Friday, January 1, 2016

Did Someone Call for "TRICKS"???

WHO of my blog or memoir readers, can guess which real person from when I worked for Tennessee Williams this posting came from -- his DAUGHTER, I mean???

2016 , what tricks do you have up your sleeve for me?

Here's a little "visual cheat sheet":

Taken about 1981

Tonight, my roommate Phil, told me a BETTER story of CRAZY WILMINGTONIANS than mine in my last posting, about the MEANNESS of Gold Walker Properties maintenance man, Tom.

The father of the two men who OWN Betsy's Crepes in Wilmington where Phil is dishwasher (divorced from the mother, who after that being homeless, built her restaurant in Southern Pines, NC -- then GAVE the one here to her sons, it a mirror image of Mom's), was in and it busy so he did a lot of helping out, today.

He noticed the large round painting, erzatzically signed by "Picasso", from the bathroom was being casually carried out of the front of the restaurant by a young lady, and he called to her, "HEY!!! What are you doing with that painting???" "What do you mean -- the painting is mine," she replied, but by then he had caught up to them as she and her companions were loading it into the back of a tick (Hic!!!) pick up truck.

"That painting belongs to this restaurant, and hangs in the bathroom -- I just saw it there ten minutes ago!!!"

"I told you I own it, old man."

And with that, they all hopped in the cab and casually drove off -- leaving the poor guy wondering what had HAPPENED just then!!!


I only did this afternoon, after I posted the last. I'm too close to it, so had only been seeing the trees and not the forrest.

In Facebook message with Michael Moye:

Michael Moye

Scott Kenan
Scott Kenan

I just figured out that you must have been Tennessee's lover about eight years before I met you. I CERTAINLY SEE why that had to be a secret back then, but TODAY, you should be PROUD OF IT!!!

Also, he was yer cousin. No sweat. Kenans married their FIRST cousins like CRAZY!!! My father's parents were first cousins -- and look how TALL I got -- LOL!!!

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