Friday, May 16, 2014

GOOD NEWS for University of North Carolina Trustees -- Enough That I Am Taking Them Off My List of Email Conscripts!!!


1. Yesterday, I went to Banco Azteca to pick up SSI Disability money sent to me by Benefits Management in Wilmington, NC. In the last two months I have been all but totally stymied picking up Western Union money (which is meant to be available about an hour after it is sent from the USA), by the following businesses in Puerto Vallarta -- all giving all manner of excuses, and the QUICKEST I got it from any of them (and some simply insisted the money was NOT in the system, even after several days -- Benefits Management confirming from Western Union in Wilmington, NC that it HAD been in the system all those days), was three days:

Banorte (several locations), Farmacia Guadelajara (several locations), and TeleComm. Banamex, bound to Citibank US, which handles Western Union, flat-out lied to me, claiming they have NEVER handled W.U., but I had gotten money through them before.

In fact, after so much bad luck with the first two, I finally tried Telecomm two weeks ago, and there I was told (finally, after one and a half days), that the money was IN THE SYSTEM, but would not be available for another three days (actually FIVE days, counting the weekend). When I returned on that day, the office was INEXPLICABLY CLOSED, with no explanation on the door, so I went to Banco Azteca and got it immediately. Naturally, I went to Banco Azteca yesterday, first.

CLEARLY, all these difficult companies are TIED TO THE CIA!!! -- but Banco Azteca is NOT!!!

2. Then I drove the 50 miles to San Sebastian del Oeste, a designated "Pueblo Magico", and had a delightful and relaxing day, in which I hardly even smoked cigarettes!!!

I'll write up that trip with pictures next.


Unfortunately, Liberal has ALSO come to mean people who eat and drink well, congratulate themselves on their superiority, and posture on places like Facebook -- rather than confront negative-worshiping Conservatives. If anyone deserves to "go to hell", surely it is the Liberal Hypocrites (not all of Liberals). 



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First of all, I will be reading these two blog posts at Writers Group tomorrow, here in Puerto Vallarta: and

But what is particularly funny, is that my friend who is the same age as Thomas S. Kenan III and graduated UNC Chapel Hill the same year as Tom -- and went on to do a LOT of business with the wealthy Kenans and their Bank of America, giving me MUCH insight to all of that, wrote back to me yesterday (wanting to give him a heads-up, I emailed him I would read these and they were clearly marked near the top of either of my blogs), claiming he could NOT FIND THEM on my blog.

This made NO SENSE, but I simply replied with direct links to them both and thought nothing more of it until I noticed this morning, that he had written, "When I went to your blog,, I couldn't find the UNC confederate flap." Well, this is NOT a blog, but a website -- and one I have not been able to update because of difficulties caused by Han Hills of Wilmington, NC, causing me to no longer be able to get into it.

This was as insane as people calling memoirs, biographies, and other NON-FICTION "novels", which happens FREQUENTLY in the USA, but even sometimes in our writers group (only by Americans -- other English speakers come from countries where they VALUE EDUCATION)!!!

Here is the development that pleased me. Somehow, among my Facebook Friends, is a guy self-described as a Conservative Republican Christian and he owns a TALK radio station in eastern North Carolina, halfway up the coast. Sunday, after sending my letter to the UNC Trustees, I noticed his posting a CONGRATULATIONS SALUTATION to his daughter for graduating Chapel Hill that very day.

What ANNOYED ME was that he had a picture of himself with his daughter, he posturing as THE DAD AND DEFENDER of DEFENSELESS WOMANHOOD, with the caption, "I'm so PROUD of my Little Tigger" -- HOW DEMEANING CAN YOU GET!!!

So I posted in comments under the salutation, "Hey "So-and-So," my family founded UNC -- you might enjoy the letter I just sent all the Trustees!!!" (link).

And today, after nearly a week, he "LIKED" my comment. Therefore, I'm taking the Trustees off my list, and will begin calling them individually if UNC doesn't FIX the problems, not only of the Confederate and Athletic nature, but the OTHER HUGE SCANDAL, now, of blaming WOMEN if they get raped on campus!!!



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