Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Too Emotionally Exhausted to Risk Having a Confrontation with Mayor Bill Saffo or D.A. Ben David, I Opted for a Beef on Weck at South College Deli, Yesterday -- Instead of Tim Kaine's Speech!!!

The Daily Meal reviewed the beef on weck as a "roast beef sandwich that dreams are made of" in their article "12 Life-Changing Sandwiches You've Never Heard Of".[11]

And I also decided AGAINST getting a Restraining Order against Haston Lavern Caulder III:

He will be convicted of "Communicating Threats" -- and if he's crazy enough to come back at me, a Restraining Order would NOT stop him. He is THAT deeply criminal, as any background check will confirm. His EXTRA LOW bond is because of his friends on the Wilmington Police Force.

The BIGGEST problem over the whole thing is that the lawyer next door to me, my landlady, and other nearby residents, CANNOT BELIEVE that "Testosteroni" fell so IN LOVE with Haston that he expected ME to be even KILLED so that he could dress Haston in nice clothes and give him a nice unearned income -- for a BRAIN-DAMAGED (he went through a windshield at 95 MPH while drunk, years ago, and the ambulance crew told him he would not live to the hospital, but he did), drug abuser, who kept inviting OTHER criminals into my house (Darrell Brutout, Dustin Goldsmith, and Tom Jones -- the first two of whom are now CONVICTED of crimes and in jail), but ONLY after I got them out, Haston told me he KNEW they would play games to rip both me and Haston off!!!

I have no idea WHERE Old Testo's head is about all this today, but I explained to the lawyer, landlady (who had threatened to evict ME over all of this), and others, that Testosteroni is a long-time RECLUSE, who lives through electronic and other media -- rather than have first-hand experience in the World, so his FANTASIES are more real to Testo than actual reality, and just like Truman Capote (think In Cold Blood), he fell in LOVE with the criminals -- but left ME to deal with their CRAP.

My account of meeting both Truman Capote and Jackie Kennedy Onassis at the same party -- and Truman's SHOCKING insult to Jackie!!!:


District Attorney Ben David is making PROGRESS, but he REFUSES to go after the narco-trafficking Politicians and Christian Churches, which include HIM, and First Presbyterian, where Mr. David is an ELDER!!!

The agreement reached in New Hanover County Civil Superior Court with the Ramada Inn was in response…

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Here in Wilmington, NC, the Law-Abiding Citizens HATE the OLD Racist, Christian-Narco-Trafficking Families, beginning with MY Kenan Family, THEN the Camerons (said to be as corrupt, but not as wealthy), then the Trask Family. 

The Kenan Family Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking, First Presbyterian, is not only the FOUNDING church of the Good Shepherd Center (known PRIMARILY as a Heroin Distribution Center), while First Baptist and Mayor Saffo's St. Nickolas Greek Orthodox are the OTHER narco-trafficking racist churches supporting it now. 

MOST other churches who once did -- STOPPED by the time I lived here in 2011 -- because the staff at Good Shepherd Center have EMBEZZLED enough to buy themselves boats and cars!!!

SECU Lakeside Reserve, a 40-apartment project of Good Shepherd Center, has received a $100,000 gift and a $100,000 matching grant offer.

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During an already heated and divisive campaign season, Pavone’s video has raised questions for some about what is appropriate antiabortion and political activism in the church. 

As of Monday afternoon, the video, which is 44 minutes long, had 236,000 views. In it, he holds up a poster of graphics of abortion procedures.

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Ann Coulter's attempted witch comeback is the HOOT we should have expected!!! 

"Unsurprisingly, Twitter users pounced, pointing out that her standards wouldn’t even permit the GOP presidential nominee and his children to vote. Trump’s mother and grandparents were immigrants. And both his first former wife and his current wife were born overseas."

He certainly couldn't run for president in such a scenario.

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The FINAL WORD -- Word UP!!! !!! !!!

Jesus, take the wheel.

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Amazing that although NOT an "Army brat", I have lived my life, partly, in THREE of these TEN counties (of 3,143 total in the USA) -- currently I am living in one of them, New Hanover County, North Carolina. 

The other two are Hamilton (Cincinnati) where I was born, and Chester in Pennsylvania -- where I went to junior and senior high!!!

A handful of locales could provide early answers on election night.

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Justin LaNassa, a common Tattoo-Parlorist, was the LAST candidate (2011), the local Republicans could come up with to run against Mayor Bill Saffo.

The Republicans make TOO MUCH MONEY off the Saffo Drug Mafia to put up someone BELIEVABLE -- and in fact they ran NO ONE the last time -- LOL!!!



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