Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Latest Facebook Follies!!!

Scientists at Stanford University released a study today showing that men who regularly eat grits are 70 percent more likely to have gay children. The prospective cohort study, published in Nature Medicine, followed 15,000...
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  • Patrick Sanders Damn I love eating grits for breakfast but I am not having any kids
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  • Ryan Lee Burris just an fyi for others out there... this is obviously satire.. lol
  • Scott Kenan Oh Lord -- FINALLY something explains what happened to so many men in my extended Kenan Family!!!
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  • Kenneth Merritt Sounds like another academic grit S#@t and a total wast of probably tax money to claim something that is probably not true. Figures don't lie but liars figur. I'm just saying!
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  • Ryan Lee Burris It isn't a real news website.... just as stated as satire in comment above just like "The Onion"..
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  • Kenneth Merritt What's sad is that our lame-assed government funds even more ludicrous studies than this satirical one every day. Time for a huge change in D.C.
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  • Scott Kenan Kenneth Merritt either has no sense of humor or an eternally flaccid penis. But as his comments prove, God always compensates those who are lacking in one area -- often with an inflated sense of self-importance (and Viagra)!!!
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  • Scott Kenan OH LOOK!!! Mr. Merrit has high on his "LIKES" The George bar and restaurant in Wilmington -- where ALL the narco-traffickers prefer to meet -- LOL!!!
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  • Kenneth Merritt Fuck you Scott Kenan, you're an unrepentant asshole.
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  • Ryan Lee Burris Times like these I wish my Facebook application allowed me to delete comments. .
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  • Scott Kenan If you can't take the HEAT, get OUT of the POLITICAL KITCHEN!!! What are you a "woosie" to immature to marry the best thing that ever happened to you, Wes Taylor???
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  • Scott Kenan Meanwhile, this blog posting of mine is fueling CNN's investigation now -- any Wilmingtonians MAN ENOUGH to play with the BIG GUYS???:
  • Ryan Lee Burris I'm not a "woosie", but you both sound like immature children imho...Throwing F-Bombs, and penis flaccidity, aren't exactly helping to get anything accomplished. But I've been called worse, and dealt with worse...
  • Scott Kenan FUCK YOU asshole -- you know damn well that you and James BOTH were selling drugs in 2011 when I first lived there -- and all the money to support your then Gay Org was all Drug Mafia money. And what have YOU suffered, while you and your narco-trafficking friends supported Ben David putting me in jail. Burriss, you are a total FRAUD and Wes Taylor deserves much better than you . . .
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