of any Judge, as she can DELIVER THE DRUGS to Wilmington CHRISTIANS!!!

Here, Republican Sandra GOT the endorsement of Democrat CHIEF District Court Judge Jay H. Corpening II, because SANDRA got his son BRAD out of DRUG POSSESSION CHARGES in Raleigh in 2015!!!

5. Lindsey McKee/Luther IMMEDIATELY divorced Evan Luther after she was elected Judge, and since Evan's CLOSEST FACEBOOK FRIEND (Evan has since BLOCKED ME from his Facebook -- but has NOT blocked Happy Golightly, she occasionally communicating with him through that, still), is former Assistant Prosecutor Alex Nicely:

Alex Nicely in 2011 when I was homeless in Wilmington and EVERY MALE (and many females), had HUGE CRUSHES on him (which I CONFESSED to him in person, in 2017, that I had had one on him back then -- when he worked under MY lawyer Bruce Mason -- who ABANDONED ME to TIME WARNER CABLE in my lawsuit after they hit me with a TRUCK in a pedestrian crosswalk).

Alex Nicely, today, appears to have a METH HABIT, but has DISAPPEARED FROM TOWN!!!

6. A little different, but Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo married an ITALIAN HAIRBALL (just to stay in sync with the Judges)!!!

Michael and Alexandria Palombo

Alexandria and D.A. Ben David REFUSED to prosecute David Alan Young this past summer when he ASSAULTED ME, and swore he would get his GUN and "SHOOT ME DEAD" on Wilmington streets -- because the BIBLE commands Christians to MURDER every Liberal and FAGGOT, like me.


I told Happy Golightly that although I will disguise her name, AT LEAST Evan Luther and Lindsey McKee will IMMEDIATELY know who she really is -- and WHAT Court Actions she is in process of taking -- and she said that is OK!!!

In fact, she said she had NOT wanted to scare them TOO MUCH, and I said I ALWAYS want to scare those who EARN FEAR OF ME -- AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!

I forgot to tell Happy the two most FUN TITLES of my blog postings:


Happy has already retained TWO lawyers in Wilmington, one a real estate lawyer I know nothing about, the other my OLD ORIGINAL WILMINGTON NEMESIS, Thom Goolsby!!!

After resigning his position as our Republican NC State Senator in DISGRACE (of financial frauds), Thom Goolsby was HIRED by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan to the BOARD of the UNC System, where HE INTIMIDATED the HEAD of the Board into resigning, so that Kenan Choice, Margaret Spellings, could take over to DISMEMBER much of the UNC System (at least for minority students):

Margaret Spellings was George W. Bush's TOP DOMESTIC ADVISER (and NO FRIEND to Bill Clinton)!!!