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My Old Personal Friend DeBose Porter, the HEAD of the Democratic Party in Georgia, Made the NEWS, Today / I Had a TOTALLY Civilized Conversation with My Mother This Morning / I Have a DATE, Tonight!!! (The BEST revenge is Living Well!!!)

Mom in a better mood -- 2008


"Dapper Dan" lamented last night that Darrel Bruout had stolen the chain to his bike and now his lock isn't working well either, so he can't secure his bike. Darrell was arrested over two weeks ago, so I have NO IDEA why Dan hasn't bought a new chain or lock. He's HAD MONEY.

Dan took the flat cell phone pictured here in #5:, last night and went out for an hour, saying he was giving it to a friend since he does not need it. So Dan NOW has two working cell phones, both Verizon flip phones.

Last night, Dan told me disks won't play in his new Blu-Ray player (which "Testosterone" bought for him), but via its wifi, he gets all the movies and other things via the same machine. When I checked it, I found the TV was resting all its weight on the Blue-Ray player (which Dan knew when he tried to play disks, but had not moved it off). Moving it off shows it STILL won't play disks, so I guess the mechanism in BROKEN, but will try more to see if I can get it going soon.

Since Dan had been using the player for 24 hours AFTER Tom Jones moved out, I can't know for certain WHO stacked the two.

Dan got up and out to work Community Service this morning with no difficulty at all. 


AMAZING: BOTH my states, Georgia and North Carolina are in PLAY for Hillary!!! 

And in this article, the DeBose Porter who is mentioned, is someone I had a LONG discussion with at DeBose and Tom Houck's Political Party at Highland Tap in Atlanta, early 2010, and attempted an email conversation with him as well as Eric Gray, another high Georgia Democrat. 

The conversation with Eric is now inconveniently stored on old hard drives, and JUST NOW, I see that the reason I thought DeBose BLOCKED ME back then is that I MISSPELLED his first name as "DuBose", which IS a family allied with the Kenans. 

I then had a long email conversation with him and others at the TOP of Georgia Democratic Party -- but since narco-trafficking Jennifer McCracken in Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington got Google/Gmail to shut down all my accounts about a year ago, I only have it on stored hard drives and nearly impossible to access without professional help!!!

In comments I will link to two old postings preserving part of that email trail.

Donald Trump’s history with women could give Georgia’s electoral votes to a Democrat for the first time since Bill Clinton won the White House.

Scott Kenan

I rather liked this image, which I found by googling "Happy Mexicans." Sent to Sen. Lugar today: Subject: Re: Some…
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Scott Kenan

Alexandra Whiddon Hi Thomas, I saw Alex Whiddon longer than any other "shrink nurse" or psychiatrist -- I'm…
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SOON, I will contact DeBose -- or others at the TOP of Democrats in Georgia -- offering all the evidence I have of my Kenan Family (close and distant), being the LARGEST support of the CATHOLIC NAZI PENCE, and his BAITBlowhard Trump!!!

I decided to call my mother, since I've already decided to get back in touch with my cousins in Rocky Point who had ALL been rabid Thom Goolsby supporters (although outside his jurisdiction while he was an NC State Senator) -- with encouragement of my first cousin twice removed, Daniel Reaves: 

I started off by telling Mom that since I voted two days ago, I NO LONGER can have my mind changed to change my vote, so no need trying to convince me of anything, and in fairness, I won't try to convince HER of anything.

It was clear she still plans to vote "straight Republican", but I don't care. God's People only need one more vote than the Christian Drug Mafia Devils get -- and that SEEMS to be how we are now headed -- WHEW!!!

And we really had a nice conversation about many things, and Mom was ENTIRELY interested in hearing how my old high school girlfriend, "Christine Busch", the former Pennsylvania Prosecutor, continuing lawyer, physician, and Medical-Records-Security consultant, had been dropped off for "Day Care" at a Pennsylvania State Mental Hospital frequently by her mother during her grade school years, and told by her Mom that as an adult, Christine would be PERMANENTLY COMMITTED to a mental hospital.

And then her parents and older brother had ALL been TOTAL ALCOHOL ADDICTS as well as SEX ADDICTS, and that after being divorced by Christine's Dad, her Mom had to move in with Christine (she said 35 years, but I think must have meant 25 years), for Christine's in-home care, since she was BROKE and no one else would have her.

The last several years, the Mom had mostly been unconscious, but in her final moments, Mom became totally lucid, fixed Christine in the eye, and told her she HATED Christine, always HAD hated her, and always WOULD hate her -- and then she gave up the ghost.

This story genuinely moved Mom to tears, and she asked me to pass her feelings on to Christine, which I will soon do.

But Mom takes NO responsibility for the crimes she committed against me, and I will just have to accept that.

As Christine told me, "The Bible says to honor your parents, and I AGREE and did that without resentment."

THAT is how Christine inspired me to get back in CIVIL touch (even if Love has nothing to do with it -- Mom only knowing CONTROL of others and CO-DEPENDENCY), with my mother.

And as we were about to get off the phone, Mom said, "I suppose I shouldn't say this, but I love you." And I replied, "Well, at least we are speaking civilly, and even if we NEVER understand each other, THAT is an improvement."

HERE is what I don't understand: "Testosteroni", who came from a military family, was born in Alabama and mostly raised in Key West, Florida, has said his family was not particularly religious -- and he's NEVER told me a thing that was UGLY that came from his family -- but he TOTALLY DIVORCED THEM soon after he left the Army, which he had joined right after he completed college.

I don't think "Old Testo" even KNOWS what real FAMILY TROUBLE is!!!

Another person, visiting Wilmington, has contacted me to meet in person -- via, and we plan to have dinner tonight. Although now living about three hours from Wilmington, he grew up in money and knowing ALL the top Louisiana Politicians of the same era I have lived through -- growing up in Baton Rouge.

So we have a LOT to discuss (and maybe do)!!!

I added a LOT to the bottom of the last posting AFTER emailing it to my 170+ Political Contacts as seen here:

But since American Christians tend to be TOTAL PRUDES, you might crack up over these PUBLIC MONUMENTS in Colima, Mexico -- where 85% of Mexicans self-identify as ROMAN CATHOLICS -- LOL!!!:

The "Dancing Gay Dogs", one of the LARGEST public statues in Colima, Colima, Mexico -- where I once lived. Here is another -- of one of my TOP HEROS, Rey de Coliman:

And at the entrance to the main public square -- where I met Dr. Waldemar Salazar, best friend of former President Salinas, and Dr. Salazar introduced me to the Governor of Colima State, whose office was right there.

The People of Colima are very PROUD of the Legend of the Origination of their City, and erected a noteworthy statue to it so that all could see that Colima has the DISTINCTION of springing up from the CUM SPLAT ("semilla" or seed), of Quetzalcoatl (or some-such):


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