Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And the BIG WINNERS Are: Marijuana -- and the Institutional Catholic Church!!!

Raja Sarvesan to Scott Kenan
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I hope you remember what i wrote about Indians' opinion. I'm just recalling not to offend

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Scott Kenan Oh, I did not and still don't understand your comment from before -- but I NEVER took offence!!! 

BOTH Clintons were HUGE narco-traffickers with Bush and Cheney and the blackmailed Barack Obama -- and my Kenan Family. I know too many who are part of that from my deep political connections and my travels in Mexico and the USA -- and almost NO Americans know this. 

TWO things won big in this election: marijuana and the Institutional Catholic Church, which brought us the Dark Ages 1,000 years ago, and Adolph Hitler more recently. 

But too many were FED UP with the Republican/Democratic Party and its alliance to narco-trafficking and Big Business. It will be interesting to see how "Christian" Trump and his near-prostitute wife govern. Also his son that looks like a werewolf, Eric Trump, with his wife Lara live only eight miles from me on Wrightsville Beach, NC. 

Trump's Mar Lago, etc. on Palm Beach is very near the Kenan-owned The Breakers Palm Beach, and mostly Kenan supported Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Flagler left control of Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil to my family in 1913. 

And at THIS time, Clinton is leading still in popular vote!!! 

I do NOT dispute our Electoral College, as it is our system for a very long time. Trump got NO "mandate", and all I can say is that I expect to write him soon, to offer my support for dismantling the CIA/US State Department's worldwide hard-drug trafficking

I can ALWAYS TRY!!! 

And my Kenan Family really HAS BEEN Trump's BIGGEST financial support, so my Kenan name might open the door to him -- and his surprise win will open Americans' minds to THINKING and FACTS for a change

I fear for racial and religious minorities, but NOT gay people like me. WE have won far broader acceptance from ALL groups. 

Presidents Nixon, GHW Bush, GW Bush, and Obama ALL had homosexual scandals while in the White House (but everyone wants to forget that). Homosexuals pretending NOT to be that are the most evil people on earth -- along with their controlling wives.

My Father, William Scott Kenan, now deceased, told me this in May 1973 when he -- a BLACKMAILED HOMOSEXUAL, forced to marry my mother so she could hide her Catholic Swastikas behind the Kenan name -- found out that I am gay. 

And Dad admitted many of the NAZI CRIMES of him and my mother before he died.

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This morning at about 8:30 am, Rome time, I saw the results of the US election. I would say that I was shocked but not surprised – my inner voice had for some time…



This morning at about 8:30 am, Rome time, I saw the results of the US election. I would say that I was shocked but not surprised – my inner voice had for some time been saying that there was a far greater level of support for Donald Trump and conservative policies than was being voiced in the public arenas to which I was attuned.
So how to respond? How to feel? What to do?
As I ate breakfast, I glanced at a couple of social media sites and a few news outlets. That didn’t help.
I felt a great sadness, and, at the same time, I felt that there is a wide swath of the US that I simply do not understand, and without understanding I would be unable to move forward in relation to them, and to myself. I was not in a place to think about specifics – what was likely to happen or not happen with all the branches of government being regressive as opposed to progressive or gridlocked for the next few years. I knew instinctively that I had to process my feelings first.
So, I went on a walkabout in Rome. This is a city that has survived many an incompetent and narcissistic leader. And it is still here. There are remains from thousands of years ago as well as still standing and useful buildings from six hundred or more years ago. Despite all the conflicts, avarice, inquisitions, fascists, communists, and others who have held sway here, the city still stands, vibrant and filled with life.
My walkabout led me past the Spanish Steps, the Villa Medici, the Piazza del Popolo, the Pantheon, the Piazza Vittoriano, the Trevi Fountain, and more. I stopped in every church that I passed, I lost count how many (there are a LOT of churches in Rome), and meditated for five or ten minutes in each.
Some of that time I had my eyes closed, and some I had them open to see the wonders of art in these amazing places. I saw the high percentage of artworks that depicted suffering, pain, and sadness; and yet, the general feeling of the churches and basilicas was of inspiration. I found solace in these buildings despite having left much of what is taught in them behind in my life.
I came back to my hotel room and looked at some quotes by Ernest Holmes that have inspired me. Here are a few:
“The thing simmers itself down to this. Can we, in the midst of negative conditions, accept a greater good? If we can we shall be complying with the Law of Life. We shall be giving Life a chance to work for us.” ~ Ernest Holmes 
“Cease weeping over the mistakes of yesterday and steadfastly holding the face of the great and divine Reality, walk in that Light wherein there is no darkness.” ~ Ernest Holmes
“I cleanse the windows of my mind, that I may become a mirror reflecting inspiration from the Most High.” ~ Ernest Holmes
“(One’s) mind should swing from inspiration to action, from contemplation to accomplishment, from prayer to performance.” ~ Ernest Holmes
“Crying out to Life, beseeching It to be good, has no effect whatsoever upon It; It already is good. Asking It to give you life produces no good results; It has already incarnated Itself in you, as you. But inward awareness unifies the intellect with Life and binds the personal man back to the Universal Presence. This is what is meant by spiritual understanding and realization.” ~ Ernest Holmes, The Art of Life
THE HIGHEST ATTITUDE OF MIND. “The highest attitude of mind, from which all else springs, is one of perfect calm and absolute trust in the Spirit. The one who can with perfect confidence look into the future and with perfect ease of mind rest in the present, and who never looks backward, but who has learned to be still in his own soul and wait upon the Spirit, he is the one who will the most completely demonstrate the supremacy of spiritual thought over all so-called material resistance. ‘Be still and know that I Am God.’” Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind
And this quote from Florence Scovel Shinn that I used as the title of this post:
“I am not moved by appearances; therefore, appearances move.”
My suggestion to all who read this is to get in touch with your feelings about this election and its meaning in your life. Ask yourself what is causing any feelings that arise and further, ask if your mind is focused on the ultimate Truth of your being, or on the fear that comes from believing that others have dominion over your experience.
Ours is not to wish that what has appeared had not. Ours is to make our way through the current expressions of external reality toward something greater. And to do so with love, clarity, and compassion.
Once that is clear, you are ready to decide how you will be with the new external reality and what, if any, actions you may take.
Do your spiritual practices as often and as deeply as needed to allow yourself to move through whatever is stopping you from embracing Life within and without.
I am still processing all of this and will be for some time. My flight back to the U.S. is scheduled for tomorrow, after nearly six months in Europe and the Middle East. I look forward to being a healing presence wherever possible.
Love and Light to all.
Copyright 2016 – Jim Lockard


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