Saturday, May 3, 2014

Recent Things, Some HARD, Some E-A-S-Y to Believe!!!

Unfortunately, this photo I found on Facebook has NO credit for either photographer or location. Still I believe it must be the most DELIGHTFUL place to take a walk -- similar in many ways to Puerto Vallarta , claimed by Conde Nast to be the BEST SEASIDE RESORT IN THE WHOLE WORLD (when I don't think of the fate of my beloved USA having gone NAZI).

>>> THE RECENT THINGS (not depicted above):

1. I have NOT been blogging for nearly two days because a MAJOR NEW DEVELOPMENT came to me regarding the "Chicago Legal Matter". I don't want to go into TOO much detail as it is still CLARIFYING, but having discussed it in detail with my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (contains several US lawyers and retired executives), they think I need to GRAB THESE GUYS BY THE BALLS and make them HOLLAR!!!

I'm more circumspect, but can't really detail that yet -- but soon will, I promise.

2. ODDLY, although I reliably get 500 (+/- 75) hits to my blogs DAILY, the last two days WITHOUT BLOGGING, it WENT UP to over 700.

Here is a RELATED-TO-CHICAGO-EVENTS posting that shot to #2 for the week:

And here is Numero Uno for the past week:

3. Then there is THIS FROM FACEBOOK:

Joyce Rennolds: Motivator of One -- or a THOUSAND!!!

Hey Joyce -- I see you are as lovely as you were when I took your LOVE seminar at Tony Crapoliccio's Center about 14 years ago. After denouncing my mother as America's top NAZI and Cheney, Coach Lou Holtz's, John Boehner's, and Sean Hannity's liaison with the last three Catholic Popes (we had swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings growing up), my life got QUITE WILD (including FIVE poisonings and FIVE times held hostage by Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta area in 2010). 

TODAY, I live in Puerto Vallarta in political exile protected by the Mexican Government and People (after 8 false charges and two false mental-hospital commitments in North Carolina in 2011 and 2012 -- ALL charges dropped for no evidence, although I spent over two months in jail), and two days ago, representatives of the Emanuel/Obama Chicago - Puerto Vallarta Drug Mafia that profits Bush/Cheney, offered to CANCEL the effects of their in-absentia false conviction of me in Chicago last summer for LIBEL (because I blogged about my friend, top exec of Windy City Wazoos in Chicago having seen SENATOR Obama in his private gay bathhouse many times). 

I have actually legally CHECK-MATED the NSA/CIA mostly Republicans but including Obama and Bill Clinton NARCO-TRAFFICKERS (first set up by Daddy Bush when head of CIA)

I credit YOU for showing me how to LOVE, and J. Kennedy Schultz for how to THINK.



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  • Scott Knauss Yeah ... Please "boycott" me !!! .. Lol... Christ you have to be kidding me !! .. I'm Jewish that's a better reason !! All you Hypocrites be my guest !! Lol...
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  • Kimberly Baker hahaa I had the wrong Scott sorry about that
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  • Scott Knauss Ok .. I never intend to offend !!! ... And I speak my mind all ways with this first and foremost ...; ) ...,
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  • Scott Kenan She meant ME, Mr. Knauss -- I was born and raised Catholic, and my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan was first identified to me by top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta in 1990 to be America's TOP NAZI. When my personal friend Jonathan Reiner (nephew of Carl and cousin to Rob -- but has won his OWN Emmys now, too) saw me FIRST out my Mom on the internet in 2010, he made me an HONORARY JEW (although I'm not sure he had authority to do that). 

  • In any case, Mom was Dick Cheney's and Coach Lou Holtz's (our neighbor 1968 - 1970) liaison with the last three Popes (all NAZIs like the Catholics on the Supreme Court -- part of Mom's plan), and later, with John Boehner and Sean Hannity -- in FACT I caught Mom on secured comm with Boehner and Holtz EXACTLY when the Republicans made the deal with Obama to reopen government last fall. 

  • People who make an IDOL of the great Hebrew Prophet Yeshua-bar-Joseph BY DEFINITION hate God who forbade that (even the Muslims had sense not to worship Muhammad) -- but I have NO PROBLEM with people identifying as Christians if they actually follow Jesus's TEACHINGS, which very few seem to do. 

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