Monday, November 14, 2016

Regaining My Composure -- after a WILD-ARSE Election -- Which DESTROYED Both the Bush/Cheney and Clinton Dynasties -- Thank GOD!!!

I was to Pisa, Italy in 1999 -- but do NOT remember wearing this fab outfit!!!

Well, think of me as you care to, but my letter to President-Elect Trump is now in a Postal Service vehicle, to be delivered at Trump Tower, today.

Mr. Trump would be WISE to at least have a key adviser debrief me in person for what I know. And watching Reince Priebus in an interview last night, I know I could work with him (and tease him a little, sexually), while Bannon is someone I would hope to offer SOLACE to, as his influence necessarily wanes. I SERIOUSLY doubt that Mr. Bannon will make it until Inauguration Day.

And while THIS idea would have been FINE in 2012 (all four at the top of tickets were at least reasonably fit), let's be thankful that Clinton and Trump did not:

And given that I have ALWAYS fought my wealthy Kenan relatives centered around Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill -- for their WHITE SUPREMACY and NARCO-TRAFFICKING with the Bushes, Cheney, Clintons, Episcopal Church, and especially the CIA/US State Department, although I voted for Hillary, I'm GLAD she lost, and TENTATIVELY glad Trump WON.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and George HW Bush were all homosexuals, and that is how they were FORCED to toe the line as narco-traffickers -- except that the Bush Presidents were GREEDY for the money, and Obama became so, too.

What will they hold over Donald Trump -- CLEARLY a straight guy -- so that HE supports our government's grip on worldwide hard-drug trafficking??? He doesn't do drugs or even alcohol (or cigarettes).

I'm truly thankful for those of my Progressive friends (and I count myself as one of them), who went, arguably, "crazy for Hillary", and REFUSED to believe that both Clintons ALWAYS (at least since Bill was elected), expanded CIA.State Department narco-trafficking to profit the Bush and Cheney Families. They ALSO -- especially the "Proud Gay" ones, refused to accept the fact of Barack Obama's being more gay than straight, and all the evidence of his Bath House membership in Chicago -- and that Reggie Love was his long-time lover, earlier in the Obama Presidency.

And I have NO IDEA WHY, but I have become variously associated with both Military and Civilian individuals in position of "Chief Protocol Officer" (it means "security"):

1. Rife Huey, Chief Protocol Officer to Admiral Zumwalt, whom I dated off-and-on through the mid and late 1980s, when he lived in Virginia-Highlands area of Atlanta. Rife was on my email list for YEARS -- until he moved to a distant state about four years ago, and asked to be taken off.

Rife actually recognized my 1980 boyfriend Steve Poynter (of Seattle, WA), who had moved to Key West to live with me -- after we met there when Steve had won a trip there and I was down to look for an apartment after Gail Brockway (now owner of, had hired me to manage TUX (Deli, Bar, and Restaurant, in the space now occupied by the flagship Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville).

That is that Rife recognized a comment Steve left on AOL's message board for gays when Steve BUILT his first Microsoft computer, as referring to ME as his tall boyfriend in Key West, and we were reunited as friends in 1995 (or thereabouts), until Steve and I had a falling out over my dating Yonty Solomon -- the Concert Pianist who by Command of Queen Elizabeth II put together England's celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Beethoven's first visit to the British Isles.

Imagine all the cool Londoners I met on my two trips to stay with Yonty for a week in late 1999!!!

Yonty Solomon at his piano in his home. Reporting on Yonty is halfway down here:

Steve Poynter with his Mexican now-husband, Marco

Anyway, Steve has been the HEAD of Alaska Airlines's Flight Attendants' Union, and instrumental in their at least PREVIOUS high customer service, but when Delta Airlines signed a sponsorship deal with Seattle Gay Pride this past summer, Steve made the NEWS!!!:


Army Col. Dottie Newman (bottom photo with high hair), amazingly shares this page with Kiki Smith, the daughter of Tennessee Williams's lifelong friend Jane Smith.

Dottie had been Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, and was a close friend of mine in Atlanta in 2010 -- Dottie WARNING ME that the Republican Party and CIA intended to KILL ME, since they had NOT been able to commit me to a mental hospital in FIVE ATTEMPTS in one month in Georgia, with assistance of my parents, sisters Jane and Julie, and employer, Patrick Stansbury, of and also

I soon fled to Puerto Vallarta.

3. Luis Alberto Pérez González, had been the Chief Protocol Officer at the US Embassy in Mexico City -- and THEREFORE (since that is our LARGEST Embassy that functions -- Baghdad is bigger, but never functioned correctly), he was the HIGHEST FOREIGN NATIONAL in service to US Government while in office, and served under Bill Clinton through much of George W. Bush, both of whom he got to know fairly well. He preferred Bill Clinton, but did NOT trust either of them.

Then, because he insisted on staying within the US Constitution and fought the Bush Administration, ONE WEEK before he completed 15 years of service -- and our government rewards such employees after 15 years, Permanent Residence in the USA -- Luis Alberto was FIRED so he could not have that.

I met him in early 2010 on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, and we really fell "in love at first sight", spending only one night together, sleeplessly, before his friends from Mexico City whom he was traveling with (actually CIA handlers), made certain we never had contact again. And we have not.

Luis Alberto was BLACKBALLED from working, except I know he was working as a private tutor of English, but cannot find ANY record of his being alive today.

Who KNOWS what he would be like to meet again, today???

And while I'm at it, here is the Mexican Consul to Atlanta whom I dated in 1983, and then recently wrote this letter to:

I'm part Cherokee, so FIRST COUSIN to the Mexicans, REMEMBER???


Presidents Enrique Pena Nieto and Barack Obama, BOTH are a "little light in their loafers" -- which EVERYONE knows in Mexico, but not so many in the USA!!!


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