Sunday, July 31, 2016

After a 219 Mile Round Trip to Triangle Center for Spiritual Living in Raleigh, Peace Breaks Out at Home???

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is right similar to Science of Mind's.

So I made it to the 10:00 Meditation and the 10:45 Service, and the BEST thing was to see how prosperous this congregation is, and how well-centered in un-corrupted Teaching.
I spoke with a lot of people, including two of their ministers, and THAT thrill is that these are all people of various stages of Awakening, who actually THINK SCIENTIFICALLY instead of only through Fear, Greed, and Superstition, like most Christians -- especially in Wilmington, NC.

I don't know that Police Chief Ralph Evangelous HAS a religion (or even a wife, boy, or girl-friend), but since he smoked crack DAILY in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 - 12, I figure WHOEVER extended his contract ALL THESE YEARS is DEFINITELY totally into narco-trafficking, and of course it was Wilmington Police who forced my friend Evan Fish to jump to his death early September 2011 -- and then the Wilmington Star News -- still then actually controlled by The New York Times, which then in turn, was controlled by Carlos Salim (Slim) Helu, THEN the wealthiest man on Earth, mostly due to narco-trafficking with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

News Hounds of ALL descriptions know that when Hillary Clinton left the State Department, Carlos Slim's fortunes FELL, and Bill Gates, again became the richest person on earth. And my Readers know that I was close friends of former President Carlos Salinas's closest friend, Dr. Waldemar Salazar, who was WILDLY against the CIA Narco-Traffickers in Mexico -- and introduced me to the Governor of the State of Colima!!!

This is hardly a secret -- at least in Mexico:

Carlos Slim has a monopoly on cable and telephone services in Mexico, secretly owning the ones he doesn't publicly own.

And at the 2012 Wilmington Azalea Festival, the New York Times sent an emissary to find me on Water Street, here, to let me know they had sent Carlos Slim a check to buy him out, but would NOT announce it to the public until the check had cleared.

Carlos Slim's interest in the Wilmington Star News was that at that time (before, and up until at least 2014), Wilmington was the USA's largest volume narcotics import port -- so many rich homes with docks and smaller delivery boats from mother ships in deep waters -- Christian/Republican/Kenan/Clinton/Bush/Cheney-lovers live there.

His Mafia -- now consolidated under El Chapo Guzman, Rahm Emanuel, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton of NYC, and others -- also ran/runs the Wilmington Christian Mafia set up by Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and my own parents -- which is WHY the NYTimes made sure to let me know -- my Email Readers of these blog postings KNOW I send everything to the New York Times -- almost FIRST!!!

More on the New York Times's and my connection (including how CIA Agent Kevin Maurer, author of No Easy Day on Osama Bin Laden's assassination, interviewed me by phone from his desk at Wilmington Star News where he was in charge of making CERTAIN citizens didn't know how Drug Corrupted nearly ALL Politicians and MANY Christian Churches in Wilmington are -- and not just for Narco-Trafficking, but for White Supremacy as well.

See how sweet and innocent Kevin Maurer looks at his City Desk in Wilmington???

THIS is the face of CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS TODAY in America!!!

Well, when I got back from Raleigh, it turned out that even the story about the second flat bicycle tire was BOGUS, "Dapper Dan" -- as always -- mixing things up. What actually happened is that Dan had accidentally sliced the inner tube with a flat-head screwdriver he had used to lever it onto the rim.

Only some parts of the kitchen had been cleaned up from the "tornado look" Dan and "Falwell" had achieved the night before -- without benefit of admitted drugs or more than one beer for Falwell. I even found the wrapping materials street people use to carry drugs in littered on the back porch, two lighters in the middle of the floor, and clothes strewn down the staircase.

"Testosteroni" agrees that this is most likely from a big DRUG HIGH last night, and even now, BOTH of them are suffering HUGE hangovers from something. Thank God: Dan had already made arrangements to see the free doctor at the Good Shepherd Center, tomorrow -- and he expects to be put into hospital for testing.

He thinks he has PTSD -- which is how he labels his mind getting really slow at times and his repeating everything to "organize his mind" and annoy the HELL out of everyone else around him, and NOW he claims he has sleep apnea, which he says means he SLEEP WALKS and that must be how the kitchen got into such disarray.

I found Dan has now burned TWO new holes in the crotch of ANOTHER pair of his shorts -- just today -- and Falwell has FINALLY returned, and fell asleep in a chair and ate nothing of the dinner Dan made him. I kept SHOUTING his name and when that didn't wake him, it took about 20 seconds of my lightly shaking the top of his head (upper), for him to BEGIN coming back up to consciousness, and then he doubled OVER -- just like a Heroin addict needing a fix.

Dan finds it IMPOSSIBLE to eat or drink anything here in the morning -- because of severe stomach upset -- EXACTLY what Dewain Hall suffered while he was here and it turned out that HE was Heroin addicted.

There are MANY things that could cause ANY of these symptoms, but as Old Testo of Manhattan has said this evening, "It will be INTERESTING to see just which drugs they are doing as it becomes more and more clear."

And after my trip to visit HONEST GOD-LOVING PEOPLE in Raleigh, today, I'm calm as can be and prepared to jump in with the most loving actions once the path forward is clarified. Good thing I've had so much experience in Life that I fear virtually NOTHING!!!

>>> JUST IN: Dan just came to my room to say that he dropped his new phone over the side of the back porch and is too tired to try to retrieve it tonight -- although I told him I have a flashlight.

THIS is the WAY of a LIFE OF POVERTY (we have been having on-and-off rainstorms this evening), and I hope Dan soon begins to wake up!!!

Christ Consciousness = Buddha Consciousness


High Satanism


Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Found It in the Tea-Room at Flaming Amy's -- and OTHER Mysteries of This Late Afternoon / Going from Glory to Glory!!!

Best men's room stall graffiti I've seen in years, and I'll explain shortly what I was doing with a camera in Flaming Amy's bathroom!!!

First of all, Dapper Dan was around all day, and before I knew it, my front bedroom/office had filled with CHLORINE GAS -- or at least the strong smell of bleach. I had filled a spray bottle with 50% bleach solution and explained it was ONLY to spray around the base of the back toilet if/when the bacteria odor got strong -- before we pull the thing and replace the wax seal, which I think will fix it.

Turned out that Dan had already wiped all the bathroom walls down spraying this solution and then wiping around with a wet rag, then done half his bedroom as well, and the odor was THICK. I doubt thick enough to harm anyone, but it had no intention of quickly dissipating, and was too much for me. I explained that it was too much, and he should thin it WAY down if he wants to be sure he's disinfecting his walls, but he couldn't grasp the concept, and after I all but wrested the bottle from his hands (without upsetting him), he said he'd buy some Lysol to clean the walls -- the ONLY smell (other than Old Spice), I cannot endure -- oh, and prolonged strong bleach.

Obviously, Dan has never learned a thing about household chemicals safety, and while I own no ammonia, I bet he could find SOMETHING that would release TONS of Chlorine gas at once.

Could I EVER leave him alone in the house???

So that shut down until he can buy some UN-SCENTED Lysol, our compromise -- since he can't grasp using a bucket of hot slightly soapy and bleachy water -- easily available from TWO places in this apartment.

And an hour later, I found him in the New Hanging Garden of Babylon, so relaxed he had fallen asleep in a chair -- cigarette with two-inch ash between his fingers -- that had ALSO burned a half-inch-long hole in his new shorts he bought yesterday.

When I woke him, he denied that he had fallen asleep smoking, and after he trashed the butt, he even stuck his finger in his new hole (no lube necessary), and when I pointed out that he HAD TO have fallen asleep smoking, he claimed the cigarette had gone OUT first.

"So HOW did you get that new hole???" asked I.

That was when I decided I didn't care if he burns everything down, I was getting out, and why not try Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn for an early dinner??? And I took my camera along, thinking I might chance on something of beauty to add to this blog.

And I did.

When I returned "Falwell" had returned and he and Dan were changing his inner tube out front, and with Dan on his phone, Falwell and I talked and I learned a WHOLE different story about how he lost his wallet. The funny thing was that Dan, only, had told me this morning, and included they had searched up and down many streets -- which made no sense if it had been left on a bar -- but Dan was so CERTAIN of the rest of it, I dismissed the one part that was right: he had lost it out of a POCKET while riding Dan's bicycle he had borrowed, since his had a flat tire.

>>> ADDED @ 7:59 PM, EDT: An hour after Falwell had replaced the inner tube and rolled it half a mile for air, he rode partway back -- and got a flat in the OTHER tire.

I have DECLARED that they can have any troubles they want -- as long as they keep them entirely to themselves, and inconvenience me in no way. They can tell me about it while we are hanging out talking, but NOT interrupt my writing, news watching, or similar.

And HERE is a sample of all the EMAILS I am now being BOMBARDED with from Facebook since they kicked me off for exposing CIA/Clinton robots in support of Narco-Trafficking. When I'm on Facebook a LOT, I don't get them this fast. Please notice the high quality of activity:


Chicago sources claim president was part of dark subculture


I'm not going back to CIA's Facebook, period.

Well, I figure that if "God" wants me to help these lambs get their HUMAN FEET BACK, things will quiet down and stay less absurd -- or it will all soon EXPLODE FOR GOOD, no???

I leave you with a beautiful image:

MY kinda staircase!!!

Preparing for Dapper Dan's White Wedding (and actually, the girl's black), at The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida

Perhaps I will recover by tomorrow . . . 


If the wedding doesn't work out, we'll hit The Breakers for Christmas!!!


A WONDERFUL Day Was "Sadly-Balanced" Late Last Night:

Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony at Terra Sol Sanctuary, a yoga studio. Jonathan Barfield, Jr., Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Commissioners on far left, Mayor Bill Saffo in gray shirt.

>>> ABSOLUTE NEW RECORD OF HITS TO THIS BLOG YESTERDAY!!! Russia is STILL hitting harder than the USA (which has come up in hits while Russians hit just over 1,000 times yesterday, and Germany, France, and Spain's hits were huge, as well).

The most important thing that I got to do was to speak with Bill Saffo again -- first time since 2011 when I was homeless, and then I also got to meet Mr. Barfield for the first time.

I was impressed by BOTH of them: their presence, comfort with me, and Mayor Saffo seemed truly in his element and having a great time, even mentioning he had opened FOUR new businesses in a week, he beaming with pride.

And this is a great time to mention what I don't mention often enough, which is that despite Wilmington's ENTRENCHED narcotics and corruption problems, the city ENORMOUSLY improved while I was in Political Exile in Mexico the second time, late April 2012 - June 2015!!! The sidewalks improvement project, ALL city parks and medians on parkways have been spruced up. Church property (landscaping, especially), is all looking better, ESPECIALLY St. Mary's Catholic which was ragged and all the bushes overgrown, now looks FLAWLESSLY landscaped.

Downtown IS safer, and the motorcycle gangs, mobile whorehouses plying downtown Wilmington streets in vans garishly painted with women kicking the air ("Fairy-Tails" was the biggest whorehouse-in-a-van back then -- I STILL have their business card although I never used them -- LOL!!!), have calmed down. The Drug Mafia flowing out of failed 2011 Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa's Hard-Wired Tattoo on Front Street harassed decent people, hacked my computer, and cat-called me a child-molester of their SONS -- with help of Frank Delia of the Italian Cafe and Market on Front Street -- one of the NICEST stores in town!!!

There has been only ONE change of personnel on City Council, so it was Our Elected Officials who allowed this rampant criminality to mushroom to the point that after I'd been back a couple of weeks in early 2011, I witnessed a car full of young women idling in front of the main Port City Java on Front Street -- waiting for traffic to move -- when a young, uber-tattooed young man ran across the street and dropped something that glowed ELECTRIC BLUE into the car's air vent, and it began burning through the metal. From my chemistry education, I knew this was likely elemental Lithium or Phosphorus -- a SERIOUS, not easily handled weapon for the most SERIOUS of Christian Drug Mafias.

The Fire Department arrived miraculously quickly, but the substance had burned in deep enough that lots of smoke was pouring out of the engine compartment. Fire extinguishers did not work, and I walked over to tell the fireman in charge I was sure it was one of those metals. Eventually the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames, and they did eventually put the fire out and quickly towed the evidence away.

Local Press did NOT carry this very frightening News Story.

Long time readers know I blogged about it at the time and since, if anyone wants to check the consistency of my story.

For city officials to put up with the organized and pervasive, wanton criminality, they MUST (most of them, anyway), be getting BIG PAYOFFS from the Christian Drug Mafia. Long time residents then were all claiming to ME that they prettied things up and made the rule of the Christian Mafia less OBVIOUS, but that the VOLUME of narco-trafficking had actually INCREASED while I was away -- INCLUDING the volume of powder drugs being unloaded off mini-subs under Snow's Cut Bridge -- which on July 3, 2011, when I confronted Sheriff Ed McMahon that some of his Deputies were part of that, he CRIED, claiming he knew nothing -- but he did NOT shut it down, and I think that is because the CIA was in charge of that and Ed can't control them.

Before going further, I want to say that NOW, my having met with these two officials, I feel I've met enough of them that ALL Wilmington Officials know I am always APPROPRIATE in dress and manner at public occasions, so can now go to City Meetings, etc., and speak to Council and Citizens without anyone fearing I'll "go ballistic". And as Mayor Saffo replied when I apologized for my EXCESSES in criticizing him (and some unfair teasing as well): "It's ALL good!!!", which I take to mean he's been in politics long enough to know he'll be criticized vehemently, and both fairly and not -- and he clearly knows we have the same best goals in mind for the City. I'm just more blunt than anyone can believe -- and now, respected -- LOL!!!

According to Christian Tradition:

These are REALLY Universal Truths about human failings. MY biggest problems probably come from WRATH.

And the IMPOSSIBLE one of these to hide is GLUTTONY, so obese people CANNOT claim to be "Godly" and hide the truth from all, like is true of those consumed in any of the other sins.

So NEVER let an obese person tell you they are RIGHT with God while they continue to eat for several people.

I REALLY don't want to pick on Jonathan Barfield, Jr. about this -- so many are in the same boat and DON'T REALIZE everyone SEES their hypocrisy. Rev. Barber, whose "Moral Mondays" I agreed with in PRINCIPLE, I could NOT support because HE is so huge he has to use a CANE!!!

Also, I found that a little over a year ago, Mr. Barfield behaved on the County Commission MUCH like I might have then -- but not now, because I've been proven CORRECT too many times and I have far more REAL CONFIDENCE, now. Concerning Woody White's possible personal interest in changing the recycling facilities, enriching one of Woody's friends. Mr. Barfield apparently got so frustrated with the lies that were flying, that he -- as acting Chairman -- incorrectly closed the meeting, picked up his materials and left, leaving Mr. White with an excuse to call him immature. The media DID pick this up:

The CLEAR sin of Pride!!! And the FIRST LAW of picking a Christian Church is that the minister should not be living high on the HOG like a DAMNED PHARISEE -- the ones JESUS always CONDEMNED!!!

Additionally, when I went to paste in Lady Campbell's image, already saved on my computer, CIA, NSA, or just the Christian Drug Mafia HACKERS SHUT MY BROWSER, and I had to reload everything. This exact problem has happened at least a dozen times in the last week.

And on top of that, It was Pastor Campbell who was walking with Sheriff Ed McMahon when I first met him in the parking lot before the Democrats' Unity Dinner last fall. I mentioned to Campbell when seeing he was a quite powerful minister, that I LOVE what Jesus taught but TOO MANY CHRISTIANS do the opposite, and then had to soften that because Campbell almost looked like he would HIT ME, but he quickly ducked in a back door for a private meeting of what must be the "Democratic Party Influencers", and Ed and I continued walking around the building and having our excellent conversation.

Pastor Robert Campbell

Pastor Campbell has ALSO led prayers and been involved in City Council and probably County Commission meetings, standing up for HIS BRAND of "Christianity" and politically FORCING it on REAL Christians and non-Christians alike.


As everyone must now know, an Appeals Court not only STRUCK DOWN Gov. McCrory and the Republicans and the wealthy Kenans' VOTER ID LAW, but BEST is that they found so MUCH proof of WHITE SUPREMACIST CHRISTIAN MOTIVATION, they really made the Law's IMMORAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Christian intentions clear!!!


Well, "Dapper Dan" and "Falwell" were off work yesterday early -- as is the way of their jobs on Friday. They both happily paid me their rent, and we had a GREAT easy 8-piece chicken deal from Bojangles for dinner, the two of them then going out to have a little fun on the town.

Now, I KNOW that after living many, many months in the woods, and NOW having some earned cash, a roof over their heads, keys to come and go like "regular adults", etc., that there would be a good chance of some "backsliding" to be able to go out after so long but under seriously IMPROVED circumstances. I prepared myself for the possibility of them returning drunk or similar -- but that did NOT happen.

What happened is that Dapper Dan got in at 10:45 PM, and had run into a "girl" he's known who is nice, invited him to her house, and Dan lost a very little bit of weight. BULLY FOR HIM, this is what straight guys do, and they were at LEAST respectful and Dan was CHARMING in the way he talked about her with tenderness.

She was STILL an object, but one that Christian men, like Dan, TREAT RIGHT, never realizing that many straight people go far DEEPER before sharing intimacies and achieve a partnership of equals. I see this ALL THE TIME, but rarely with Practicing Christians.

He and I both turned in about 11:00, and then I couldn't sleep past 5:30, and discovered that Falwell had gotten in much later, and although he had NOT gotten close with a woman, after drinking one beer in a bar, he went to the mens room -- leaving his wallet with ID and all his cash left after rent from working this past week ON THE BAR, and it was stolen.

The FIRST thing my father taught me when I got my first wallet is to NEVER leave it anywhere but in your pocket -- and I even put it in a FRONT pocket (harder to pick), when out in a crowd. Falwell is 33 years old, so I had NO SYMPATHY for him -- despite no one's having a right to steal.

But WORSE was that Falwell then did NOT set his alarm to go to work today (if he missed today, he would be taken OFF his current job that has been so steady this week), but Dan (who is NOT working today), woke early, and got Falwell up, dressed and off to his job on time.

I LOVE that the two of them take care of each other since NEITHER of them seems to have a FULL brain, but the strengths and weaknesses are COMPLEMENTARY. I mean the house now is really full of "Brotherly Love" (aka "Philadelphia"). so I HOPE the lessons will have been learned. I will NOT put up with a lot of distracting DRAMA in this home -- NO MATTER the cause of it, and I've made that clear as well.



Thursday, July 28, 2016

Today, I Asked the Internet, "WHO Are the Kenans?" -- and Si Cantwell of the "Wilmington Star News" Answered!!!

Actually, Mary LILY (Kenan) Flagler, later Bingham, inherited Henry Flagler's entire estate (he had endowed his children before that, but not nearly as heavily as his third wife)!!!

The New York Times claimed when Mary Lily got the inheritance that she was "The Wealthiest Woman on Earth" -- but they didn't know the HALF of it, since the Kenans have ALWAYS excelled at HIDING THEIR MONEY.

And you would THINK from Si Cantwell's answer, that even TODAY (Si's answer was published in the paper in July 2009), that he is TODAY paid by the Kenans to hide their ACTUAL HISTORY -- just take a GANDER!!!:

Who are the Kenans?

Si Cantwell
The name certainly pops up a lot around town: Kenan Auditorium at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the Kenan Fountain at Fifth Avenue and Market Street, Chapel Hill-based Kenan Transport Co., which has a facility on U.S. 421 North. Carolina fans might attend a football game at Kenan Stadium at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
The Kenan family came to Wilmington in the 1730s, and eventually established a presence in Duplin County, then considered the northern part of New Hanover County.
According to a family history, some settled in the Grove Settlement, which became Kenansville, Duplin County’s seat.
One of Kenansville’s main attractions is the museum known as Liberty Hall. The house, open for tours, dates back to the 1830s when Owen R. Kenan rebuilt it after a fire. You can find out more about the Kenans here.
The Kenans, prominent landowners, became even wealthier at the turn of the last century. That’s when Owen’s granddaughter, Mary Lily Kenan, married Henry Flagler, an industrialist who built much of Florida’s real estate and railroads.
Her brother, William Rand Kenan Jr., was a chemist whose work with a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill on processing calcium carbide led to the founding of Union Carbide Corp.
He gave much of the money to build Kenan Stadium, home of the Tar Heels since 1927. He had graduated from UNC in 1894.
Kenan married Alice Pomroy of Lockport, N.Y., and lived there most of his life. He died in 1965.
In 1996, Walter E. Campbell wrote a biography of William Rand Kenan called “Across Fortune’s Tracks.” It was published by UNC Press, Chapel Hill.
Frank H. Kenan started Kenan Oil Co. and Kenan Transport Co. His son, Owen, later took over the oil business while his father ran the transport company.
Frank Kenan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1935, was closely linked to the school for the rest of his life. He continued his family’s tradition of monetary donations to the school by providing $10 million for the Kenan-Flagler Business Schoolin 1991. He died in Durham in 1996.
Other Kenans have continued the tradition of supporting causes including higher education.
Today, Thomas Kenan III, a Durham native, lives in Chapel Hill. He is the former chairman of the board of Kenan Transport and is an active supporter of the UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at UNCSA is named after him.

According to Mr. Cantwell's LINKED-IN profile, he has worked in Wilmington for the Star News since 1990, and before that for a paper in Pennsylvania.
Si Cantwell

Since EVERYONE in Wilmington (except recent immigrants from this country and others), KNOWS that William R. Kenan, Sr. and First Presbyterian CAUSED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, he is a TURD (or "in the Kenan pocket" -- if you prefer), not to have mentioned that WE KENANS CAUSED THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL COUP D'ETAT IN US HISTORY -- which led to all the Jim Crow Laws being passed across the South by the Democratic Party, within two years.

CURRENTLY, my Kenan Family (mostly through white "Christian" Churches and the Republican and Democratic Parties), emboldens White Christian Churches to ARM THEMSELVES for the coming Christian War for White Supremacy. And the Democrats, actually, just narco-traffic with them, so as friends ALLOW the White Supremacy to ADVANCE (so they don't get cut off from their Drug Sources by the Republicans).

Ask local County Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris -- and WHY he slandered me all over Facebook just over a year ago, but he's not important enough to me to prosecute -- he's only important to the DRUG FLOW to Democratic from his good buddy Thom Goolsby!!!

From the husband of Republican Judge Lindsey Luther -- an ELDER at First Presbyterian where Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David is ALSO an Elder -- doing "Jesus's work":

And it was Disgraced by Financial Crimes and Resigned Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby who SPONSORED the Law allowing concealed carry in Churches to enable them to stockpile guns:

Sen. Goolsby, in 2010 FAKED an identity as a kindly Grandmother living near him -- FAR too cowardly to confront me as a MAN

But Thomas S. Kenan III got Thom Goolsby a position on the Board of UNC System (in ANY other state Goolsby would have been in PRISON), where he was the ATTACK DOG who got the HEAD of UNC System to resign early, so that the Kenans could put Margaret Spellings (George W. Bush's most powerful Domestic Adviser) into that job to FURTHER dismantle the North Carolina Public Education System.

But YESTERDAY, I saw two pairs of Thom Goolsby Law ads on CNN or MSNBC, so who knows -- times must be TIGHT!!!

Doesn't Bill Clinton look ODDLY FLUMMOXED here with the two hyenas, Margaret and George???

There, I've said my nice thing for the day about Bill Clinton!!!

Well, to get back to Si Cantwell and the Kenans, I guess it's OK to give such a paltry answer -- because for more than a decade, newspapers -- while good for much local news -- run next to nothing on the bigger picture, so ALL people -- educated and not -- go to the internet to learn more, despite all the lies one must suss out in the process.

In today's society, you have to be TOTALLY addicted to drugs or alcohol not to get your news that way -- and in fact I intend to subscribe to the electronic edition of Wilmington Star News, because I NEED to keep up more with local news, and they only allow 10 views/month for free (and I don't like dumping my cache).

Let me list a few other Kenan Accomplishments, nearly all of them by Tom Kenan's branch of the family:

Several (when I say Kenans, they usually have other surnames, as nearly ALL Kenan men tend more gay. It's Kenan GALS that reproduce!!!) of the writers/signatories of the Articles of Confederacy Confederation (if you don't know that is the "temporary" document later replaced by our Constitution -- possibly thinking it had to do with the Confederate States of America -- please go back to complete your junior high history education -- or read this:!!!), and before the American Revolution, the Kenan family had become the WORLD'S LARGEST suppliers of naval stores (and lots of lumber), by denuding S.E. North Carolina of the virgin pine forests, and thus Chapel Hill's sports teams are named to honor the FIRST Kenan fortune, thanks to a few properties with over 300 African slaves, each. 

And funny, Scarlet O'Hara (another "Lumber Queen") took a long tumble down the stairs of her giant Atlanta mansion (and miscarried), while Henry Flagler, then in the mansion with wife Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, her brother William R. Kenan, Jr. had been running all Flagler's interests for him (except Rockefeller ran Standard Oil), for many years, then, and Flagler's live-in physician was Mary Lily's uncle (cousin -- genealogy books are difficult to make sense of when so many name errors, especially), Dr. Owen Hill Kenan, a "lifelong bachelor" and noted dandy with his solid gold lions-head walking stick he used around Wilmington, later. Owen had received the French Honor for Bravery for driving ambulances and doctoring BEFORE the US got into WWI -- and he ALSO was the "last survivor of the Lusitania sinking" -- fancy THAT!!!

Well Whitehall's Grand Staircase that Henry Flagler tumbled down and soon died of those injuries, is so GRADUAL, you would need ALL THOSE KENANS to ROLL HIM DOWN!!!

I've climbed and descended these stairs more than once, and figure they are the depth of two normal stairs to accommodate the precariousness of women with flowing gowns and trains.

And back-tracking a bit, the Kenans -- possessing great wealth and reputation -- had spread across the Deep South and by the time of the Secession, were largely influential (if not in actual control of all of them), North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and the not-quite-State of Florida. It is VERY reasonable to credit them as the Family that MOST influenced the Separation of the States.

And of course they LEFT the Presbyterian Church after the 1898 Insurrection in Wilmington -- for the Episcopal Church whose Symbol of Power on Earth -- until retired, finally, in 2005 -- was the Confederate Mace kept at the University of the South, aka Sewanee.

But back to some BETTER THINGS, Kenan Charities for Education -- the biggest being the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust: -- are the LARGEST private support of university education in the WORLD for over 103 years.

My recent letter to the Head:

And there are so MANY other good Kenan things that can be found, but here is what was a TOTAL SURPRISE to me, that was pointed out to me in 2010 by a Canadian narco-trafficker -- a young woman who claimed it was her last year and she was returning to school in Alberta to become a nurse -- who was nearly OBSESSED with reading my 2000 Mercer University Press edition of The Kenan Family (still available on Amazon via Kenan Kern and others at list price). And the original 1967 edition is available online in FULL:

Sadly, the Kenan Coat of Arms was INVENTED in 1967 as a MARKETING TOOL, the REAL one is quite simple:


Actual Kenan Coat of Arms

And Marie DeLamar, who did the 2000 update, PROVED that the Kenans do NOT have the bloodline they had always claimed, through the Stuart Monarchs of Scotland, an English Chief Justice, and TWO Magna Carta Sureties -- TONS of Dukes of Normandy and then Charlemagne, etc. -- but they KEEP USING the fake Coat of Arms (and so do I because I've looked up the meaning of the colors and symbols)!!!

Oddly, my brother Mike's wife, Gail (Godley) Kenan HAS this line through her mother, and Mike and I have the "Cherokee Smidge" that the rich Kenans do not have to my knowedge, so my nephews and niece have got BOTH!!!

OK, last thing for now. The reason I brought up the Canadian Narco-Trafficker, is that SHE found that BOTH the Psychiatrist heading the American Psychiatric Association when the DSM (Official Document defining all scientifically accepted Mental Illnesses), was changed in the late 1960s to NOT INCLUDE Homosexuality, was a differently-named Blood Kenan -- AS WAS THE SHRINK IN CHARGE OF COLLATING ALL STUDIES TO COME TO THAT CONCLUSION!!!

The KENANS were behind Pat McCrory for Governor, so NOW the Kenan Family has not just abandoned Our Kenan Ancestors' Fight for Liberty, they fight HEADSTRONG for White Supremacy, for Profits by Addicting Children to Narcotics (with the Episcopal Church that ALSO murdered Tennessee Williams and is NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE with its Anglican Communion for the next two years as a PUNISHMENT for something).

Oh, and besides controlling Exxon-Mobil, the Kenans ALSO have VERY extensive coal-mine holdings.

And of course while BLOOD KENANS codified the sanity of Homosexuals, Thomas S. Kenan III and his step-mother Betty (Price) Kenan try to UNDO THAT, while they help DISMANTLE the North Carolina Public Education System at ALL LEVELS!!!

ALL in the NAME of JESUS!!!