Friday, May 16, 2014

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“I regret that legislative action more than I can possibly express in this brief column.” --Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory

As Georgia’s new 'guns everywhere' law goes into effect, the Archbishop of Atlanta is taking a stand against the state’s misguided policy to allow guns inside houses of worship.

Read the Archbishop’s full statement here: 

A rare Catholic who follows Jesus's Teaching!!!

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I NEVER hear of devastating fires in the Baja (N.W. corner of Mexico), which has basically the same climate and vegetation. Do YOU think Quetzalcoatl is more powerful than Jesus -- he sure SEEMS to be!!!

Welcome to California!!!

Quetzalcoatl is hungry for tan, WHITE people!!!



Scott Kenan
2 hours ago via The Huffington Post

  • SINCE passage of the ACA, spending on political ads AGAINST it has been 15 times positive ads -- and Obama Administration has answered next to NONE of them. This taken with Obama's DELIBERATE web-disaster PROVES the President is a blackmailed homo slave to the Republicans
    CHICAGO (AP) — A new analysis finds the nation's health care overhaul deserves a place in advertising history as the focus of extraordinarily high spending on negative political TV ads that have gone largely unanswered by the law's supporters. ...

  • Did anyone mention the Obama Court appointments that DEMOCRATS have vowed to fight???

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