Thursday, May 8, 2014

Counting Blessings BEFORE the Week's End!!!

Yes, it's only Thursday, but last night it looked like Puerto Vallarta could be hit by the first developing hurricane of the Pacific Season, today, but now things have quieted and we expect scattered thunderstorms this afternoon (in the HEIGHT of the dry season).

Ain't Life often that way (especially when one is proactive in seeking Peace)???

>>> GREAT NEWS FOR TENNESSEE WILLIAMS FANS -- or at least a very impressive review from BROADWAY BOX of Alison Fraser's CD, TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: WORDS AND MUSIC, available here: :

More good "Tennessee Williams; Words and Music" press! Reaction GIFs. Hilarious!

BroadwayBox reacts in GIF to Alison Fraser's Tennessee Williams: Words...
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  • Craig Coursey Ordered it today from baker & Taylor! CAN NOT WAIT!
  • David Kaplan I have to say he nails it on 3,12 (oh and 13, too).
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  • Scott Kenan And I think an extraordinary compliment that Broadway Box went to all this trouble of assembling so many animated gifs. Both Ansley and David Kaplan should take some more bows!!!
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  • Colter Rule Love It, Alison !..XOXO
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  • Scott Kenan LOL!!! Thank you Colter Rule for the correction!!! Although I was Tennessee Williams' last assistant and my memoir that John Lahr and others gave a rave to, Sewanee with others stole my copyright and stopped its sales because I can prove they murdered Tennessee and stole his estate from Harvard as Jackie Kennedy Onassis told us they would do. But it looks likely now that I will get my rights back. At 6' 11" tall I sometimes confuse names due to lack of oxygen -- LOL!!!
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  • Denise Taylor The actor in the caption is Conrad Veit a German actor who appeared in British films during the war
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  • Scott Kenan And Conrad Veidt's very LATE-in-life daughter Kristina "Tina" St. Claire was married to actor Hiram Keller and they lived in Key West in 1982 and were often at parties Tennessee Williams and I attended. 
  • Hiram starred in Felini Satyricon, but got BLACK-LISTED among good directors because he spoke openly of having sex with so many A-list film directors. Tina did me many favors after I no longer worked for Tennessee Williams. I last saw Hiram and Tina in Atlanta in the late-1980s when we all lived there and before their divorce. 

  • In 1997, Hiram Keller died of "liver cancer" although "the street" claimed it was AIDS. He and Tina DID star in the movie COUNTRYMEN (1982), but otherwise he had been relegated to "B" films. Tina eventually remarried and lives in western North Carolina now, and I've forgotten her new last name.

  • Scott Kenan's photo.
  • Hiram Keller in FELLINI SATYRICON (1969)

There is NO understanding of WHY this post is HACKED and formatting gone weird (I cannot get rid of the blank space between here and the photo above)!!!


1. Very strangely, as I checked, checked, and corrected 201 postings to this and my other blog regarding the "Chicago Legal Matter" two days ago (Google results of my search were 20+ pages of 10 postings that all had to be manually checked), I also found a few rather old postings that had somehow been UN-posted as drafts -- and had NOTHING to do with "Chicago". So I re-published them, which in the PAST, always placed them back in correct chronological order, but this time published them as CONTEMPORARY!!!

Not only THAT, but then they got the MOST HITS of all postings, yesterday. I just hope people realize how old they are when they read them, and I'm leaving them there -- even though they show how CRAZY I was a couple of years ago. I might as well post links to them, should anyone have missed them, but what is even ODDER STILL, is that only one of them DID re-post in its PROPER time-place, and I can only GUESS that the US Government doesn't want it as easily found: .

The others:

My FAVE place -- in 2010, the granddaughter of the man who wrote THE MEXICAN ENCYCLOPEDIA had me stand under his portrait in her museum to him in San Sebastian del Oeste (town's full name), and mark my 6' 11" (two meters ten) height. Little did she know that my distant Kenan relatives have been the world's largest support of University Education for 101 years now. COOL PLACE!!!
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"The first image refers to pedophilia in the Vatican. Second child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand, and the third refers to the war in Syria. The fourth image refers to the trafficking of organs on the black market, where most of the victims are children from poor countries; fifth refers to weapons free in the U.S.. And finally, the sixth image refers to obesity, blaming the big fast food companies.

The new series produced by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo was titled as "The untouchables", are photographs of children crucified for his supposed oppressors, each for a different reason and a clear message, seeks to reaffirm the right of children to be protected and report abuse suffered by them especially in countries such as Brazil, Syria, Thailand, United States and Japan"

Tilt your head.
Via -The World Becomes Unreal



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