Monday, October 3, 2016

QUADRUPLE Monday Morning WHAMMY!!! Both Excellent and Funny Incidents Included (all before 11:00 AM)!!!

New Hanover County District Attorney Benjamin R. David and Sheriff Ed McMahon (both Democrats)

Incident #1:

I walked to Benefits Management to get my weekly allowance check, not realizing they will be available tomorrow, due to how the money flows from Social Security. On the way there, I spoke with three parties of Sheriff's Deputies, two of whom came to me to shake my hand to thank me for the EFFECTIVE work I have done in this blog in exposing CORRUPTION of Wilmington Officials, and although I know that TWO of those thanking me -- ESPECIALLY for exposing Mayor Bill Saffo's narco-trafficking place in the Saffo Mafia of New York City (which NO ONE who wants to live DARES mention in this town).

And the two biggest things Wilmington People find my blog searching are "Bill Saffo gay" and "Renee Saffo Restraining Order" (It was an UGLY divorce, and Mayor Saffo was "violent enough" for his ex to get that Order) -- HUSHED UP in Christian Mafia Wilmington.

Readers will recall that a guy from contacted me recently, and HE lived most of his adult life in New York City and had worked for what HE called the "Saffo Mafia" in New York -- run by Bill Saffo's UNCLE (whose name I never got).

He ALSO said that he (now living in Greensboro, NC), expected to visit with "Uncle Saffo", whom he was still in contact with, the Uncle coming from New York to meet with Mayor Saffo over Labor Day weekend, but we expected a HUGE storm, and he might not have come.

Frank, "Hot Greek Man" on Silverdaddies, can be found via this link, still active this morning. You must JOIN to see the photos of his QUITE glorious "manhood saluter"

In any case, one Deputy said the City of Wilmington should give me an AWARD for my work, FAR deeper -- and most importantly -- FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than anyone else has ever done, here.

Two said I should be given a COLUMN in the Wilmington Star News!!!

And none of them was yet aware of my work helping Wilmington Police arrest Dustin Goldsmith and recovering a LOT of stolen loot -- as well as get his CELL PHONE, full of messages asking where to PICK UP STOLEN LOOT, and other contacts that should lead to BUSTING THE ENTIRE THEFT RING (if City Detectives don't BUNGLE it).

MORE on Frank and some Wilmington corruptions here

Incidents 2 & 3 are combined (chance meeting of TWO local BIG WIGS, overlapping):

Republican Judge Chad Hogston

As I reached Third and Princess Streets, I saw Judge Hogston walking away from me on Third Street, but only about twenty feet away, so blanking for a moment on his name, called, "JUDGE -- Hi!!!", and he stopped and turned and in a very friendly stance, greeted me and we spoke.

I then said, "Judge, you know since I was in your Court in 2011, and you even SAID you were dismissing my Constitutional First Amendment and Press Rights, and CONVICTED ME anyway -- so that I could be FORCED to take lobotomizing Lithium via the Probation System, I've been planning to eventually get you into Prison -- but I thought when I came to your Court in the last year and you took my case FIRST . . . " (so that all witnesses weren't cleared like my being LAST in that false charge of "Cyber-Stalking" in 2011 -- and that and all the other 2011 - 2012 charges I FORCED D.A. Ben David to ERASE) ". . . that it seemed to me -- and I DON'T expect you to comment now on this -- you were offering a sort of AMENDS and APOLOGY for that illegal action. Since then, I've felt a little BETTER about you!!!"

And Judge Hogston replied, "I don't remember." (The best I could have expected, I suppose.)

But what REALLY was blowing me away was that we were BOTH being so CIVIL and RESPECTFUL of each other -- and I got NO HINT that he feared me AT ALL!!!

And I was SO PROUD I had NOT gotten shrill at all -- despite my emotional feelings about all of that. My parents had communicated with Judge Hogston telling him to force me onto Lithium, and his CONVICTION was THROWN OUT by Ben David, whom I actually get along with now -- at least sort of.

And at THAT EXACT MOMENT, a distinguished looking gentleman passed Judge Hogston, then saying hello, and in near DISBELIEF, I realized it was my FAVORITE Wilmington Nemesis, Disgraced former Republican NC Senator Thom Goolsby -- only RECENTLY revealed to be a NAZI ROMAN CATHOLIC!!!

Thom in a younger day, Thom more recently:

What was so astonishing, was that the LAST time I ran into Thom Goolsby, it was when he was eating at PINPOINT restaurant on Market Street (outside), with three other people on a warm December evening, 2015.

This includes my account of that, but I made an ERROR!!! Since Goolsby's FIRST wife had left him for the heterosexual Todd Toconis, my ASSUMPTION that the woman he was with was his WIFE CANNOT BE TRUE!!! 

Catholics GO TO HELL if they re-marry before a former spouse dies -- although the Church ENCOURAGES Civil Divorce, to settle the Legal Entanglements, it does not HONOR that the marriage can end short of at least one death.

You see, Thom was FAR HEALTHIER at the Pinpoint restaurant in December than he was when I passed him at the corner of Walnut and Second Streets back in the heat of summer 2015 -- "Miss Thing" looking as bad as a "METH addict, swept up from the gutter" -- completely emaciated, wearing LIME GREEN tennis top and bottom -- and matching visor as well. Thom, as usual back then, had earplugs in BOTH ears, and refused to acknowledge my greeting -- even as we passed within about three feet of each other.

Today, Thom was in a natty tailored suit, full, confident face, and when I said, "Oh Lord . . . LOOK who's here, NOW!!!", he turned to the Judge and confidently and like it was all between three FRIENDS, inquired, "Are you OK, Judge???"

Thom knows ALL ABOUT what I'm like when "ballistic", so his question was a nice consideration for the Judge's safety with THE TALL KENAN.

I don't remember if Hogston answered that, but when I turned to Thom and said, "Well if it isn't Wilmington's FAVORITE CRIMINAL COCK-SUCKER!!!", Thom chuckled (in this case, not NECESSARILY an admission), and continued on his way -- as did the Judge (whom I honestly felt a little sorry for).

Incident #4:

Then, as I approached landlady Gold Walker's house, I saw one of her employees exiting the front door, and we called greetings to each other. I asked her if Gold was in -- that I wanted to apologize for hanging up the phone on her -- and explain what all had been going on.

She beckoned me to go in, where I found Gold in the dining room, sitting, and she gasped in near SHOCK when she saw me there. I immediately apologized for my phone hang-up and the confusion of things, and she -- JUST LIKE LAWYER OLIVER CARTER HAD DONE -- began bitching me out, without even checking to see if we had SIMILAR stories we were working from.

I knew from questioning "Dapper Dan" (real name in other postings, but HE is not guilty here of a THING!!!), that Oliver had NOT asked Dan anything about what had actually happened, and Oliver TOLD ME THEN that he had NOT spoken with Police or Probation Officers about it -- and even INSISTED that he would NOT do so.

In fact, Oliver kept demanding to know "JUST WHO ARE YOU!!!", and since NO ONE has come to ME in my life when I was in my own yard and treated ME like a PIECE OF WORTHLESS SHIT like that, I was upset that Oliver was BULLYING Dan like that.

And NO ONE in our little community had been stolen from or placed in physical harm.

So to "cut to the chase" -- since this story is developing -- Gold surprised me that she did NOT say a THING about Dustin Goldsmith living here -- or even being arrested and all the loot so PUBLICLY cataloged before Police took it away. She yelled at me for "being rude to (her) lawyer" (no lawyer or non-lawyer would ETHICALLY treat a person the way Oliver did Dan), and that Dan had something like SEVEN arrests in the last year.

1. Gold has known for WEEKS that Dan is on probation, and only said it best not to let the neighbors know.

2. I then asked Gold, "And is there an arrest warrant out for him now???" 

"NO," she said, "but he has a CRIMINAL RECORD!!!"

"So do I", I said, and she replied, "But in the LAST YEAR???" "No" and most was false and erased from my record."

And when I first met Gold over a year ago, she told me her ONLY question was if I had a good vacuum cleaner -- and otherwise she trusted her instincts to accept tenants.

I pointed out the "butt sex" of the people downstairs on the public staircase -- and their apparent defrauding of the hospital, as well as Neal Duffy's threatening me a week ago that the Christian Drug Mafia are STILL planning to do me in -- LEGALLY a "terroristic threat".

She didn't care. More on the STRANGE goings on around here:

BTW: the LAST posting ALSO broke records for hits -- THANKS AGAIN, READERS!!!

And after thinking about all this, the FACT IS that Oliver and Gold BOTH are PROFILING Dapper Dan -- AS RECOMMENDED BY DONALD TRUMP!!!

This man is TOTALLY "Kenansville"!!!

And Gold told me that BECAUSE I TOOK "DAPPER DAN" IN, she will NOT renew my lease!!!

My lease has ALREADY automatically renewed at the continuing rate -- as of September 15, 2016 (we pro-rated the rent so it is due on the first of the month) -- and Gold ACCEPTED my rent on September 21, 2016 (typically, I pay rent ten days early), not only telling me she is PLEASED with me as a tenant, but she is NOT raising my rent.

Now, I am no expert in Law, but I KNOW that a landlady who compliments me on making the place look really nice (The New Hanging Gardens of Babylon on the back porch) -- and DAPPER DAN fixed her gate on his own with no charge to Gold as well!!! -- my always paying rent early, when those WAY BEHIND get her GOOD GRACES -- and then Gold supplied me in MARIJUANA for over a month -- my doctor recommends it for me, although, well, I'm glad I'm now, again, RUN OUT -- but GOLD ISN'T OUT!!!

Gold's house is so full of pot smoke that people on Probation don't DARE go inside for more than a moment. (And pot-roaches can be found in EVERY nook and cranny.)

Anyway, if she gives me "legal trouble" (tries to evict me or raise the rent before 9/16/17), I will meet her in Court, and if I LOSE, will appeal like I did at Carolina Apartments a year ago -- and FORCE A JURY TRIAL!!!

This all takes MONTHS and I would be fine as long as I pay through the Courts, again.

An ADDITIONAL complication, is that I can FORCE all but THREE District Court Judges to RECUSE THEMSELVES, as I have promised to take THEM to Court for violating my Civil Rights in 2011, 12, and 15 -- and they are ALL AWARE OF THAT!!!

We might have to go to ANOTHER COUNTY, no???

I sincerely hope that D.A. Ben David gets a BIG KICK out of this -- I KNOW he'd rather avoid prosecuting ME in Court again -- HA!!!

OH WAIT, that would actually be Oliver Carter, right???




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