Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Have VOLUNTARILY Lost My Mind -- for about Six Months Only (I hope)!!!

Well, John Waters HAS had some experience giving shock treatments, when he played the Psychiatrist in his film HAIRSPRAY (1988). Here you see he has laid down his hypnotism disk and is about to shock-treatmentize Penny Pringle who has been Permanently Punished by her Parents, and must wear a scarlet "P" everywhere (except here in her bedroom since she's in her nightclothes).

And I, too, might soon need similar treatment, because this morning, I've given up cigarette smoking, cold turkey.


1. First of all, I have smoked since I was a freshman in college, consistently, about a pack a day -- except in times of high stress, so the last five years, I have smoked 1.5 packs, except the last TWO years, I have smoked at least TWO PACKS -- and up to even 2.5. I knew this could not continue, I never having smoked more than a pack for longer than a few months, before.

2. Two weeks ago, I went to an MD who associates with a natural-remedies store, who said that the Lamisil that the dermatologist who had sugically removed the plantar wart with hidden carcinoma beneath it from my right foot, would do NOTHING for the obvious skin fungus on the top of my left foot, and really, should not have been prescribed for the toenail fungus -- before lab work was done to identify the TYPE fungus I had, so I got that done.

Previously, I suffered dizziness, queasiness, and just physical discomfort from taking the Lamisil (the American name foterbinafine), and the doctor not having warned me NOT to drink alcohol while taking the Lamisil. THANK GOD that Testosteroni did some research and discovered this!!! But even without booze, I felt pretty "off", and could not close my eyes in the shower to wash my hair without falling down if I didn't grab hold of something to steady myself.

Well, I stopped the Lamisil until we got results, and took Sylibum Marianum (St. Mary's or Milk Thistle), for its ability to heal the liver, and used a spray of silver emolsion on my nails and the fungus on my skin. I also used it on the wound which is now half a year old, and not as healed as it should be -- but clean and never infected, either.

St. Mary's Thistle

3. Results came back from the lab NEGATIVE FOR FUNGUS!!! So the doctor asked if I smoked, and after we considered the purplish discoloration of part of my foot, the fact that at 6' 11" it is natural to have some blood-flow to extremities problems (one of my sisters has this pretty bad), my having taken Lithium for 31 years, and that nails suffer the same APPEARANCE of problem from poor circulation as from fungus, he told me that I HAD to quit smoking or these things would not improve much at all. In fact he said he wants to see me a week after I quit, and if I don't quit, there is no point to my returning to see him at all.

And frankly, I KNEW this was coming, and made the commitment to myself to stop smoking. Eight years ago, I quit for two years.

4. SO FAR, I'm surprised I don't feel more grouchy, but I DO feel like my head is full of gauze and thoughts are very difficult to find there. TOTALLY WEIRD, is that the flavor of coffee has gone HO-HUM.

But BEST is that he AGREES WITH ME that swimming in salt water is a GOOD IDEA, and that risk of picking up another plantar or carcinoma from soil is minimal -- and I must practice good foot-hygiene. And even better than that, is that he says I must walk A LOT to stimulate circulation in my legs.

Life is back to being a BOWL OF CHERRIES (not counting withdrawal and the lingering wound). I'll be over the "nasties" in just a few days. As I recall, it takes a month to feel any ability to concentrate, and six months to feel I have my mental faculties back completely (regardless anyone else's opinion on that!!!).


1. I suspect that Jamie Sutherland and his stellar law professionals out in Chicago will have nothing more to say to me. They don't trust me that we could work something out that compensates me fairly for the troubles they have caused me -- it needn't be $50,000,000.00 or even $10,000,000.00, but I WILL go as high as possible if I have to take them to Court, and the sooner, the lower the amount of money.

2. Strangely, after getting a quick initial reply from former Congressperson Cynthia McKinney, she has not even yet read what I sent in response to HER question -- yet she has been posting on Facebook since then.

I have had problems occasionally in the past, with friends never even SEEING that I sent them a Facebook message -- and I have had messages to me NOT show up until WEEKS LATER!!! We all know Facebook was COMPLETELY corrupted by the CIA/NSA, so no surprise if they simply hope I decide Cynthia has lost interest. There are OTHER WAYS to contact her as well.

And she might have been very busy the last few days, but there is no reason not to publish this early part of what looks like will be a LONG CONVERSATION:

  • Conversation started Monday
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Cynthia: I am the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, got to know all the Kennedy's in 1981 and 82, and even promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis that I would one day get President Kennedy's REVENGE, when she told us how and why the Episcopal Church with Republicans and CIA would murder Tennessee -- which I can prove in Court they did.

    This is why I live in Mexico now in political asylum.

    I also met Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold my wealthy Kenan relatives of Chapel Hill, NC Bank of America.

    THANK YOU!!!


  • Cynthia McKinney
    Cynthia McKinney

    Hey Scott, this is a very important message. Let's continue this conversation. Please tell me more about how and why you made the trek to Mexico.
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Cynthia, the first time in 2010 was Republicans (even the Dekalb Nurse who came out told me that the Republicans who were doing this would kill me if they couldn't commit me), because I knew too much about the narco-trafficking through Stn. Mtn.

    The second time, 2012, was from Wilmington, NC where I was jailed five times on eight false charges, all eventually dismissed due to no evidence, but part of the deal was that I leave the state of NC for at least a year. I went right back to Mexico.

    There is a LOT in my blog. Easiest to read is, but it goes back only to 1/1/14 due to the strangest copyright quirk, and I felt I had to blog at a different address, so the two blogs mirror each other this year. Going back from now to 2008, is There are over 2,200 essay length postings that can be repetitive, newer ones being better written and possibly corrected.

    You can google my name in quotes, followed by any other name or concept to mine it all.

    But read some, and I'll be happy to answer any questions. The time I met you was when they were destroying you with that Denise Majette white bread, and the cameras came to some event you held but you knew they were just going to twist anything, so YOU twisted right away from them, bent over, and SHOOK YOUR ASS in their faces. I knew I had found my woman, because I'm afraid of nothing either. That said, I'm gay as a goose (and 6' 11" tall), so maybe not yer cup o' tea, anyway -- LOL!!!


"People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
1928 - 2014 Maya Angelou.

Purple Reign

This bougainvillea is in China.



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