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My "PTSD" Attack Last Night / FINALLY, I Told My Mother the LAST Thing I Had To -- So NOW I Totally Forgive Her / "Testosteroni" in Possible REAL Legal Trouble???

Occupy Portland with Alby Maccarone.
April 17
Breaking News:
Mexico has agreed to pay to build the wall.
It will run the southern border of Oregon
To the eastern border of Texas.


Recent photo of Anibal Rivero

Dear Anibal Rivero: I apologize for my earlier intemperate words. I've been under a lot of pressure -- NO EXCUSE -- and had two glasses of wine last night and no pot. My reaction was like PTSD. 

But the point behind it all remains true. In 2010, you had a top Drug Mafia cutie as your boyfriend, destroying you while you did not notice. I met Fernando Merino in your office (which he RULED while you were not in) -- he the son of the largest exporter of cocaine from Colombia to the USA, who got me to sign a contract to join the CIA for LIFE, and held me hostage on his Godfather Hector-the-Engineer's ranch in Nayarit on the road to Valle de Banderas -- the only time I was held hostage next door to drug mafia with armored cars and machine guns

And BECAUSE of all of this, I felt you just were oblivious to it, but that Peter Hardy, who used your computers in your office, HAD to also be drug mafia which I really do NOT now believe. 

So that is where it came from and I hope you have learned to think more with your UPPER head about attractive men

I DO apologize. 

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To fill in some blanks from above, Fernando Merino was also who murdered my cat, Francine Fishpaw, while I was at Hector's ranch -- to terrorize me:

Here is the contract for me to sell $7,000,000,000.00 worth of Mexican real estate that we worked out in Anibal Rivero's Costa Real Estate office (with Anibal not around), that Fernando later told me was my contract of LIFE to be in the American CIA:

And here is a promo card from my Tennessee Williams memoir, that I customized for Fernando (misspelling his last name):

Fernando got into SO MUCH TROUBLE with the Drug Mafia, that they FORCED him to bulk up and be a stripper and prostitute in Puerto Vallarta's TOP strip bar. His mother was black African, but ONLY Fernando's "manly instrument" was black, uncut, and HUGE -- and even though we shared a bed in the LEAKY apartment under the tennis courts of Villa Santa Barbara for two weeks (illegally) -- nakedly -- we never had sex. But MY GOD, what a body -- and fine, manly smell -- he had!!!

In 2012, when I returned to Puerto Vallarta after Wilmington, NC, I FOUND Fernando there, and when I approached him (looking down into his panties as some other man pulled them wide open to stuff in money), he GROWLED at me!!!

Fernando's father had grown up without contact with civilization in early life, and they used animal sounds as part of their language, so I quickly backed off, Fernando LEFT that job immediately, and became a trainor/whore at Gold's Gym -- like MOST trainers at gyms -- including in Wilmington -- are (for BIG BUCKS, only)!!!

And then he soon disappeared ENTIRELY!!!

I actually FORGOT to mail the letter to Mike Pence, yesterday, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/11/letter-already-sent-electronically-to.html -- LOL!!! 

But I just called and left a three-minute message on Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb's Chief of Staff, Danny Lopez's phone, explaining what I am mailing today -- and how to find it ALREADY published on this blog. I will add Danny to my email list as well!!!

And do you remember that nasty note I left Fernando on my book-promo card??? When in very late 2010, while I was living homeless in my car near the North Carolina Republican Party Headquarters, the security was LOOSE there, and I got in and left similar nasty notes under all the top Republican Executives' doors -- REALLY!!!

And Gov. Pat McCrory is STILL refusing to concede the election to Democrat Roy Cooper:
I had MEANT to attend this, but got caught up in errands and would have been twenty minutes late: 

“McCrory is suggesting that county government is either incompetent or corrupt, not just in one or two places, but in 52 of the 100 counties of his state.” Hamilton pointed out that the governor appoints the members of the State Board of Elections, who in turn appoint board members at the county level. 

Hamilton said that McCrory could not overcome the vote deficit, even if every contested vote ended up going to him. The number of votes in question are fewer than the difference between the two candidates."

And McCrory is ALSO threatening to appoint two NEW SEATS to the North Carolina Supreme Court -- to appoint Republicans -- because the election tipped it to majority Democrats -- and the NC Constitution would ALLOW THIS!!!

WILMINGTON — State Representative Susi Hamilton called for Governor Pat McCrory to cease his election protests and concede the gubernatorial race to…


And since we are in the Political/Legal, here is the situation that might cause "Testosteroni" to have to answer questions from either Wilmington Police -- or the Prosecutor of the case (and Defender as well). I plan not to mention it, and Haston Caulder III is BEST to simply plead guilty -- but he is a STUBBORN CUSS, and I will be FULLY PREPARED to prosecute him VIGOROUSLY!!!:

Haston Caulder
I wonder if this means that I need to TURN OVER TO POLICE the email "Testosteroni" sent me that I should DROP CHARGES or BAIL OUT Haston Lavern Caulder -- and then Testo would send him another $500.00 and set him up for continuing payments. 

This might PROVE Testosteroni IS in fact working in conjunction with the Drug Mafia. He's STILL not speaking with me because I messed up his SEXUAL FANTASIES!!! 

I'm SURE that the Detectives would want to at least seriously QUESTION Testosteroni!!!

New Hanover County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Jerry Brewer said the family turned the letter over to the authorities.


This morning, I called Mom and learned that my sister Jane is going to Pennsylvania where the rest of the family will be for Thanksgiving. Mom has her food already cooked and ready to eat -- and did NOT invite me to join her -- as I expected and think is likely best for now.

But I FINALLY told her the last thing I NEEDED her to hear: that it was her INSISTENT LYING to lawyers, Courts, and Judges, that I am Bipolar, that CAUSED ME to LOSE ALL MY WEALTH, be jailed or nut-house-committed MANY TIMES in both Georgia and North Carolina.

I KNOW Mom believes she did it for Jesus and her NAZI-Catholic Church and that God will reward her for it, but she ADMITS I am not mentally ill now (except stress that continues to recede), and she needs to understand the CONSEQUENCES of her essentially DESTROYING MY LIFE!!!

Now, at THIS point, I am GLAD it all happened -- and I am FINE!!! But I still have no restoration of any wealth, and that FALSE conviction of Libel in Chicago -- with help of local D.A. Benjamin R. David (who promised me half a year ago that he would get it WIPED -- but I just checked and he HAS NOT done so!!!).

These are still challenges, but now that Mom LISTENED today and clearly GOT IT (and thank God she did not cry), I'm over it. I am no longer looking even from an APOLOGY from ANY of them. MIKE gets it -- and maybe some day Jane and Julie will -- but I no longer really care.

So this Thanksgiving I will share with "Miss Lucy", downstairs, as she continues to recover from her hysterectomy -- and we are having a large CHICKEN (so we don't fall asleep eating it) -- LOL!!!

A fun memory suggested by Facebook, this morning:

Scott Kenan shared a memory.

3 hrs
My brother Mike and my nephew Connor from Christmas 2004. Mike and I made up this past week -- after six years of estrangement!!!

My Brother Mike took Amtrak to NYC unbeknownst to me and hid in the crowd when Tennessee Williams was inducted into the Poets' Corner in St. John the Divine Episcopal Cathedral in NYC, and then snuck out afterward without letting me know. 
He just today told me. He wanted to glimpse my world. 
He's never chased me with syringes or crucifixes. He's my brother. That's all. 
Pictured in 2004 with my nephew Connor after Christmas dinner. Napping.


Mike's house at Christmas is always beautiful!!!!

But it is probably best that I not attempt to meet with any family until AFTER Christmas Holiday -- with all its commitments, and EARLIEST for New Years Eve (or later).


I APPROVE this message. ~ Abraham Lincoln


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