Thursday, November 3, 2016

A FUNNY THING Happened in New Hanover County District Court Judge Sandra Ray's Court -- Yesterday -- Which Was Emotionally Satisfying, but ONLY, Sadly, POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!!!

REPUBLICAN Judge Sandra Ray (a recent Gluttoness), and DEMOCRAT Chief District Court Judge Jay Corpening -- and Judge Corpening's SON, BRAD Corpening of BOAR'S HEAD DELI, on Front Street, was simply FORGIVEN his drug crimes after he was arrested in Raleigh, recently.

Thank you for the endorsement for 2016! — with Jay Corpening in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Jay Corpening Proud to endorse my friend,Sandra Alice Ray, in her campaign for re-election!
Sandra Ray for 5th District Judge 😘😘😘 thank you

Judge Sandra Ray is ALSO a favorite of Republican Governor Pat McCrory:

"Gov. Pat McCrory recently appointed local District Court Judge Sandra Ray as chairwoman of the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Commission, making her the first women to head up the group, officials said."

And HERE is my reporting on trying to get a ROAST BEEF SANDWICH in Boar's Head Deli -- but the staff was so HIGH ON DRUGS, that with nearly NO OTHER BUSINESS at that moment, they served me POULTRY -- LOL!!!

Brad Corpening in his Deli


In a video Court hearing, yesterday, Judge Sanda Ray (formerly Sandra Ray Criner), INCREASED Jonathan Hayes's BOND from the TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE $9,000,000.00 to the absolutely ABSURD $59,000.000.00 -- PURELY to disguise her support of NARCO-TRAFFICKERS, and ADDICTS!!!

Hayes opted to hire his own attorney, but an attorney from the public defender’s office appeared for the hearing and requested a lower bond for the defendant. Hayes’ bond was originally set at $9 million secured. But the judge raised the bond an additional $50 million, Wednesday afternoon.
“Based on his past behavior, he’s escalated,” Ray said to the court. “And the number that stuck in my head was the 50 miles per hour he was going, so that’s what I’m setting at.”
The crime is so hideous, that I'm SURE I would have cheered Judge Ray when she said this -- but THINKING and RESEARCHING shows there was NO NEED to raise the bail like that!!! 

MEANWHILE, although Haston Caulder's charge by me of "Communicating Threats" is far less serious (except to ME), he has bond of only $500.00 (so $50.00 gets him out of jail), after he told me he would have Officer Carlton Wells (or other "Friend of the Christian Drug Mafia Family"), get him NO BOND or a small one.

Although this charge is a VIOLATION of Haston's Probation, THAT is not listed, and if it WERE, the standard practice I have observed is that his bond would be INCREASED TEN-FOLD -- or to about $5,000.00.

OTHER IRREGULARITIES OF JUDGE SANDRA RAY AND HER UNTIL-RECENTLY HUSBAND, SHERMAN LEE CRINER: ALL of these documented many places in this blog, so you can search to find details there:


When Sherman Lee Criner published this photo of his Christian Snake-Handling Practices, Judge Sanda Ray Criner DIVORCED HIM!!!

2. PREVIOUSLY, Sherman Lee Criner had been caught diddling the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall, and Wilmington Police PRESSURED the girl's father NOT to press charges -- and he did NOT!!!

3. This allowed Judge Sandra Ray to become HEAD OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in the County -- and Sherman Lee Criner to be a JUDGE in the Wilmington Azalea Festival!!!

"Azalea Belles" in the Wilmington Festival

4. In 2011 -- after I published on blog that Judge Sandra Ray Criner's political website claimed that she and Sherman Lee Criner were "members in good standing at First Baptist Church" (the one on Kenan Plaza), the then PASTOR of that congregation -- having READ this blog -- emailed me to state that the CRINERS had NEVER been members of that church -- nor EVER been SEEN THERE -- LOL!!!

5. In 2011, Judge Sandra Ray Criner COMMITTED ME to The Oaks Mental Ward -- on request of my then roommate, Brenda McKnight's CRACK DEALER, Gerald Austin-Wynn:

Gerald Austin-Wynn was soon arrested and convicted in South Carolina Courts on DRUG FELONIES, but his Facebook page shows he GOT OUT earlier this year

6. Then I had been out and back to the apartment only TEN MINUTES when Sheriff's Deputies served me a Restraining Order that Mr. Austin
-Wynn had gotten for Ms. McKnight from Judge Sandra Ray Criner -- with EX PARTE -- so I was NOT allowed to collect my things, and homeless without ANYTHING, once again!!! 

When we got to the HEARING, it was in Judge Sandra Ray Criner's Court, and when she called the case, neither of them were in the Courtroom, nor could Deputies find them when Sandra had them search the entire floor.

She was FORCED to dismiss the case, but ten minutes later, she sent a Deputy to find me OFF COURT PROPERTY and order me BACK to Court where she convicted me. I appealed to the higher Courts Authority that this was TOTALLY ILLEGAL (they should have just re-filed), but I was TURNED DOWN BY THE NAZI STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA!!!

And eventually, my good friend Danny Sinatra, helped me get my things out of that house while Wilmington Police observed from a short distance.

Danny Sinatra with his wife Phoebe Dollar -- and their first child -- here in Wilmington in 2011. It was Danny's mother -- whom I knew even BETTER -- Patricia Sinatra, who had told me how she sold their Bank of America to my Kenan Family, and how Old Joe Kennedy had pressured the Sinatras who then pressured the Gambinos, who stuffed the Ballot Boxes in Chicago, stealing the election from Nixon for Kennedy.

But George W. Bush stole it from Al Gore in 2000, so KARMA IS SERVED!!!

>>> AND FINALLY FOR NOW: THE NEWS OF JOSEPH CRAWFORD FAULK, JR. -- who thinks I should either DROP MY CHARGE or POST THE BAIL for Haston Lavern Caulder -- and then Joseph plans to send Haston $500.00 and set him up for CONTINUING CASH PAYMENTS independent of me:

Read Joseph's email to me yesterday describing all of this 

Early this morning, I called Joseph's cell phone and had to leave message, asking Joseph to CLARIFY his CRAZY DEMANDS -- but so far, he REFUSES TO RESPOND -- LOL!!!


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