Thursday, August 11, 2016

I Dare Say: "It's Time for Some HUMOR, This Thursday!!!" -- Wouldn't You Agree???

Christians read the same bible, go to the same churches, have similar backgrounds BUT . . . 

1. I must THANK the Christians and non-Christians alike, for hitting last night's posting like crazy!!!:

And when I saw immediately that it was getting really fast hits, I was THRILLED -- until I went to bed. You see, "My Klutz" (as first revealed in this posting:, is in northeast, pancake-flat Indiana, spending a week with his old friends and family. We continue spending a couple of hours a day on phone talking, but he had planned to call me late last night and did NOT, which could have come from just being too busy with friends -- or he had READ my last posting and had had SEX with half the criminals (or non-criminals) from Costello's (gay) Piano Bar -- where he'd told me he's partied.

Luckily, it was a case of the former -- and this morning he tells me he never went home with anyone from Costello's -- so it will be FUN going there with him for a cocktail or two, some GREAT entertainment, and an all around swell time -- in a couple of weeks.


It sinks the Bible only as an AUTHORITY. Mainline (oh alright: "Mainstream"), Protestants and Catholics OVERWHELMINGLY see the Old Testament, anyway, as ALLEGORY, and the Creation stories (two major and different ones, but a total of eight different ones are in the Bible -- if you don't know that, then you DON'T read or study a Bible!!!), as PROOF of Scientific Big Bang Theory.

Tight-rumped (Trumped), Conservative Protestants and Evangelicals -- who have this Creationism idea -- are just "whistlin' Dixie" through their warty anuses. If the Bible were LITERALLY TRUE, there could only be ONE RELIGION -- but there are TONS of them, arguing with each other all the time.

2. This morning, on CNN or MSNBC, Old Joe Lieberman was making his case for Hillary Clinton -- REFUSING to say anything "negative" about anyone -- and MOST interesting to me, he linked some of Barack Obama's BEHAVIORS to former Indiana Senator (Republican) Richard Lugar. SADLY I missed that part, but here is my NINTH most popular blog posting of all time:

WHO'S nuzzlin' Joe Lieberman, NOW???

3. LINKED-IN, this morning, suggested that I link to Mr. Napier Fuller -- whom I got to know surprisingly well while homeless in 2011, when he was running as a Republican for Wilmington City Council.

A bit of a goofy guy, his big thing was creating walking trails through the "wilds" across the Cape Fear River from the city -- partly because he said the city is so TOTALLY BROKE, and that is something nice that could be done for little money.

Napier, young, educated, and a bit of a "Born to the Manor, Upper-Crustacean", LOVES this portrait of him painted at about that time.

Here's the original:

And everyone who ever met Napier -- whose family OWNS, among other things, the Murcheson Building (one of the very few skyscrapers downtown), is as NELLY as can be had. Back when I was homeless, I used to see him driving his sedan around town, erect in his seat with head tilted back -- just like a confident, prissy Walter Mitty!!!

And with his Asian wife and baby, riding in the seat BEHIND him -- LOL!!!

Napier has NOT been political since losing in 2011, but published this LETTER in the Raleigh Observer just five months ago:

Napier Fuller: LGBT lobby vindictive

I am very pleased that HB2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, is now the law
and I congratulate our leaders on standing up to the aggressive LGBT lobbyists.

Read more here:
Ironically, many in the LGBT community are extremely judgmental and vindictive. Within the past few days, immense political pressure has been placed upon North Carolina to yield to the LGBT lobby (economic boycotts, loss of corporate sponsorship, etc.).

Likewise, I have been called a litany of names: “a bigot, a hater, a pseudo-Christian.” It’s this last claim that I feel obligated to address: As a convert to the Roman Catholic faith, I look to church authority for guidance. In 2015, Cardinal Robert Sarah characterized the aggressive LGBT lobbyists as being “violently intolerant, destroyers of families, society,” in a prophetic speech.
It would be would be wise for the LGBT rhetoric to soften, otherwise we shall enter a circle of mutual escalation that may lead to an all-out ideological war.

Read more here:

So, Mr. Napier is ON BOARD with Donald Trump and my Kenan Family's WAR of CHRISTIAN WHITE SUPREMACY (meant to also kill us homos -- just like Adolph Hitler liked to do)!!!

Even JESUS can't remember EVERYONE'S NAME!!!

4. But of course in Wilmington, North Carolina, everything seems the OPPOSITE of what it appears -- Napier Fuller is FAR MORE NELLY than the two elected officials who (married at the moment or not), are well known to sleep with men!!!

As I have blogged MANY TIMES (but seldom, lately), while homeless here in 2011 into 12, I made a POINT of having sex with as many Mercy House Christian Homeless men as possible -- and did NOT pay a single one -- or even get crotch pets (crab lice)!!!

And I bedded over 40% of them, some holding out for a payment of $5.00, which I never gave. But MORE FUN THAN THAT, was that via, I ended up sexually cavorting with two local builders who had each built more than 100 homes here -- and had wives and children at home.

The wealthier in Wilmington, the MORE they like to toss and have tossed "The Salad" (look it up)!!!

5. But STRANGELY, LINKED-IN also sent me a reminder of an old occasional bed-mate from the early oughts (2000 - 2009):

Ed Miller, now CEO of his Construction Corporation in North Georgia, was NOT out back then!!!

All I knew for certain was that Ed was married with a son, and he had to be VERY CAREFUL not to get caught. We lost touch for about eight years, then he contacted me shortly before I fled to Mexico in 2010, and came over for "Old Times' Sake" (forbidding any spurting, because for five years, he'd been "married" to the same man -- another big home builder)!!!

Turned out that he had been in a group of a dozen young business-owners -- ALL married and meeting through their Southern Baptist church -- who'd had a "Circle Jerk" group that met regularly for four years, before getting caught. His wife divorced him and told him to take their mildly "retarded" son with him (she had no real interest in the "imperfect"), so Ed and I couldn't do SOME THINGS, but we DID toss us a little salad.

5. So don't you agree with Jesus and me, that NOWADAZE, it's the GAYS who are genuinely MANLY, and the claimed-heterosexuals who are the TRUE FAGGOTS???

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