Friday, October 21, 2016

Yesterday, I Voted in Downtown Wilmington -- on the FIRST Day of North Carolina Voting (killing off anyone's need to kill ME off -- before the NEXT election)!!!

Wilmington's BEST KNOWN Christian Meth Addict (by all appearances), Michael Lopez, who is 64 years old, seen here with his FIRST child, Ocean Lopez.

Michael Lopez's Alpha Mortgage, MUST do a good job -- or they could NOT have grown to dominate the Wilmington market, so I do NOT suggest anyone should avoid using them.

It is just that besides OBVIOUSLY speed-talking with the mannerisms of a Meth Addict in his ubiquitous TV ads, Mr. Lopez (presumably a "quasi-Latino" or similar), celebrates WHITE CATHOLIC SUPREMACY, having just TWO black faces in his fifty-nine subordinates pictured with him, here.

I WARNED him, earlier, that this is INTOLERABLE in these, the so-called "Ending Days":

Here was my warning, duly emailed to several in his Alpha Mortgage offices (near the top)


Shake (Haston Caulder or "Dapper Dan"). just returned from his regularly scheduled meeting with his probation officer (whom I also know fairly well), THANKING GOD that he lucked out and got a GOOD ONE!!!

Last night, Shake had been EBULLIENT, and had adjusted his drugs on his own, sleeping much better both last night and the night before, and not dragging through the day!!! But more than that, thrilled that Tom Jones was gone, and if NOT in jail like the other two, Dustin Goldsmith and Darrell Brutout, he isn't STUPID ENOUGH to come around here.

Shake and I have been having a LOT of fun discussing the "whole affair", and it's GOOD to have the household back in harmony -- even if we DO have our occasional differences.

Can the purchase of a CHEST OF DRAWERS be IMMANENT???

LORD, I HOPE so -- get "Testo" off my BACK!!!

So about 2:15 PM, I walked to the early-voting polling place at Cape Fear Community College, in a Medical Building on Second Street. As I approached, I noticed ONLY HIGH-SPIRITED CLINTON WORKERS pushing their agenda outside the protected area -- and I don't believe I saw more than one or two signs of Republicans among the BRISTLING bunch for Democrats.


The actual process of voting was very easy -- despite their being uncommonly busy all day. And just as STRANGELY as that, I had to call the County offices two days go to FIND my registration online -- because I couldn't online -- to pull up a sample ballot, but DID, with County help, by eliminating my birth date and middle initial from the search form-- which BOTH show in my registration!!! 

At the voting place they TOO took TEN MINUTES before being able to find me in the rolls -- but at least they did.

The whole thing was more "formal" in attitude than when I'd voted here in both 2011 and 2015 -- everyone was taking the responsibility there very seriously. Then as I went to the next room with the machines, I passed the delightfully tall wife of Democratic Party First Vice Chair Richard Poole . . . WAIT!!! I just found a NEW roster of Officers, and Elizabeth Redenbaugh is OUT!!!

Elizabeth Redenbaugh received her Profile In Courage Award from Caroline Kennedy (whom I never met), in 2011.

And I see that Ryan Lee Burris is STILL the Third Vice Chair:

Ryan Burris with his THEN boyfriend, James Elks (who BEAT Ryan and was one of the LARGEST drug dealers in Wilmington when I lived here 2011 - 12).

As is WELL KNOWN to all my Readers, right before I moved back to Wilmington, June 2015, Ryan had written me that the Democrats were all so DEMORALIZED, that they almost never had primaries -- and were LUCKY to get ANYONE to run in some of the races.

Ryan, then -- and he's a TOTAL FRIEND of disgraced former Republican NC Senator Thom Goolsby:

-- could NOT smoke pot, due to his being on either Probation or Parole for four or five years -- for a Felony Drug Violation some time before that -- and he MIGHT even have lost his VOTING RIGHTS (but I never asked him about that)!!!

And Ryan SLANDERED ME or LIBELED ME (I always confuse the two), all over Facebook, claiming I was OFF MY PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS, when he KNEW DAMNED WELL that nothing like that had been prescribed for me since early 2009. His and new boyfriend Wes Taylor's "Wilmington Computer Repair" (now disappeared), was just a DRUG FRONT (as many will testify), and NEITHER Ryan nor Wes can properly account for where they get income, today.

Yesterday, after voting, I decided to KEEP my Democratic Party registration, but Ryan Burris's STILL Narco-Connection in this HIGH LOCAL OFFICE only wants me to SPIT on ALL DEMOCRATIC PARTY EVERYTHING.

Ryan, like Adolph Hitler, always INSISTING on the importance of Christianity!!!

But back to Richard Poole's somewhat shy poll-watcher wife: Treating her with Richard Poole together, I have noticed that they BOTH seem "semi-shell-shocked" over Political Realities -- but DO GET OUT AND EXPLORE ALL SIDES!!!

Richard Poole and his wife were the ONLY local Democratic Officers who attended Bernie Sanders' Wilmington Office opening -- and Bernie WON WILMINGTON!!!

And I said to her as I passed her, "Don't worry, we'll do fine -- then after Hillary wins, we'll clean up the DEMOCRATIC Party." And she simply said matter-of-factly, "I can't talk now." -- which was TRUE!!!

And then after voting, I ran into an older gentleman shuffling some pamphlet, looking confused, so I asked if I could help him with anything, and he said he was just trying to make SURE which un-labeled candidates were Democrats so he could vote for them. Only two fell into that category, and I'd written down their names on a slip of paper -- in case I got confused, and so gave him my note.

No time to get into all the incredible discussions I got into with several groups of tourists, some locals, and my FAVE Walking Tour Guide and his clients on Front Street, in Jackson's BIG OAK BARBECUE, and an Exxon station.

Effectively, I voted "straight Democrat" and for the Bond issue -- except for Tammy Beasley for Register of Deeds (and Marriage Licences). But I COULD NOT vote for the Democrat Judge who screwed me in Court: Jeffrey Noecker (he's unopposed, anyway), and I HAD to vote AGAINST Republican Judge Sandra Ray (and thank God she dropped her ex-husband's surname since the last election, so might not even be recognized by many):

Sherman Lee Criner was the FACE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY -- even AFTER he was caught diddling the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall and Wilmington Police extorted the girl's father not to press charges about ten years ago -- and EASY to google up!!!

Soon thereafter, Sandra Ray Criner was HEAD of the local Republican Party, and her PERVERT HUSBAND was a JUDGE of young girls in the Azalea Festival!!!

Then when Sherman Lee Criner posted his "Christian snake-handlin' practices" on his Facebook Page, Judge Criner DIVORCED HIM.

And although Republican Judge Lindsey Luther is NOT up for re-election this year, I'm posting this for HUMOR:


And although I PROMISED not to ENDORSE Julia Boseman (she was afraid I'd scare Christians away), I did not and DO NOT endorse her -- but was very HAPPY to VOTE for her -- so THERE!!!

Alright, enough.


The "Dancing Gay Dogs", one of the LARGEST public statues in Colima, Colima, Mexico -- where I once lived. Here is another -- of one of my TOP HEROS, Rey Coliman:

And at the entrance to the main public square -- where I met Dr. Waldemar Salazar, best friend of former President Salinas, and Dr. Salazar introduced me to the Governor of Colima State, whose office was right there.

The People of Colima are very PROUD of the Legend of the Origination of their City, and erected a noteworthy statue to it so that all could see that Colima has the DISTINCTION of springing up from the CUM SPLAT ("semilla" or seed), of Quetzalcoatl (or some-such):


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