Sunday, September 25, 2016

oh my god (I've allowed Mr. John Uecker to select the title for this, our latest email exchange)!!!



Hi John -- I figure I get a chance to say a thing before going into "communications hibernation" -- for at least a day or two.

This business about Albee, I just don't get -- and my MOST trusted Research Assistant, Mr. Kluaf C. Esoj (mentioned only a few times by that name in my blog -- more usually as "Testosteroni", or a few choice "unprintable words") -- finds no ill will or words from Edward Albee.

But I have TWO important things to tell you:

1. When I wrote in that blog posting,, that John Lahr and I had a "secret relationship" and at least implied that we had somehow planned or coordinated the publications of our two books and this blog, that was just a LITERARY DEVICE, and the "Court Quality Facts" are that when I first contacted him via his agency, we had a nice email conversation and he had told me he eventually HAD to write the Bio of Tennessee -- but it was clear that it really weighed on him and he was NOT looking forward to it. But my book got his juices flowing, and soon he was hard at work.

I think it is at least MIRACULOUS that John Lahr and I achieved, together without ANY kind of discussion, the perfect timeline framework that my contentions about the murder in my blog fit PERFECTLY into.

2. Now, a confession. "Back in the Day" I had the BIGGEST CRUSH on you -- like you had on Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt (the "e" is used by his family and Williams people), and so some part of me will always want some part of you -- why we could never truly be enemies. And I have had a ten-years -- AT LEAST relationship with Skye Wyatt's daughter as well as just a couple of days ago, meeting his SISTER online. I SNATCHED ya a coupla pictures, that I have never before published in my blog (one of them, anyway)!!!

Skye and his Dad

3. Was your desperate flight out of the USA FOREVER -- more an exercise in your head -- or can you still use Earthlink email in your new locale??? I hope you didn't miss my Blog Posting in which I ADMIT where I'm from:

Well, that's it for now . . . 



Listen.  They have put a ton of money into this.   I mean a lot of money.


Let’s no longer communicate!  You are so silly.


Sez Scott


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