Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On the Eve of the Opening of the 9/11 Museum in New York City!!!

In honor of my friend Steve Poynter, who lives in Seattle.



Imran Anwar is on far left.

An excerpt from here:, but in the last few weeks CNN has actually IMPROVED and is not just "stealth Fox" as it had been:

>>> FOX NEWS HACKERS DELETED my conversation from this blog when I FIRST hit the "PUBLISH" BUTTON. Since Imran had ALREADY unfriended and blocked me on Facebook, I thought I had lost all saved record of this conversation, but was able to retrieve TODAY's portion of it -- but NOT Imran's previous TRAITOROUS remarks to me from last spring.
(Imran's Facebook Profile can be found here:!/IMRAN.TV/info )


Did he DISCLOSE this on either Fox News or CNN???

I doubt it -- it would have made NEWS (Imran's accidental death immediately following that, I mean).

Scott Kenan
about an hour ago
Scott Kenan
  • Hi Imran: I know you don't like to hear from me too much, but your friends in the Middle East who contacted me GAVE PROOF of the link between the Bush Family and the bin Ladens -- for which I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!! You should read my posting today. I've got the ENTIRE Republican Party (almost) READY TO FALL!!!: . All best, Scott

  • Imran Anwar
    about an hour ago
    Imran Anwar
    • Here we go again, Scott.... I do not have any "friends" in the Middle East whom you falsely referred to on my Wall and I had to put my foot down. If you found proof of a connection almost everyone already knows existed (Bush Bin Laden family business ties) good for you and glad you're highlighting it, but Bush is history and Americans sadly do not care. I again, politely but firmly, remind you not to associate my name falsely with people you may know and I have no connection with. Thank you.

  • (My formatting/color emphases -- Scott)

  • Scott Kenan
    57 minutes ago
    Scott Kenan
    • I'm sorry Sir, but that is NOT what these people told me. For the moment I will assume your claims here are due more to naivete than Treason toward the United States, and WILL NOT AT THIS TIME report my suspicions on my blog or to Law Enforcement except privately. As you know, if these allegations are false, you have nothing to worry about except that I might have egg on MY face -- which you CERTAINLY have my permission to LAUGH ABOUT!!!

  • * * *


    Martin Lamb who thought I had serious "Kenan money" and hoping to get me to invest through him in off-shore Panama, ADMITTED TO ME that he is the Bush Family's TOP investor of narco-cash, George W. Bush flying to his island jet-port off Panama regularly with plane-loads of NARCO-CASH!!!

    Caribbean Island secret bankers handle much, but people like the Bush Family's FAVORITE narco-cash launderer, Martin R. Lamb, B.A., C.A. of Oxford Financial & Investment Advice, whose business card (he FOOLISHLY gave it to me when we met in Colima, Colima, Mexico a couple of months ago, as he thought I had Kenan MEGA-BUCKS to invest), of:

    "World Trade Center",
    Calle 53 Marbella,
    Panama, Republica de Panama,
    + (507) 61109511,
    In ANY case, Martin Lamb BRAGGED to me that he launders more Bush Family money than ANYONE ELSE, and that George W. Bush flies down FREQUENTLY to his off-shore island where he has a jet-capable landing strip and invited ME to fly down to visit him as well. LOL!!!

    After he read my blog (and I saw the look on his face at a nearby table in front of the main hotel in Colima by the Cathedral -- I high-tailed it back to Puerto Vallarta SUPER-PRONTO, and could not take the time to visit my God-son Diego at nearby Los Amiales).

    Here is a link to how I blogged about it, and there is MORE in nearby-in-time blog postings: .

    In any case, YOUR email came in as mostly gibberish -- until I brought up Windows' "Snip-It" tool to CAPTURE how corrupted your email was when it came in. ONE SECOND LATER, Internet Explore was suddenly GONE -- and when it re-opened itself, your email was "miraculously corrected". LOL!!!

    These Nazi/Republican/CIA/PRI Party Mexico jerks will have to be WRESTLED to the ground in their FINAL BUNKERS just like had to be done with Hitler -- and I AM THE MAN TO DO IT!!! (no sweat, in other words). This is why I expect I will have to sue Wilmington, NC, North Carolina Courts, and First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington FOR EVERY CENT I CAN GET so they NEVER again stomp all over anyone's Constitutional rights like they did mine (as well as try repeatedly to murder me).

    * * *

    3. EXCERPT from here:

    Monday, July 8, 2013


    Reggie Love was Obama's "BODY MAN" during the first administration, but is no longer employed by the President.

    Mr. LOVE, a graduate of Kenan University at Duke, now travels WITH Obama out of town when Michelle does NOTaccompany him.


    Apparently the President is a BOTTOM -- wouldn't you say???

    NO reference to "Stuff" as also seen here is intended or implied:

    >>> FROM FACEBOOK (My Page) :

    1. Obama ordered Bin Laden KILLED no matter what so he could not testify in a Court of Law that he and the Saudi Royals (who supplied the pilots), had planned 9/11 with the Bush and Cheney Families.

    2. Obama did this because George W. Bush... at Obama's first Inauguration let him KNOW they could PROVE all his HOMO-SEX in Chicago bathhouses, etc.

     3. George W. Bush seemed STUPID reading to kids for several minutes before responding to the first 9/11 report BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WAS SCHEDULED FOR THE NEXT DAY, so thought his ALSO KNOWING top aides were pulling a "practical joke".

     4. Years before, the Bush Family MURDERED Osama's brother, so to GET EVEN Bin Laden moved the attack up a day.

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    • Scott Kenan And look at my HISTORY with Kevin Maurer --RECENTLY FIRED (actually, I know NO details of Kevin's separation from the paper), from the Wilmington Star News who WROTE the book NO EASY DAY about the Seal Raid FOR THE CIA -- and pumped ME for information while pretending he would write his NEXT BOOK on MY adventures bringing down US Government NARCO-TRAFFICKING via CIA/NSA as RUN by Dick Cheney and Barbara Bush!!! See DETAILS here:



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