Friday, May 30, 2014

Honest Politics Requires COURAGE: My Recent Facebook Message to a JFK Profile in Courage Award Winner (and Friend of Caroline Kennedy), in Wilmington, North Carolina

ANOTHER, recent JFK Profile in Courage Award Winner!!!

>>> NORMALLY, I would not have published this so quickly, but since the recipient has barely had time to read it (and the below story has since been published), I will do so without mentioning her name.

But FIRST, that other story:

Oh my GOD this photo one of the most awkward things in history



MY TAKE on the Obama/Carney thing: I doubt very much that Barack Obama and Jay Carney have EVER gotten it on sexually -- but being so close for so long, Carney KNOWS WHO BUTTERS THE PRESIDENT'S BUTT!!!

And he KNOWS the story of Obama's Homosexual Past and Present will soon break in the Press, so he is dropping a BIG HINT as he prepares to go . . .

* * *

Dear Friend of Caroline Kennedy: Just wanted you also to know that my former Congresswoman from Stone Mountain, GA, Cynthia McKinney, who in the early oughts read into the Congressional Record that the SAME PEOPLE (THE CARLYLE GROUP) WHO OWN PPD IN WILMINGTON, Bush and Cheney planned 9/11 with their long time business partners, the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families (which I tricked a FOX NEWS talking head into admitting everyone at FOX knows), then after actually filing Articles of Impeachment was DRUMMED out of the House -- more by Democrats than Republicans -- is now pumping me for info regarding not only how Court records from 1990 on me in Georgia were changed 1.5 years ago to protect a corrupt judge, but also the irregularities in Wilmington, especially how Sheriff McMahon's jail records show NONE of my five stays in 2011 and 12 -- as well as D.A. Ben David filed the eight false charges against me, finally only dropping them (he had no evidence), after I agreed to leave the state for a year.
You might recall that Cynthia McKinney ran for US President on the Green Party ticket in 2008, has received MANY awards for her bravery, and was somewhat vindicated when the UN labeled Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld WAR CRIMINALS for torture, why they rarely leave the country since so many countries would arrest them and turn them over to the Hague for Trial -- even if they only landed to refuel.
And Jeff Duncan was an intern working for Ben David in Wilmington then, but got his first job working for Saper Law, LLC in Chicago, where with his help and probably Ben David's, they sued me for Libel without legally serving me, tried me in absentia never showing damages but getting half a million dollars after asking for 50K of a recently homeless person on SSI Disability -- as well as copyright to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, ALL my blog posts, and all emails into the future on related subjects. This week I trapped them in their deceits, and will sue them as soon as I find proper council.
I also intend to sue the D.A. Ben David, the Wilmington Police Department, New Hanover Sheriff's department for as much as possible due to the many false jailings because I know how the narco-trafficking, set up by my parents in 1980 - 2000 by my parents works. It is actually run by the Republican Party, but MANY corrupt Dems in Wilmington, unfortunately.
Wilmington Police with Sheriff's Deputies MURDERED my friend Evan Fish by forcing him to jump off the parking deck by downtown library about Sept. 2, 2011 -- and the STAR NEWS helped them cover it up!!!:
The reason they sued me in Chicago was that I blogged that a friend who is a Wells Fargo Advisors exec in Chicago saw Barack Obama in his gay bathhouse several times. This is NOT news to most of the world, but kept hushed in USA because the CIA/Republicans blackmailed Obama into supporting their narco-trafficking with it.
As you should recall, I promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis I would get President Kennedy's REVENGE one day, and I am doing it. I am NOT partisan, but if you stand for truth, beware the corrupt Dems and Republicans BOTH in Wilmington.
I'm sure I will return to Wilmington as I prepare to sue -- no estimated timeline on that yet.
Scott, Why do you continue to bring up this nonsense? I (and my daughter) have tried to explain to you we NEED you to leave us alone and let us grieve -this includes Evan's friends too.Evan's dad does not get on his Facebook much. He has not blocked you! So qu


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