Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So far Today: George Cutter of Narco-Trafficking Carolina Apartments ATTACKS ME in Front of My Gold Walker Apartment, and Wilmington Star News's Executive Editor Shows Her "Christian Wah-HEE-nuh" (as Mexicans pronounce it)!!!

Pam Sander, Executive Editor of the Wilmington Star News

To begin with, house guest Tom Jones expects to check himself into Union Mission today, and although HUGELY disappointed, I am also GLAD that my date of this morning (the guy I actually pictured near the bottom here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/10/mike-pence-in-wilmington-update-so-much.html), called at 7:30 this morning, he already having driven as far, nearly, as Lumberton, as he heard from one of his many tenants (an elderly one), in a historic home he owns in the mountains, that she's flooded in the first floor.

I have no idea why he would take that route home -- it being FAR slower than I-40 -- and he DID tell me he drove I-40 all of his route to get to Wilmington!!! Perhaps, like Star News City Desk Editor Kevin Maurer (also author of No Easy Day about Bin Laden's unnecessary assassination), interviewing me by phone in Puerto Vallarta summer of 2012 promising a MAJOR ARTICLE in the Wilmington paper -- or even a BOOK on my story, and then Salvador Fuentes, in 2010, claiming to be my FOURTH KENAN COUSIN, his "mother" and friend sent by Thomas S. Kenan III to interview me for 60 MINUTES. They recorded me in HD for 45 minutes, promising that 60 MINUTES would air AT LEAST two segments of my story.

And THIS while I stayed in an apartment across the street from the interview site in Conchas Chinas (just south of Puerto Vallarta), owned by ROGUE US Special Services alum, Benjamin Shields, who not only OWNED a series of domains -- "ObamaHaters.com" and later "ObamaHaters2010.com" etc., that CNN reported ON AIR that were so vitriolic that they could be SHUT DOWN, but NO ONE could find out who owned them -- LOL!!!

I found the proof just by googling them.

And Ben Shields often spoke twenty minutes and longer with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh -- many times now confirmed to be America's TOP NAZI and the biggest strategist to put Mike Pence into the Presidency on behalf the Catholic Popes -- for twenty minutes and more on how to TREAT ME (he stole my car keys and told me I had to sell drugs on the street for him to pay my rent -- I got the REAL Puerto Vallarta Police Chief to force Ben to return my car and take his lock off my apartment so I could get my belongings).


They were ALL CIA Agents -- just trying to find out what I know. This new guy seems of the same cloth, but TIME will tell, and I GOT his real identity and his wife's as well, so will do a BIG EXPOSE' on them if necessary, but NOT until I know for certain.

But to finish up on him for now, he and I had a 50 minute phone call last night, in which he claimed his UNCLE or GRANDFATHER (I'm not sure now which), had been Edsel Ford's BEST MAN at his wedding, and his whole family was close to NAZI Henry Ford's and MIGHT EVEN KNOW MY MOTHER, who got an unearned Award from Henry Ford in Indiana her senior year in high school.

I told him Mom ran Proctor and Gamble's Chemistry Labs in Cincinnati at the end of WWII, and received Dr. Josef Mengele's research on Jews in concentration camps data -- but MOSTLY worked on his theories of NAZI MIND CONTROL -- and has ALWAYS been totally under cover.

And this guy last night, supposedly a retired Piedmont Airlines flight attendant who now is a successful artist (I can't find that online, yet), and has designed theater sets for 25 years for a major theater in the Asheville, NC area -- as well as acted on stage, most recently as Steve, in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire. And this guy claims to have known some of JFK's siblings and to have been to their houses -- just like ME!!!

The Mexican Drug Mafia guy I moved to Mexico to "marry", Cornelio Prada Diaz, eventually showed me his new Mexican ID showing he was BORN THE VERY DAY that Tennessee Williams was murdered by John Uecker for the Episcopal Church/Sewanee, CIA, and Republican Party -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis had WARNED US on January 11, 1982.

OH, and Cornelius was Tennessee Williams's father's and bull dog's (while I worked for him), name.

NOW, you might think I'm upset with Pam Sander, Head of the Wilmington Star News because of CIA Agent Kevin Maurer, but I believe someone ELSE was Executive Editor back then in 2012.

What "got my goat" this morning is that in an editorial the Star News today, they GOT IT RIGHT (as expressed in their headline): 

EDITORIAL, Oct. 18: Terrorist firebombing of GOP HQ an attack on democracy

I, too, and all Democrats I've spoken with also agree -- but Rachel Maddow reported last night that the Democratic Party of that NC County, had ALSO been hit with "NAZI graffiti", but NOT also firebombed, on the SAME DAY. The local Democratic Party IMMEDIATELY posted a "Go Fund Me" page hoping to raise $10,000.00 to give the Republican Party to help with RESTORATION, and the DEMOCRATS achieved $13,000.00 in LESS THAN AN HOUR, and gave it to the Republicans.

Pam Sander only lightly mentioned that WAY DOWN in the editorial -- after MOST people had read the top several paragraphs and getting the gist, did NOT read the rest.

EXACTLY like CNN and most mainstream media have done about Billy Bush being George W. Bush's FIRST COUSIN. They did NOT want it known -- and know how people read.

>>> WORSE!!!: Neither Pam Sander nor any other Mainstream Media have pointed out ALL THE THREATS, BEATINGS, AND VIOLENCE that have plagued so many Trump rallies for MONTHS!!!

They act like this event (and no one knows yet who did it -- they COULD have been Trump's people making themselves look like VICTIMS -- Trump's LATEST STRATEGY), is the ONLY PART OF VIOLENCE THAT MATTERS!!!

So I award Pam Sander and the Wilmington Star News my coveted "University of North Texas" Award:

And before I get to George Cutter, other new info has come to light:

1. I spoke with Haston Caulder III (Shake or Dapper Dan), last night and got permission to get all his meds out of his "med bag" to research them and to post the results on blog. They all sit in front of me, and there is NO PREDNISONE (and I specifically asked Haston last night about that one -- he never having even HEARD about it).


Tom told me this morning that he meets with his Probation Officer at 4:45 PM today, so after that we will set the day he MUST move on -- tomorrow or possibly the next day, depending on what he decides to do.

2. Donald Trump's National Social Media Director, Kenzie Clift, never responded to my Facebook message to her by return message, email, or calling my cell phone -- I DID give her my number!!!

Looks like Kenzie Clift is fixin' to FALL BACK under Donald TRUMP, no???

3. In a quick check just now, the guy whom I was to meet at 9:00 this morning at Java Dog on Front Street -- followed by some SERIOUS LOVE-MAKING (which he described to my DELIGHT in detail, last night), claims his name is ACTUALLY "Mark Lindsey Moore", although he had used "Mark Lindsey" in emails to me and this is his email address: artistflyer columbus: artistflyerman@hotmail.com.

Yesterday, I had ALREADY googled his cell phone number and found it on a list of 
numbers used for SPAM-CALLS and threatening calls!!! 828-817-3263

I figured that must be in error, but this guy whose WIFE is supposedly visiting high school friends on Wrightsville Beach all this week while he BEDS MEN, does NOT seem to exist.

Mark Lindsey Moore's supposed head shot

And Mark's supposed buff shot (the ones he sent of his cock are really impressive too)!!!

And Mark is known as "John Gault" on www.SilverDaddies.com, here: http://www.silverdaddies.com/view_profile.asp?profile=1842868

And LASTLY, about George Cutter -- who looks JUST LIKE TESTOSTERONI in NYC -- and they are BOTH in their mid-80s, with Mr. Cutter being MORE fit and spry (unlike what I'd heard about his "failing health" from a resident, recently).

He was walking his black Lab right by my house and REFUSED to shake my hand when I offered it with a friendly, "Hey, Mr. Cutter!!!" I told him we'll have him in PRISON soon due to his protecting narco-traffickers and the Crack Whores who live in Carolina Apartments.

I told him how Gold Walker (my landlady who'd worked for Cutter for five years managing Carolina Apartments years ago -- until he FIRED HER), and I LAUGH ABOUT HIM ALL THE TIME!!!

He said I need to be in a MENTAL HOSPITAL as "CRIMINALLY INSANE", and that not only do I have the FILTHIEST MOUTH IN WILMINGTON, but put to a VOTE Wilmington Citizens would LOCK ME UP.

I replied that he STILL can't refute MY FACTS, and can only dis my STYLE -- LOL!!!

We BOTH got in each others' FACES, yelling, but he clearly knew he had no reason to FEAR ME.

And THAT's enough for NOW!!!




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