Saturday, September 10, 2016

HOT BREAKING!!!: A Christian Church in Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina Has EXPLODED (so to speak)!!!

This is not the church in Wilmington (it could be a couple of ones), but ONE possibility is that it is an EPISCOPAL CHURCH, and this is "Rebel's Rest", the guest house for Sewanee (aka: The University of the South), where ALL Episcopal Priests for the "Old South" are trained in the region's one seminary -- like Walter Dakin, Tennessee Williams's beloved Grandfather.

Rebel's Rest burned nearly to the GROUND a few years ago, and Sewanee had the symbol of the Episcopal Church's Power on Earth, the Confederate Mace:

The Confederate Mace was retired only in 2005, Sewanee's alumni were HUGELY up in arms over it, and their donations fell through the floor. In 2008 or 2009, disgruntled Sewanee Alumi who were lawyers in Birmingham, AL, contacted me after finding this blog to tell me that the Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander -- then Archbishop of Atlanta and over Sewanee, was using Tennessee Williams's Estate (which they had stolen from Harvard after murdering Tennessee), renamed the Walter Dakin Fund, to COVER so that no one saw a dip in donations.

So NOW, I'm rootin' for this being the Episcopal Church . . . 


From a gentleman of about 34 years of age and of my very recent acquaintance, I learned that he is going to go to the Anchor Church on the Barge, tomorrow, because at the church he was going to for quite some time, they closed the doors this week with the husband committing himself to The Oaks Mental Ward of NHCRH (where I was twice committed in 2011 -- and first met Evan Fish, Deb Baratta, and Tammy Stanley, the common-law wife of the local Ku Klux Klan Head).

Tammy Stanley-Lee, wife of Bruce Lee who was dying of inoperable cancer, yet still headed the Klan:

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee told me he was going to "rough up" both D.A. Ben David and Judge Sandra Ray-then-Criner, and I told him NO, and accepted lunch at The Olive Garden and two packs of cigarettes compliments of the Ku Klux Klan, instead.

And I IMMEDIATELY emailed and probably called leaving voice-mails as well, WARNING THEM of the threat of violence.

So ANYWAY, this new acquaintance . . . JUST CHECKING, it was NOT "Good Shepherd" Christian Church, but "Good Samaritan" (like the Catholic hospital I was born in in Cincinnati).

Episcopalians are OFF THE HOOK (for this one)!!!

But WAIT!!! Googling "Good Samaritan Church Wilmington, NC" there are TWO of those, also, and one of them is EPISCOPAL!!!:

The other is not:

BOTH listings seem a bit "dodgy", so I have NO IDEA which congregation this is about, but the Pastor committed himself to The Oaks Mental Ward -- and his wife checked into rehab for violent females!!!

LORD!!! I wish my OWN parents had done that before I began school.

William Scott and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, June 2005

But NOW that church is shuttered and my new friend will be "Barge-in' It" as they say, tomorrow.



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