Sunday, November 6, 2016

Well, What Is There Left to SAY??? (With me -- ALWAYS a Few Things!!!)

Channel 4 News Democracy
This is Hillary Clinton vs Hillary Clinton.
The Democratic nominee appears to have contradicted herself on equal marriage, trade deals and whether she’s a progressive or a moderate.

Micky Geggus Utter scumbag
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Poca Lipto She's the next POTUS.
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Paul McGowan Warmonger
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Scott Kenan Get over it!!! Someone in line at Costco this morning wore a Trump shirt -- which I've only seen in Walmarts before -- and I asked him if that means he would allow Trump to date his daughter when she grew up (she stood there, too, about 10 years old). He NEARLY HIT ME for that -- LOL!!! But he GOT MY POINT!!!
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Poca Lipto Geez dude, what're ya, nuts? That's bold shit right there.
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Scott Kenan It is illegal for foreign citizens (I knew he is a lifelong Canadian living there), to try to influence American elections, sir -- so WATCH YOURSELF!!! Are you connected to Vladimir Putin???
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Scott Kenan Poca Lipto, as Kevin Timothy WELL KNOWS, Donald Trump's TOP SUPPORT is my Kenan Family that founded UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and today controls Exxon-Mobil, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church. 

I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates, but later knew all of JFK's sisters and their husbands -- plus Jackie Onassis even better -- and Ronald and Nancy Reagan invited me for a visit at their White House. Here is what I accomplished:
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Poca Lipto Well alrightee then Scott. I guess you've earned the right to ask Walmartians frightening Trump questions about their 10 year old daughters. Well done!
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Scott Kenan Thank you!!!

Scott Kenan shared Sharon Brewer's post.
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Sharon Brewer
Hello, America. I spent over an hour on this phone this morning calling people in Pennsylvania to encourage them to go to the polls on Tuesday. 
Of course there were some people who hung up even before I stated that I was a voting volunteer. There were several wrong numbers. And then there were those people who expressed passion and concern about what will happen Tuesday, the day after, and in the months to come. 
In the midst of the meanness and the anxiety of this election, I took comfort in a handful of voters who wanted to talk about the opportunity to vote and how excited they are
Whether we were on the same side or not, we agreed that it is a privilege and we spoke words of hope to one another that our country will move forward regardless of what happens next week.



Scott Kenan shared Randy Jones's (of The Village People and also of the Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina -- like ME!!!) post.
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Randy Jones
31 minsNew York, NY
No matter what your religion, race, annual salary, ethnicity, national origin, political party, sexual orientation, ice cream preference or thoughts on cargo shorts, THIS is one commonality we all share. So let's use this mutual practice as a beginning point to come together and rebuild after this most tumultuous political season of our disco(n)-tent as Americans who truly are ALL in this boat together. 
Remember to vote and remember one side will win and one side will not. 
We ALL win as Americans in the act of our exercise of free speech and national expression of our individual opinion. It is our most precious treasure as citizens. 
And maybe we can start to organize that dang drawer, while we are at it! One never knows!😜



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