Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Keeping a Few Things in Perspective -- and Finishing with Will Kil(l)stein and the INDIGNANT Daniel J. Murtaugh!!!

Virtually ALL of these attacks in the USA are by CHRISTIANS, claiming they murder for JESUS!!!

How much MORE does Donald Trump think we need to SPEND -- and HOW will he pay for it???

Let's start by using it more WISELY!!!

FIRST, the reports on Tim Kaine speaking a few blocks from my house, yesterday (CLOSED to the public):

I did not read the coverage in the Wilmington Star News, but Thomas Kaplan's reports for the New York Times.

NOTHING of note was said.


Brittany Kerfoot Kilstein and Will KILL-Stein

This refers to the LINKED-IN profile of the correctly spelled Will Kilstein, published here:, or the ORIGINAL

1. Will Kilstein was a DERIVATIVES ANALYST for Deutsche Bank, the bank that FINANCED Adolph Hitler's regime -- and bought LOTS of their stolen Jewish GOLD!!!

This bank became BIG AGAIN (outside Germany), by buying the Grenfell Bank in England -- controlled by Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), who had conspired with Paul McCartney's and Tennessee Williams's attorney John Eastman to MURDER Tennessee (with Episcopal Church/Sewanee attorney Michael Remer also a major conspirator) -- McCartney's wife then was Eastman's sister, Linda (Eastman) McCartney.

See more


2. Mr. Kilstein graduated the University of Florida. Not only from about 1900 on did William Rand Kenan, Jr., who headed ALL of Henry Flagler's Enterprises except Standard Oil -- which JD Rockefeller ran for Flagler -- actually BUILD everything labelled "Flagler", Flagler left his ENTIRE ESTATE -- including the largest block of Standard Oil stock, his real estate developments and Public Utilities, shipping lines, and 40% ownership in US railroads.

The New York Times then declared Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler "the WEALTHIEST woman on EARTH!!!

3. On Facebook, Will KILL-Stein posted a FIVE STAR REVIEW of the Cape May County, NJ Animal Rescue -- that from where I founded WHALE'S TALE in 1974 with Hilary Russell and Chuck Pritchard, both also grads of Denison University. I sold out to them, but my DNA is still in it, and they have been awarded "Best Seashore Resort Store in New Jersey" more than once:

Sen. Cory Booker also popped in on Vince Casale at Casale’s shoes and at the Whales Tale, where, like thousands of visitors before him, the Senator said, "I just have to buy something!"

>>> ADDED @ 4:31 PM:

In FAIRNESS to Mr. Kilstein, he says he is NOT gay -- and who am I to know about that???

We have been private messaging, and he has ALSO clarified about Deutsche Bank:

"As for Deutsche Bank, I agree with you. That is also why I left there after only 10 months. It was my first job after undergraduate school and I needed some experience.

We actually watched a video during my orientation where they tried to explain their past affiliations with the Nazi regime and it disgusted me. That is why I very soon applied to graduate school to get out of there."
* * *

4. Last "funny thing" is that while working for the company that distributed the CIA/State Department Drugs from Maine to Florida, Pentagon Publishing 1992 - 2010, previously Collegiate Concepts 1990 - 1992, we had a "College Division" that handled advertising sales in 15 top university Engineering Journals -- as well as TWO college yearbooks: The Tower of University of Florida -- and The Rattler, of Florida A&M.

Oh, gawd no. Is this...a joke? WHAT is going on. 

Next will be the rescission of the Sanders influenced platform

I knew this would happen - need corporate dollars to win the Presidency, I guess. 


Hillary Clinton has announced former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar as the head of her transition team. Salazar is a former U.S. senator from Colorado who now…


    • Conversation started today
    • Will Kilstein
      Will Kilstein

      Why are you posting information about me on your blog?
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      Because I work with the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to unmask CRIMINALS, silly!!! Call Gen. Colin Powell or Gen. Russel Honore' to get a reference on me. I am NOT quite finished, so hold your judgement until I let you know this latest piece is complete, please. Thanks, Scott
  • Will Kilstein

    I don't care about the work that you do, honestly. I am not a public figure and do not consent to my personal information being shared on your blog.
    You are also lying and I do not want to deal with this, but I will reach out to law enforcement and attorneys if you force me. I am not a Trump supporter and never have been. (ADDED LATER: I, Scott Kenan, now ACCEPT this.) I hate the guy. I also hate Hillary.

  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Thank you for clarifying this. Someone sued me for publishing her info from Facebook (that she is Episcopalian), and the Judge laughed it out of Court. High US Courts ruled years ago, now, that ANYTHING on the internet -- even in password-protected sites -- is Public Info that anyone may publish. I am ADDING these comments to the blog to be fair to you -- and show I kept misspelling your name. SORRY about that!!! Scott


Awesome lady! We will!
Occupy Democrats
Stephanie Curry: "This is my 90 year old grandma, Evelyn Brown. She's currently on Hospice at her home in Tennessee but this morning she felt well enough to pose for this pro-Hillary picture. This sweet lady is a lifelong democrat, retired teacher and daughter of Kentucky sharecroppers. She doesn't think she will make it to the election to vote so she asks that you all vote for Hillary in her place. Let's make grandma go viral! Please repost far and wide if you agree with grandma. And if you don't agree with grandma, that's ok. Just be kind and God bless you."

Elliott Mackle Get her to the voting booth on time or, better yet, a mail-in ballot.
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Scott Kenan Most of us lifelong Democrats don't trust Hillary Clinton AT ALL -- I can prove in COURT that she and Bill Clinton have been narco-trafficking with my own Kenan Family as well as the Bushes and Cheneys for YEARS. And as all know who aren't playing ostr...See More
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Daniel J. Murtaugh Scott, please stop sending incendiary comments. Thanks
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Scott Kenan Daniel J. Murtaugh: Please call either General Colin Powell, General Russel Honore', RFK, Jr. or any of Frank Sinatra's heirs to get reference on me. If you ask, I'll send Honore's cell phone number to you by private message. 

When someone calls provable FACT "incendiary comments" -- without even showing that I've caused a FIRE (I've just written words), then I'd like to hear your motivation and reasoning for not wanting to face facts. 

I already published MOST of this thread on my blog, and already emailed to my 160+ Press and other contacts. and I will include ALL of this thread in my next posting/emailing, so present your case in this thread so I can include it to my audience, please. 



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