Tuesday, August 16, 2016

After a GOOD SLEEP Due to After Nearly FIVE YEARS, Finally RESPONSIBLY Contacting Wilmington, NC City Government about Compensation, I Find My Roommates AGAIN Destroyed Their Room!!!

Last night -- after dark -- although I had barely talked to "Dapper Dan", and didn't talk with "Falwell" at all, they had TOTALLY cleaned up their room, the bathroom, and their walk-in closet, but they left their room in THIS condition when they went to work this morning.

This does NOT look "horribly messy", but last night EVERYTHING was neatly folded and on hangers (the closet has MANY clothing pieces now all over the floor, too) and NEVER have they left a Venetian blind like you see in the "Hood", before.

WORSE was the other end of the below bottle that shows an orange sports drink bottle with a couple of ounces of fluid still, lying on its side on the off white rug, although nothing had spilled out of it.

Is THIS what a 41-year-old and 32-year-old man normally do if they DON'T do drugs???

And then I found an empty cigarette pack in the outdoor ashtray -- that is only 18" above the big Costco biscotti container used to DUMP the ashtray (or use as a trash can), but they ALWAYS overfill the ashtray with butts and leave scrunched cigarette packs in the ashtray and NEVER dump them in the convenient receptacle.

The toilet which I had worked 25 minutes to clear, yesterday, was again super-slow (it took only ten minutes to clear it again this morning), and then I found the DRUG PARAPHERNALIA dropped on my living room floor, right inside by the outside door.

I had found the SAME kind of paraphernalia less than a week ago -- but on the table on the porch. And NO ONE has explained WHY they pulled my basil plants out of the soil Friday night -- or which one of them did it.

THIS time, I've saved "the evidence" if Law Enforcement is interested -- or if we really DO need to have a meeting with Darrell's Probation Officer, who told me there can be NO drug paraphernalia in the place Darrell lives.

Interestingly, Darrell who DOES react to homosexual stimulation (unlike Haston), even if he claims to be and intends to act straight, told me two days ago that he's gotten to know the "Dick Tease" in the next door apartment very well -- this the senior this year at UNCW whose just-graduated live-in girlfriend is working for Attorney General Roy Cooper's Campaign to throw Republican Gov. Pat McCrory OUT.

And here's the FUNNIEST part: Darrell said that one time this guy's younger brother (whom I've met and who witnessed his brother's aggressively bringing his shirtless, low-slung-shorts-wearing -- nice long Happy Trail!!! -- self almost into my face as reported here): . . . 

Well, CIA/Google is preventing me from finding my documentation of that FLIRT SESSION, and only allows me to find my first writing about the guy: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/08/julia-boseman-of-wilmington-north.html

You should ALSO know that I have actually SEEN this guy buck naked -- he LEISURELY undressed entirely in front of a clear window two weeks ago -- LONG after dark -- so I KNOW what he's got!!! 

They, unlike my other neighbors, seem quite careless about pulling blinds and curtains, and many times, when I am up at 3:00 AM or near it, I see them constantly in and out of their refrigerator and microwave, and then shaking what looks like a giant cocktail shaker for FAR LONGER than any cocktail ever needs to be shaken.

Because they seem so "nice", I put out of my mind that this might be some kind of drug manufacturing, but things have been so STRANGE that I feel I should at least document it.

Now, the point I was trying to make is that Darrell told me that this guy told him he is showing his younger brother EVERYTHING HE NEEDS TO GROW UP RIGHT!!! Should he ACTUALLY -- while partnered with a woman -- have shown his younger brother how while all but naked he had aggressively teased my cock???

And for all I know, Darrell might be buying drugs from them, no???

On the left is the pill organizer "Testosteroni" sent for Haston -- next to my own which has MORE than enough room for my six pills for morning. Testo knows that Haston has FEWER drugs he takes than do I, but made CERTAIN there was LOTS OF ROOM!!!

The green box contain legal shots of chemicals that act like SPEED, part of it a "super-shot" of caffeine -- but Haston's problem is that his prescriptions cause him to go near catatonic (slowed down -- even DROOLING on himself -- when taken as prescribed), but he CAN'T GET TO SLEEP (except if smoking a cigarette, so he keeps burning holes in his clothes).

Poppy-seed Tea would have been a FAR better choice!!!

>>> SO HAVING LESS SENSE THAN A HITCHING POST, these two are all but ASKING ME to have then picked up by the Law and given very long "Habitual Offender" sentences -- which they BOTH told me that cops or judges told them would happen to them NEXT in Court.

I will help them out if they DO "straighten up and fly right" -- IMMEDIATELY, and they MUST tell me the TRUTH BEFORE Friday, or I will NOT accept more rent from them.


YUP!!! I've heard -- internetically -- from a Greek guy of my own age, who is obsessed with my handsomeness, and interested in dating me.

He lives just a few miles farther from me than does "My Klutz", his main photo is of him in a TUX, and he's known Mayor Bill Saffo's UNCLE (from them both living in a Yankee City 30 years ago), well, for thirty years!!!

I'm not yet sure what to think of that, but "Klutz" seems to be having some kind of difficulty in that he said he'd call me when he got into South Carolina last night -- or at least this morning before going to work -- but I have NOT heard a thing.

And then he called at 5:30 -- just now.

>>> SO:

Given all I will have to tell the County person about my situation (I'm assuming she is not one of my blog readers), it might take a day or two for me to get up the energy to talk with her, too.

Mercy ME!!!


"So whadaya think -- WHO gets to play 'Daddy'???"

"ME, you worthless, small-dicked, embarrassment-of-progeny!!!"


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