Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today, Tennessee Williams Was So Happy -- He Didn't Even POOP ON MY SHOULDER!!!

On Mismaloya Beach this afternoon

I forgot to suck in my big fat belly. I'm 254 pounds here -- although I got up to 332 pounds in 2008 while still taking Lithium -- and had to EXHALE DEEPLY to tie my shoes.


After parking my car, I walked to the low wall I parked against and took this photo, showing Pedro's -- who owns Teo's beach restaurant and bar -- boat, "The Night of the Iguana", and looking past the bridge that is half solid masonry/half bamboo and planks, one finds the actual beach.

And I found Pedro to have trimmed up his beard -- and is looking quite fetching!!! And as I knew had to happen, everything went fine when the town's people met with the Governor of Jalisco State, and their lands will NOT be stolen by the filthy rich Cuban national who formerly owned the HUGE resort at the north end of the beach.


1. I spoke with someone in the USA who recently quit smoking, and he was curious if my recent gastro-intestinal distress (so severe, I couldn't keep ANYTHING in me for 2.5 days, and if Frenchy hadn't been here working his butt off and doing a lot of extra things, I would have gone to the doctor, as I NEVER have anything like that for long), might have something to do with smoking.

I have never heard of stomach problems from smoking tobacco -- and although my friend DID smoke three packs per day for many years, HE NEVER LIKED TO INHALE (perhaps he SWALLOWED the smoke???).

Anyway, I told him I was concerned about my LUNGS, mostly, and know they must have some damage -- and HAD BEEN concerned about all the phlegm I'd had the last year or so, but it has all "disappeared" the last month (as I have relaxed), so I no longer fear I'm coming down with COPD, like so many had at Mercy House Homeless Shelter, when I stayed there in Wilmington in late 2011 and just into 2012.

Michael Keogh (called "Jersey"), had COPD so bad he needed to walk or squat to get any comfort at all. He slept in the top bunk closest to my top bunk, and  mostly liked to YELL (over me), about how Ronald Reagan was the closest to JESUS CHRIST RETURNED that he ever heard of.

What is funny about that is I am the one who actually met Ronald Reagan at a 1981 White House party -- and found him ENTIRELY DISARMING (personally), but such an ass of a politician!!! And Jersey -- a butcher by trade --actually cut steaks for Richard Nixon -- in New Jersey!!!

D.A. Ben David "mincing" a point.

Jersey, with Robert Arnold Trahan, actually admitted to me that D.A. Ben David and some of the Wilmington cops PAID THEM for gathering info on me!!! ONCE, I caught the two of them alighting from a MOBILE WHORE HOUSE (in a souped-up van), that they claimed Ben David had PAID CASH for -- as a REWARD to them -- HA!!!

And last I heard (calling a few months after my second "flight" to Mexico), Jersey -- who was APPROVED for full Disability, but had to wait a few months before getting a HUGE lump payment, initiating monthly payments -- was hoping he would get the money before he died (doctors gave him less than six months to live).

And when I caught up to him, he had ingratiated himself with a Presbyterian Charity in Wilmington, as he continued to wait -- he only wanting to buy beer, whores, and drugs with it until he died. I don't know what happened after that.

So to finally get to my point, my friend's idea that smoking might be causing my former stomach problems, was just more evidence that people who are recluses and think they can understand the WORLD (which they HATE to begin with -- the reason they are recluses -- and just like Republicans who HATE government should NEVER be allowed to govern, recluses should never be listened to because they are delusion-loving so they feel better), by watching old movies, new TV shows, reading, and listening to "calming music", shows that being a recluse -- and especially since he's conned a doctor into giving him injections of a POWERFUL HORMONE (Testosterone), for YEARS -- which the doctor never suggested -- ROTS THE BRAINS -- like ALL drug addictions, both legal and not.

And the drug will keep him from seeing this before he dies.

And he's 18 years older than me -- so it makes it better for HIM, which is fine with me, but his THINKING (much of it fine), tends to SERIOUS DELUSIONS!!!

He cannot be trusted -- but ALSO is not deliberately obnoxious -- the DRUG owns his BRAIN!!!

But BOTTOM LINE, I told him I would "crawl back to the USA" to defend him -- should he have any problems.


Result of googling "Victor, shirtless" -- his last name is Webster, and he is cuter than Victor or me.

Anyway, on the beach, I met a guy named Victor, who is approaching my age. He legally raised his Mexican-blooded family in the USA, took them on luxury international vacations, and got them all college degrees, but now has divorced his wife and is COMING OUT GAY.

He knew all about what I said about politics and corruption in both the USA and Mexico, but MORE he recognized my "ENERGY", as being just like that of his super-smart ex-wife and his son. And he made me REALIZE that I think so fast -- and most don't think, but regurgitate cultural "values" they've been hypnotized into believing -- that instead of MY thinking that they are thinking and TRULY believe what they say, I need to step back and realize they are AUTOMATONS -- and cut them some slack and GENTLY, then, try to wake them up to "GOD'S TRUTH"!!!

Now THAT is both OBVIOUS, now, and CORRECT.

3. I stopped at the OXXO convenience store in Conchas Chinas (where CIA Agent Salvador Fuentes had his Deli Baguette, and there, he and Agent Luis Melgoza of, convinced me in 2010 that they had brought 60 MINUTES to interview me at REQUEST OF THOMAS S. KENAN III -- who 60 MINUTES actually DID do a piece on in 1989).

Sal Fuentes in a recent photo

Luis Melgoza

At that time -- even in 2012, after Deli Baguette had disappeared -- I sometimes found hand-written notes on the iron gate leading to the back of the building, "PV Geeks", with an arrow pointing down the hall. At that time, PVGeeks had a store front on Pulpito -- as well the Saturday booth at Paradise Community Center -- owned by Pastor Ric Lehman of

MORE here (skip over where top images -- of little importance -- are missing, now):

WELL, PV Geeks has never been more than the TWO of them -- and because where there had previously been ONE handicapped parking space, in 2012 there suddenly were TWO -- separated by a "regular" space -- but all THREE were also blocked by barricades, SO THAT COMPETING DRUG MAFIA COULD NOT PULL UP AND EXPLODE A CAR!!!

This PROVED that some law-enforcement was helping to PROTECT THEM.

Chava Gonzalez Resendiz -- the PRI Mayor of Puerto Vallarta in 2010, was so CONFIDENT of his Family's Drug Mafia Power, that he frequently was photographed giving the NAZI SALUTE -- right in front of City Insignia!!!

4. This event is sponsored by St. Jude's Metropolitan Community Church

In my dealings with Rev. John McLaughlin, he always RAN OFF when I was around -- after he realized I knew SOMETHING was fishy about his being DEFROCKED by the Roman Catholic Church -- and he was never comfortable about my trying to discuss NARCO-TRAFFICKING BY WILMINGTON CHURCHES!!!

Wilmington --- 
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The sell-off is an impressive new low in Republican congressional corruption, unworthy of our country’s ideals no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

"If You Don't Like How the Table is Set -- TURN IT OVER!!!" ~ from "House of Cards"

1. To begin with today, the Puerto Vallarta Tribune,, had NO FURTHER ARTICLE by the drunken Canadian Drug Mafiosa, Robin Avery

Robin Avery about ten years ago, before he abandoned his wife and kids to deal narcotics in Puerto Vallarta.

But Vallarta is celebrating its own BIRTHDAY this weekend -- and as EVERYONE in Mexico and the United States KNOWS, although more recent, it was Tennessee Williams and John Huston's filming of

that actually PUT THE TOWN ON THE MAP!!!

Here are a few of my blog postings that are EDUCATIONAL and like COMMUNITY SERVICE: 

And THIS posting is used by the City to market Puerto Vallarta. At the very bottom this article shows this posting (oddly named differently -- and the link now broken by the CIA, no doubt), as a REFERENCE!!!:

St. Sebastian -- Patron Saint of Homosexuals

There is THIS

And also this

2. NOW to that Tammy Covil woman in Wilmington, North Carolina. The COMMENTS are hysterical and have nothing to do with reading and responding (on the part of "conservatives") -- but rather PURE FAKE-CHRISTIAN HATE-MONGERING!!!

Here is a little sample (not edited for spelling or grammar):
  • Jim Wiseman says:
    She also represents people who have sex with animals, but that doesn’t mean she approves of their behavior. Her free speeech rights aren’t subject to the demands of the gaystapo.
  • H. Neu says:
    What has happened to the U.S.A? I just cannot believe that this lady cannot express the TRUTH. Ms. Covil has spoken the truth, which many wish they have the nerve to do. As Mr. Jim Wiseman says, the gaystapo, has everyone scared to even utter the TRUTH. People, human rights, equality- these have NOTHING to do with whom or what I CHOOSE to have sex with. Wake up people, sex is just….sex. No one is holding you back from copulating with whatever or whomever you want, well except with children. Albeit, sexual intercourse is for reproduction- enjoyed by a monogamous male/female couple, as do all animals; unless asexual. As humans we have turned sex into something inexcusable- sex industry, sex trade, sex with animals, sex with children. It is just disgusting what we have turned this beautiful expression of love into. Now as far as this gay agenda…it needs to be stopped. Stop pushing your lifestyle CHOICE on people. Heckyou cannot even get everyone to accept Jesus Christ what makes you think they are going to accept your sexcapades? Is it ok for the government to push Christainity on all people? Why do gays think it is ok to force people to accept your way of copulation? So, if I and around a couple thousand more people, who can afford to buy a representative in Washington, D.C.., enjoy sex with sheep force people to accept our way/choice…is it right? This has got to come to an end…it has a devastating effect on our children, society, humanity. Gays cannot procreate…survival as humans would not be an option in this gaytastic society. Stop calling it the “new black” because you have no idea what is like to be treated as property. Stop the insanity….nature doesn’t even agree with this agenda, it is abnormal- there is not one thing about this gay agenda that one should be fighting “equal rights” for.

So "H. Neu" turned out to be Hortense Neu of the Silver Lake area of Wilmington, and this all so silly, I called her house this afternoon -- leaving her a message that I would have liked to talk with her CIVILLY about this issue -- and letting her know I'd blog about the call and how to find that.

You can read MORE of these comments that are SO REVEALING of the Devil pretending to be CHRISTIAN -- imagine THAT!!!

"God" only heals those honest with THEMSELVES!!!

3. And here is something I had forgotten ALL ABOUT (and just chanced on).

Tammy Stanley

Tammy Stanley's legal husband (likely now deceased due to inoperable cancer in 2011), Bruce Lee.

The second time I was committed falsely to The Oaks mental ward, Dr. Martin needed me to be released to a PLACE TO LIVE (and I was homeless). Tammy Stanley had ALSO been committed, and she arranged for me to stay with her and her husband in their trailer near Wilmington. As soon as I got there, Bruce said it had been just to get me sprung, and I couldn't actually LIVE with them -- but they REALLY wanted to ally with me -- AGAINST JUDGE SANDRA RAY CRINER AND DISTRICT ATTORNEY BENJAMIN R. DAVID!!!

IN FACT, Bruce Lee was one of the very TOP PEOPLE in the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, and had committed every crime they are known for. He proposed actually leading the KLAN in beating the CRAP out of Judge Sandra Ray Criner:

and Ben David:

Jon David (Rep) and Ben David (Dem), are identical twin brothers out of Florida -- who are NOW both District Attorneys in neighboring jurisdictions -- does this not seem ODD to anyone else???

Well, I pleaded with him -- and he backed down. I DO NOT CONDONE ANY VIOLENCE!!!

And Tammy treated me to lunch at the Olive Garden with three cocktails and two packs of Marlboro cigarettes, instead.

BUT, I DID email Ben David and others (and BLOGGED and emailed it to 500), with the info that with my testimony COULD HAVE PUT THESE PEOPLE IN JAIL, but Ben David REFUSED TO PROTECT WILMINGTON FROM THE KLAN (Bruce Lee was ALSO into heavy METH NARCO-TRAFFICKING

-- just like Rev. Ernie Thompson who elevated Ben first to Deacon -- then ELDER -- at First Presbyterian (indirect -- but they PAY REV. THOMPSON unmarked CASH!!!)

Rev. Ernie Thompson actually admitted to me his desire for sex with me -- but said he could NOT, because he honors his commitment to his female wife.



I have NOT sent a friend request to anyone I don't know on Facebook in months now, yet Facebook claims I have. Facebook, long said to be run by the CIA to spy on people and help protect narco-traffickers (I don't care who tracks me. I break no laws and have nothing to hide), has NO PLACE for me to complain because WHOEVER CLAIMS I TRIED TO FRIEND WITHOUT KNOWING THEM (or at least discussing something with them on a Facebook thread) IS A LIAR.
Now I'm "punished" by not being allowed to "friend" anyone for seven days.
See my blog for more on how Facebook has been DELETING my links to my own blog posts that give SPECIFIC info on Republicans (mostly) in Wilmington, NC who are heroin or cocaine traffickers (some top politicians).
Delete THIS Facebook!!!
Scott David Kenan
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Now THAT was ballsy -- even for a Catholic Priest accustomed to getting away with SEX CRIMES protected by the Catholic Church -- and US Government as well. They NEVER could have gotten away with it for so much or for so long WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!!!

A Catholic priest was found guilty on Friday of sexually assaulting a woman on a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles last August. Father Marcelo De Jesumaria...
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Paul McCartney CAN'T smoke pot for years -- because it makes him face his and his former brother-in-law's -- who until very recently managed McCartney's financial empire -- John Eastman's CRIME of ordering John Lennon's murder (also Tennessee Williams's murder)!!!

Paul McCartney says he has given up marijuana after many years of indulgence and now prefers wine or a nice margarita.
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