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My Letter to Trustees and Community-at-Large at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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Dear Friends of UNC:

My name is Scott David Kenan and I am related to Thomas S. Kenan III at the year 1700, but also by the fact that I dated Curtis “Robbie” Anderson in 1985, shortly after he and Tom broke off a long relationship. This was when Tom Kenan was the very TOAST of Gay North Carolina, and he took Robbie to ALL the high-society social functions with PRIDE. As I understand it, Tom, now 74, is dating a guy in his twenties whose Wilmington friends I met are nothing but rich “drug trash”. Tom is too embarrassed by his OWN behavior to share his current love with high-society – in fact all pictures of Tom at various functions NOT showing anyone else drinking alcohol ALWAYS have Tom drinking some, and he has a HUGE alcoholic’s belly now (I pity his tailor).

I was also the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, got to know the Kennedy family well back then (including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who told us on January 11, 1982 at Jean Stein and George Plimpton’s party that Sewanee, the Episcopal Church, CIA, and Republican Party would murder Tennessee since they discovered he planned to leave control of his estate to Harvard instead of Sewanee), but also Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and later met Frank Sinatra’s heirs who sold Bank of America (now the most HATED company in the USA), to the Kenans who owned NationsBank. Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil is about as well loved too, due to its absolute environmental and political ruthlessness, and I’m sure you have seen in the news the last two days that Exxon-Mobil is one of only about eight corporations that give a HIGHER percent of money to Republicans than even Charles and David Koch!

But don’t get me wrong, I entirely salute my very distant wealthy relatives, whose charities cannot be beat, and while they PERSONALLY have given the EXACT PEOPLE in the Atlanta Episcopal Diocese and at Sewanee whom I can prove MURDERED Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard, approximately $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 or so years, and that includes the former Arch-Bishop of Atlanta, now head of Theology Department at Sewanee – talk about devils running religions!!! – J. Neil Alexander, and Sewanee’s Chief Council, Donna L. Pierce, both of whom threatened me with MANY Libel lawsuits, but know you can’t convict someone telling the truth, so none came to fruition.

As many of you know, the Kenans made up the Family Crest now seen on many plaques around campus and elsewhere, to make them look good. The TRUE Kenan Crest is quite simple and the FAKE one was never on the Internet until I placed it there in 2009. The royal Stewart line they claimed in the original 1967 edition of The Kenan Family was a lie too. The first Thomas Kenan in America did NOT marry the daughter of North Carolina’s Royal Governor, Elizabeth Johnston, but another woman of the same name – as proven by Marie D. DeLamar, the world’s top authority on genealogy when the Kenans hired her to write the 1999 book update.

Nevertheless, the Kenans became the largest suppliers of naval stores to shipping in the WORLD before the American Revolution, having a number of properties with over 300 slaves, deforesting Southeast North Carolina’s virgin pine forests – and hence your Tar Heels name.

They branched out across the South building vast wealth in Georgia, especially, but also Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, and (not yet a state) Florida, and through elected office and political and financial pressure guaranteed the South’s succession. Later, William Rand Kenan, Sr., the ONLY Confederate credited with breaching Washington defenses and taking a clear shot at President Lincoln (but missing and killing his aide), with help of the Pastor of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, fomented the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, which being college educated North Carolinians, I doubt I need to tell you about that (Wikipedia, the book CAPE FEAR RISING, and my friend Christopher Everette’s film, WILMINGTON ON FIRE, have more details.)

And as all who studied North Carolina history know, this action in Wilmington – the ONLY literal coup d’état in United States history, emboldened Southern Racists to pass all the Jim Crow Laws across the South within two years and in recent years has emboldened “Christian Republicans” to believe they can murder, rape, or otherwise harm minorities with impunity – think “Trayvon Martin”. Yes, this is the other part of the Kenan Family Legacy.

Beyond that, President Woodrow Wilson, who spent many of his formative years in Wilmington while his father was an earlier Pastor of First Presbyterian, RE-SEGREGATED the ENTIRE US Government, which had been desegregated under earlier Republicans, the Parties having polarity reversed of what they have today.

Now I attended Denison University, not UNC, but three descendants of my parents got degrees at Chapel Hill and I have visited campus many times beginning in 1971. One of my sisters got her degree at UNC Wilmington as well. And I have noticed that the Family names of many of the buildings are actually my blood relatives with different surnames since so many Kenan males are homosexual (single or married and producing no or few heirs), and then others are from the “Allied Families” section of the Kenan book, 1967 edition, that was DELETED from the later one. These are Confederate War Allies with similar values to the Kenans.

In 1990, when I tracked how Newt Gingrich with my parents and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman ran a huge narcotics ring through Stone Mountain Park behind my house to benefit Republican Party and Episcopal Church coffers – and Bill Clinton later brought in the HUGE CIA presence to my town to protect it, I tried to report it, but landed in jail for over 15 weeks on false charges of simple trespass – and Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter of Dekalb County, Georgia, only 1.5 years ago, had the Dekalb online Court Database SCRUBBED of all entries about it – although I DO retain the original papers of my Nolo conviction with her signatures. This gives you an idea how DAMAGING my knowledge of narco-trafficking is – indeed, I now live in Puerto Vallarta protected from the CIA by the Mexican Government.

This gives some background, but more can be learned from my blog,, or by googling my name in quotes followed by any other name or subject – there are over 2,200 essay-length postings, now. Here is my main point:

The matter of concerned students upset by the Kenan Family making a Monument to the Confederacy of UNC, Chapel Hill via the naming of buildings and places can only get worse and worse. Also the FACT that the Kenan Family directed the University to recruit “stupid” minority athletes so they could make a mockery of them with dumbed-down courses and NO real degree worth the paper it is printed on, is further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the wealthy Kenans.

One of the buildings in question is Venable Hall. I would direct you to how Tennessee Williams used that name (Violet Venable), to represent absolute hatred and evil in his play SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER, and in fact, James Venable founded the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and was once the Mayor of Stone Mountain, Georgia – and the lot I selected to have my house built on had once had TWO of Mayor Venable’s moonshine stills on it (the granite block rubble from that caused some delays in the construction of my house), and in the front yard was the town’s Hangman’s Tree, from which black folk were lynched, probably at least into the 1960s.

I recently wrote this up on my blog here, the bottom half of the posting: .

So I do wish you all the best in getting the Confederates and other White Supremacists like Tom and Betty  Kenan OUT of UNC, I remain at your service to answer any questions or be of other assistance.


Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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