Saturday, April 30, 2016

Did I Forget to Say???

If God be for us, who can be against us? -Romans 8:31


It's worth a re-posting, in any case. The article is extremely revealing, while even this teaser is revealing enough!!!:

The socialite admitted she had mixed emotions following his death, saying, "There were so many things I couldn't do when my brother-in-law was president. Finally, I'm free."

Lee Radziwill told Vanity Fair her relationship with her sister frayed over time as they struggled with tragedy and breakups.
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TOO BAD this image will show black via Blogger. It is worth a look, but there's a short wait before the guy talks:


James Hayden to The Trump Party
This is what happened at the So Cal Trump Rally. Fucking Disgrace

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Linda Troncillito Cosman Very well SAID!
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Mary Ann Bradley He's so right!
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Mary Ellen Libonati He's right!!!!
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Frank Magistro We all have somehow allowed this to happen to us, time to take our country back. We gave "hope and change" a go. It failed miserably.
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Scott Kenan Oh Fiddle-de-DEE!!! 

Everyone knows that Melania Trump is just a TRAMP and A CHRISTIAN WHORE -- and while Donald Trump would RATHER not suck men's "Floridas" (the State, especially Palm Beach, owned by my Kenan Family, largely), like President Barack Obama does when away from Michelle -- but he just lives there!!!
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Ec Scott I'm not a Trump supporter but, I believe in this Vet and what he stands for and for his right to vote for who he want. Even though I won't vote for Trump thanks for sharing he had many good points
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Scott Kenan Ec Scott: Well, this Vet-person -- and all other Americans -- Vet or not -- has a right to think/believe and vote as he wants -- ALREADY!!! 

So what is your point??? 

Sounds like William Shakespeare's play, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (which was recently revealed to be in Elizabethan English code, the smartassy "a Clitoris", then slang-called "a nothing")

That typed, if you are NOT a fan of Hillary Clinton either, you might enjoy how I powerfully and truthfully SLAUGHTERED HER in my blog -- in this my latest, but MORE in the posting before it:

"Wild Party in Ibiza"

WE have an Ibiza right here in Wilmington, North Carolina, TOO!!!