Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Email Just Sent to the Daughter of TORCHY, Nancy Babcock!!!

Nancy Babcock -- a horse-lover!!! (I meant nothing untoward!!!)

Dear Nancy,

Today, I chanced on something I had written about you a few years ago, and felt called to write you. I have wanted to apologize for my words and actions some years ago that pushed us apart, and although I don’t remember how that happened exactly, I DO know that I was at best “difficult” in those days, which were shortly after I was taken off Lithium Carbonate, which I had been on for 31 years. That was like having a lobotomy undone after 31 years, and it has taken me until recently to straighten most things out.

In my Stone Mountain living room with Francine, 2005. I swear, I wasn't choking her!!!

I am happy to report that I have two cats where I now live in Puerto Vallarta, but not the Francine Fishpaw or Stella Lo-Rider I had in Atlanta – Francine was killed by “Fernando Merino”, the son of Colombia’s top cocaine exporter, in 2010, trying to terrorize me (but he cried more than stoic I when he buried Francine for me), and Stella was kept, a few months later, when I escaped being held captive by Drug Mafia, including the Canadian woman who discovered in the book THE KENAN FAMILY that both the shrink who headed the APA when the DSM was changed to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses , AND the shrink in charge of collating all the data before analysis to make that decision, were descended from the three Kenan brothers who settled in North Carolina in the 1730s. I’m very proud of that and others of the Kenan Contributions (if not all of them).

I have also done a “One-Two Punch” with John Lahr to Sewanee, the Episcopal Church, the CIA, and the Republican Party, by Lahr first in his just released TENNESEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH, doing a GREAT job of capturing the spirit and work of Tennessee, but leaving the details of his death so ridiculously at skew-lines of logic and story claimed, that it was EASY for me to destroy that story, and while I no longer hope to move the Williams Estate from Sewanee to Harvard, I will NOT be silent about the truth about Tennessee’s actual murderer (or thieves-of-estate).

Perhaps you would be interested in reading some of my blog, http://scottkenan.blogspot.com, or its mirror in better graphics since the first of 2014, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx. And I DID mention you earlier today (and the link to http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2011/10/honoring-crazed-presbyterian-women.html is actually in THIS posting from yesterday: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2014/09/rp-conclusion-john-lahr-deliberately.html).

Well, I have nearly 2,500 blog posts now (not counting mirrorings), going back to 2008 (older ones not as well edited for typos, etc. – and newer ones showing corrections). I have an email list of 500 (by conscription – mostly press, law enforcement, politicians, religious leaders, and friends of Tennessee Williams), who get every posting by email – as well as 600 – 700 hitting my blogs each day, otherwise, so do have a following, although I have no idea how many of the “emailed” read what they get.

I just decided to take charge of some things no one else was bothering with, so WHY NOT???

Live Life to the Fullest!!!

Kenan is a Scot Family, Presbyterian, originally, but called “Frozen Chosen” by those at First Presbyterian in Wilmington, North Carolina – where I tried joining the clan (with poor results) – LOL!!!



Ha, Ha, Ha (as seen on CNN)!!!

Actually, this was seen on Facebook -- not CNN.


1. True that poor Chris Cuomo tries hard to be a good reporter/host, but the guy looks too much like an innocent Andrew Cuomo, his brother, and it doesn't help EITHER of them -- and did you hear yesterday, that Andrew is thinking of running for President??? What a JOKE -- only Republicans (plus Clintons, Rahm Emanuel, and other Wall Street/Big Banks people, etc.), would vote for him!!!

2. First thing I saw this morning was the graphic of the guy running into the White House (a running red arrow), but TODAY, it runs up and to the LEFT to find the East Room, where as YESTERDAY, that same arrow kept going up to the RIGHT to find the East Room.

Overnight, the White House became a MIRROR IMAGE of itself!!!

No wonder it's so difficult to catch intruders, no???

3. But HERE's the big kicker, Carol Costello, while images of the East Room showed, said it is used for various state functions -- including when FRANK SINATRA came to the White House (she obviously too embarrassed to mention Frank's visits to the Oval Office for another "Nancy Reagan B.J." , on the floor, under the desk). The next thing ya know, the EXACT photo I have frequently used popped up on the screen:

And of course, this makes CLEAR where Nancy Reagan's loyalties lay!!!

4. All things considered, I believe EVERYONE who works for CNN will have to be at least investigated for HIGH TREASON. Fox News doesn't count. Consistently lying and everyone knows that -- including the Republicans, "religious", and "fake manly", who mostly use social pressure to make sure all at their places of work, churches, watering holes, and social clubs watch FOX.

5. Some things CNN has continued to promote which are BOLD-FACED LIES:

A. Here is the entire CNN online article that CNN featured as top story for two days. In it, Edmund White (a personal friend of mine whom John Uecker claims conspired with my own almost-publisher Don Weise to give Edmund a huge bonus on a DOG of a book -- just to TANK Carroll + Graf publishing house, which it did) , former top AIDS and GAY activist in the 1980s.

Edmund White in the 1980s

In the 1980s, no one could get President Reagan to even SAY "AIDS", let alone do anything much about it. His Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, was even WORSE, but Edmund White, knowing better, claims the OPPOSITE!!!: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/05/25/edmund.white.hiv.aids/

And this is an "inventory" of the Tennessee Williams scholars I did in early 2013 and just chanced on now, so you can see how I felt thenhttp://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/03/hoy-it-is-clear-that-ides-of-marx.html

>>> ADDED: Even if never, otherwise, you should follow this link to the "Ides of Marx Brothers" -- I had NO IDEA I was so humorous back then!!!

Me, Christal Presley, her boyfriend Sunil, and their "charge" in Stone Mountain Park, late 2009.

B. And I've made much of Christal Presley, who was Jill (Rhodes) Hannity's roommate at Virginia Tech, then became a flunky for Sean Hannity, helping to get me the contract with Alyson Books -- and also working for my mother, and PUNKING my sister Jane over the price of a stone globe!!!

Her PTSD Charity she set up with the help of the Atlanta Journal Constitution in January of 2010 did NOT get much interest, so she wrote a BOOK on her father Delmar Presley's PTSD from the Vietnam War -- and it was TOTALLY FAKE, but despite my warning first the AJC, then a year later warning CNN, they all told me to go to hell, and they were featuring it ANYWAY:


C. And let's NOT FORGET all the lies CNN reporters and hosts ACCEPT FROM "CONSERVATIVES" AT FACE VALUE, when they KNOW the facts ARE DIFFERENT.

This is not FAIRNESS -- unless you think it is fair to give equal weight to a WITCH DOCTOR as to a medical doctor when your child has measles or mumps.

I don't CARE what CNN claims, their ACTIONS and WORDS PROVE they are nothing but TRAITORS selling Republican and Big Banks/Wall Street snake oil.

NO ONE can claim otherwise.

D. And to close now, let me also remind you that George W. Bush's CHIEF DRUG-MONEY LAUNDERER, Martin Lamb of off-shore Panama, thought I had lots of KENAN MONEY, and in his greed to get his hands on it to "invest", spilled all the beans on W's flying private jets full of cash to his island -- HA!!!


PS: Whale's Tale, Cape May finally got their website back online about 8:00 PM last night, my time.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Conclusion: John Lahr DELIBERATELY Wrote about Tennessee Williams' Death in a Way That He KNEW I Could Completely DESTROY (as was my job)!!!

Starting this more pleasantlyAllan Gurganus, author of 'Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All' bought his Victorian-style home for $199,500, and then embarked on a massive renovation. John Gessner for The Wall Street Journal

Durham, NC artist David Terry 

Iconic image of David Terry, my former lover and Sewanee alumnus -- sometimes called "Rafael Cherry" in this blog.

>>> ADDED LATER: David Terry, the "Truman Capote of North Carolina", just emailed me, and claims we were never lovers, so I feel forced to change "lover" to "serial trick". ~ Scott

So David Terry first told me I am related to Mr. Gurganus in the 1990s, but only in the last few years did I see the connection in the book THE KENAN FAMILY. Gurganus's book was very loosely based on my great-grandparents, Murphy (who had saved for years and then bought and freed two slaves before volunteering to fight for the South -- he was not wealthy at all), and Julia Kenan.

And Mr. Gurganus is or was a major Gay Rights Activist -- as is Dan Keenan Savage, whose middle name suggests he is far more distantly related to me -- he having the Irish form of my last name.

"At Christmastime each year, Michael Malone, a longtime TV writer, and Allan Gurganus, a bestselling novelist, put on a production of "A Christmas Carol" at an Episcopal church in Hillsborough, N.C. Mr. Gurganus plays Scrooge, and Mr. Malone plays nearly all the other characters. Jill McCorkle, another bestselling novelist, holds the record for perfect attendance."


Last night, Testosteroni became concerned about my emotional stability after he read the most previous blog posting, and called at about 9:00 PM, finding me FINE and not pickled in alcohol or on the moon from pot.

And last night, I tried to access www.whalestalecapemay.com, the website of the business I founded with Chuck Pritchard, Hilary Russell -- both Denison grads like me -- and a silent partner (I sold my portion to Chuck and Hilary in 1978), and it was DOWN which it has so far remained. I called them this morning and manager Karen Packer said all is fine, but they are having trouble with their server.

The Pritchards: Chuck, Hilary, Colin, and Travis. Is that a photo of George W. Bush that they staged this with???

Click to enlarge.

While it is TRUE there are many mysterious things about how I came to know Hilary Russell, came to Cape May, and eventually was believed by Hilary's "High Presbyterian" mother to be about to be MARRIED to Hilary when everyone ELSE knew I was gay (and questions about a homing device once apparently placed in a boat I was on -- nearly KILLING me for my mother), the bottom line is that not only did I get GREAT STORIES out of it all, but:

I am perfectly OK -- OK???

But it is time to show some appreciation for BOTH the Pritchard and Russell sides of that family, remembering that Chuck's Mom, Kay (Katherine W.), also a Denison grad (as is Travis), was so truly "Christian Charitable" about us "left-over hippies" that she gave Hilary a plate to hang on the wall with a bunch of lilies-of-the-valley blooms turned into little faces -- all hanging upside-down, and saying "Many Peoplia, Upside-Downia".

And I learned that Travis and Colin (who seem much like my nephew Connor Michael Kenan, who traveled in S.E. Asia for half a year -- and other places as well), are now both working at "The Tale", no doubt to take it over, eventually.

Chuck's father, Leland Stanford Pritchard, owned a men's clothing store on Capital Hill -- after being an army Quartermaster in WWII. Pritchard's Haberdashery -- as I think it was named -- was THE PLACE Congressmen and Senators came for PERFECT SOUTHERN STYLE, COMFORT, and SERVICE -- until the whole area was torn up when the subway was constructed. 

Leland's middle name "Stanford" has to do with some tangential connection to Stanford University in California (although I have never heard the details on that), and he was raised in Wilson, North Carolina, a town which at THAT time, was entirely dominated by Kenan-surnamed politicians.

Hilary's mother, Barbara, was from a long line of strong Presbyterian women -- her own mother having gotten sick of her first family in the East, so up and moved to California and started another family. I remember the frequent stories in the 1970s of this woman whose only name I know was that she was called "Nanna", frequently ran away from her nursing home, nekkid in her wheelchair.

And Barbara met Kenneth Russell, and seeing the potential, gave him the middle name of "Seton" (he'd been given no middle name), which might have been from Barbara's family, but is rather "high-falutin" sounding (and even Catholic, when you think of Seton Hall University), and next thing you know -- he's "Special Assistant" to the President of Sterling Drugs -- and as ALL people know, my mother and her Catholic Church like to over-drug people so that they can't THINK or VOTE right.

No WONDER my mother tried to arrange that marriage -- and thank GOD the rest of us had and have SENSE!!!

Chuck's best college friend was Ernest Kelly III, who was Alaska Senator Ted Stevens' (Republican) long-term Aide -- so interesting political connections there, no???

From 2011http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2011/10/honoring-crazed-presbyterian-women.html

Ernest B. Kelly III

And to get back to Ernie Kelly for a minute, I just found THIS about his retirement in 2002 (Ernie had also worked for COMSAT), from ASCENT, a trade organization who, if you now follow its link in this article -- is a computer firm (and more), in Latin America -- so different than in 2002, I assume!!!

VERY mysterious (but nice "Dick-Cheney-style" grimace)!!!


Realizing that John Lahr HAD TO KNOW that Lee Eastman (who is NOT mentioned in his book -- and I remember Lee's apartment with the four giant Motherwell paintings in the dining room), was Tennessee Williams' lawyer for many, many years -- passing him off to his son, John Eastman, when Lee retired shortly before I began working for Tennessee in 1981, DID know Tennessee Williams well (Lahr claims the opposite on page 595). But Lahr DOES make clear that John Eastman acted IN TANDEM with Maria St. Just -- they were TOTAL EPISCOPALIAN/SEWANEE/CIA/REPUBLICAN PARTY ALLIES.

In any case, John Lahr is too smart and too good a writer to have so sloppily covered these Episcopalian/CIA tracks. I have to ASSUME, that he deliberately left them EASY for me to pick apart -- and I SALUTE HIM and THANK HIM (and so does "posterity")!!!


WICKED, no???


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Morning Thoughts Include "It's Only a Story, Now" ~ a quote of Yoko Ono

"If you want to lie under a shade in your old age, plant a tree now." - African proverb.‪#‎Wisdom‬ ‪#‎AfricanWisdom‬

Awww! Congrats to Chelsea, her husband & Bill & Hillary, too. 

Congratulations to the new grandparents and the whole family!
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  • Song Thorsen Sweet. I hope the health of her grandchild makes her reconsider her stance on GMOs.

  • Scott Kenan I hope a new generation causes both Bill and Hillary to CONFESS and REPENT for helping the Bushes and Cheneys spread CIA narco-trafficking and SCREWING the next generation the MOST!!!
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>>> WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO JULIAN LENNON (who sent this link and whose mother, Yoko Ono, back-door contacted me, THANKING ME for exposing NYC Lawyer John Eastman -- who ALSO authorized the Tennessee Williams murder plan -- Eastman, whom I know pretty well, being Tennessee's last lawyer (in John Lahr's book, he gives the impression that Eastman was BARELY doing any work for Williams, when he had inherited Mr. Williams as a client from the ORIGINALLY-NAMED Leopold Vail Epstein, who took "Lee Eastman" as his name -- John Eastman taking Episcopalian as his GAME!!!) and working with Maria St. Just and Sewanee/Episcopal Church/CIA. Details are below this inclusion of info.

John Eastman is on far right -- perhaps you can identify the rest of them (and their MOTIVES -- LOL!!!).

Scott Kenan shared a linkThe link from Julian Lennon:
48 mins ·

The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script…

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For more info, begin herehttp://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/01/is-this-why-nyc-lawyer-john-eastman-had.html

>>> AND SO DO I (or Fearless Leader Colin -- of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group), might be stuck scratching his head, or even BOTH of them!!!)

1. You see, yesterday, I was so long with Ginger, that by the time I got to lunch -- the food was about to be served!!! But after the typically two-hour lunch, I walked with Colin back toward our cars, and soon he stopped to talk to someone who looked PERFECTLY FAMILIAR, yet I could NOT place who he was at all -- although I knew I'd first met him in 2010, and that I also knew I could TRUST HIM.

Later, I realized he is one of the two waiters (the other one is named "Chewy" -- if sometimes misspelled "Chuy", which is what Mexicans call "Jesus"), from the notorious so-called "DYKE BAR", Apaches, here in town.

This is the guy we spoke with, yesterday -- and AGAIN, I forget his name.

As my readers know, I have become very possessed of my "Cherokee Smidge" -- I'm about 1/16 Cherokee "Indian" -- from my father's side. And to my knowedge, the Cherokee and Apache Nations are NOT currently at war, so this all makes sense, even if THIS doesn't:

And now that I've completed the "SET UP", I feel like abbreviating the important info -- since I've published it MANY TIMES (not too recently), in this blog but no one paid any attention before. Google for details if you give a shit of any size.

These things came out in our unguarded conversation -- Colin not participating, actually, except to introduce the other two of us, unnecessarily. 

This would be a good time to explain that at one point, I was asked if I was DATING Colin, and I replied, "No, not yet, anyway," and that meant only that ALL (read: "many"), possibilities are available -- but my reply was not some kind of veiled anything comment, so should not be read into.

1. I am NOT Jesus returned for the End of the World or any such similar thing. "The Guy" asked me that directly, and I answered truthfully -- adding that about five times in my life, beginning when I lived in Cape May, NJ 1973 - 1978, strangers have approached me to tell me my mission in life is to provide the "Key" for the COLLAPSE of this Age of Kenan (see Chronicles I in the Bible), "Kenan" (in Bible Dictionaries), meaning "the Sadness" or the "Unrestrained Greed and Acquisitiveness". The last time this happened was at the "hidden corner bar", upstairs in the Public Market in Florence, Italy -- ancient Italian men buying me drinks because they were impressed by my "aura" (which Charles "Chuck" Octavius Pritchard -- one of my partners in www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com claimed that HE had seen too, and it is mostly purple.

Strangely, Whale's Tale's website is currently DOWN.

2. Everyone LOVES this quote of Jesus:

And the TRUTH IS that it did NOT work out very well -- and NOW there is a HUGE committee of us trying a new and DIFFERENT approach on Humankind which (despite many appearances), has EVOLVED quite considerably since Yeshua-bar-Joseph (Jesus's given name), actually walked the Earth -- which he did.

No one of us is actually special, although some of us have greater and more effective ways of influencing the World -- such as through the Media. Maybe you are ONE of us and have previously been unconscious of it.

Perhaps you have been confronted with THIS question:

Well, never mind all of that. What is important is that you are INFINITELY more responsible for your thoughts, words, and deeds AFTER you become "AWARE" -- and trying to HIDE FROM GOD (ultimate consciousness), didn't work in the "Garden of Eden", and it works FAR LESS now.

Here are a few things you can google in this blog -- or my original http://scottkenan.blogspot.com, is better, to find out about and MAYBE use to finally commit me to a mental hospital:

A. In late 2009 and/or early 2010, but in any case all within a few weeks time, Jackie Kennedy Onassis appeared to me in what looked like "Classic Roman Catholic Visions", which I never confused with the physical world. Twice, President Kennedy silently accompanied her. TWICE John Kennedy, Jr. appeared to me, but only once, separate from his mother, and the last time Jackie appeared, she showed me the entire line-up of US Presidents who had died -- all parading by in two-dimensional cardboard cut-outs, except George Washington, who was dressed in a Roman Toga, was in color, clacked his wooden teeth at me, then disappeared, laughing.

B. I squeezed it all in above, so no need of "Plan B".



2 charged after running gunbattle between vehicles Friday night


YOU figure it all out!!!


The Age of Mahalalel (the "Prince of Peace"), follows the Age of Kenan -- according to the Judeo-Christian Bible.

>>> THIS JUST IN (fro
m our western affiliate):

Scott Kenan shared KING 5's photo.
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Mount St. Helens shows signs of reawakeningkng5.tv/1sAHVtm
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