Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Dapper Dan" and I Have Been WONDERIN' Why Our Household Has Been So WEIRD, the Last Week or So . . .

On Facebook, the Pastors' names and the phone number are HIDDEN FROM VIEW and no where else listed can one find the names or the TIMES OF SERVICES!!! It claims to have been founded in 2013.

(The next day: two postings giving time of a "NEW Food Pantry Ministry" to homeless, Thursday mornings!!!)

Without going into detail, now, I will soon RESEARCH this church and call them for comment. I HOPE their listed email address works (the website of the same domain does NOT work at all), or I can get them a message via Facebook, should they care to make their OWN comments about my report and curiosity.

As Wilmingtonians all know, MOST (not all), non-denominational churches -- particularly of a Conservative, "Bible-Based", or Evangelical nature, are simply fronts for Narco-Trafficking. 

Churches associated with significant-sized denominations tend to have SOME standards.

Anyone in Wilmington, North Carolina ever hear of this church, founded in 2013, but lists no Pastor or others, has no times of services posted -- but posts its activities ALREADY accomplished??? 

It's link to both its website and it's "contact" button go to URLs totally on the FRITZ!!! 

One of my roommates has been spending a lot of time there, and didn't want to tell me its name. They TAKE money from street people, not give to them:

Scott Kenan I guess this header actually DOES show who's Pastor:
LikeReply15 mins

The (unlisted) Assistant Pastor came from here -- the church that BLEW UP by closing, the Pastor committing himself to The Oaks Mental Ward, and his wife to Rehabilitation for Violent Females.

And there was a BIG FINANCIAL SCANDAL as well!!!


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