Friday, May 9, 2014

Something NICE about Jed Clampon of Chicago and Mismaloya, Mexico!!!

Driving up Avenue Ava Gardner in Mismaloya today (on my way to Vallarta Botanical Gardens), I saw that the construction of the massive building (it extends to the right TWICE as large as you see here), next door to Jed Clampon's house has progressed substantially. Construction workers confirmed it is a private residence, and from the side you see it is at least six stories and as deep as it is wide -- completely out of size and character with the other houses on the street.

I feel bad for Jed, as the construction noise and dust, etc., prevents him for renting his house for the next year and a half, and has forced Jed to try to sell at a $200,000.00 discount, to a net of $499,000.00.


1. Incidentally, Jed's house has four bedrooms and EACH is completely private from the others with private outdoor space as well. One has its own small kitchen, and each has its own luxury bath. I saw today that BOTH houses built to the property line, they now share a wall (which has been reinforced), but I wonder how this HUGE looming structure next door will interfere with that privacy. It really is a SHOCKING presence compared to the peace-in-the-rain-forest I felt at Jed's house when I was there several times in 2010.

In fact, at that time, my Tennessee Williams book had just had its publication in hard cover CANCELLED by Don Weise at Alyson Books, but my agent had shared the emails of not just the producers of the film LIKE SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS, but also of those who produced the entire Harry Potter film series, and even legendary producer Scott Rudin, who had ALL inquired about movie rights to my memoir. The first two turned it down, but my agent, Cynthia Zigmund of told me she got NO RESPONSE when she followed up with Mr. Rudin.

I eventually contacted Rudin's office myself, but got no response either: And readers will recall that John Uecker, who murdered Tennessee Williams and was later hired by Sewanee to collate and complete the manuscript for Tennessee's IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE, eliminating the character Mac, a tall, silent observer, based on me.

But when I re-emerged in 2009, Sewanee took the project out of Uecker's hands and gave it to someone else, and "I" (Mac), was NOT eliminated. Today, I have become a good friend of Alison Fraser who had a major role in that play's unfortunate off-off Broadway premiere two years ago. But look what Alison with David Kaplan (a principal of the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival), have achieved!!!:

ANYWAY, it seemed to me that with the privacy of each bedroom and all the other wonderful spaces, the pool, and the location overlooking where THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA was filmed, it would be a PERFECT conference center for various things, and I should buy it with the money I was CERTAIN I would soon make by a new sale of my book and movie rights. 

So Jed agreed to hold the property off the market until the end of 2010, giving me time to do all that, and I gave him the poster from the premiere of Tennessee's A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND, from April 1982 at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, that Gregory Mosher had made into a thank you to me from the cast and crew -- perhaps my proudest possession -- as security.

I could not find the poster online, but this is the cover of the published play.

Of course I was WAY OVER MY HEAD in complications with the CIA, Drug Mafia in several countries, etc., but I had NO CLUE of that yet. And Jed realized I could NOT complete my end of the deal, so the house remained on the market.

But during the FRIENDLY negotiations between me, Jed, and Emerson Oertel that ended with me CHANGING all my blog posts to fictionalize the names of those who need not suffer further from the truth being published, Jed very readily AGREED to compensate me about $350.00 USD because he had NOT valued that poster and lost it -- and PAID PROMPTLY!!!

Well, soon thereafter, Dalia Saper of Saper Law and her NEW lawyer Jeff Duncan who most recently had interned in Wilmington,NC/New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David's office while Ben had tried to prosecute me on EIGHT false charges (all since dropped), and DID get me committed to mental hospitals twice (but the doctor let me right out), took the matter to court DESPITE knowing I had never been legally served, and then tried me in absentia, winning TEN TIMES what had been asked for with NO EVIDENCE presented that Jed had suffered more than embarrassment -- and no evidence that what I had blogged was actually UNTRUE!!!

This is why I bear NO ILL WILL toward Jed Clampon or Emerson Oertel.

2. I had hoped to hear from sub-contracted lawyer Bob Breck today with details of a "legal resolution" of all of this, but he only promised to begin work on it this week, and today, he left the country (USA) on business for about nine days, and I don't know if he will complete it before his return.

One of Bob's sisters.



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