Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bits and Pieces from Hither and Yon . . .


Manufactured in Baltimore, Md in 1888. I'm not sure modern drugs are so much better -- although with some exceptions, they are less potent.

Here is an area of "recent progress", though:

The Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Chile today, and in the 1970s.

The military dictators were ALL installed with the help of the United States of America, which is easy to find in the historical record.


1. I DID check the Cook County, Illinois Court Database:, and found these new items from April 29 -- although Bob Breck NEVER explained WHAT he planned to do, so let's take a look:

1. Some sort of petition from Jed Clampon was STRICKEN or WITHDRAWN. I have no idea what that was.

2. Looks like the Court ordered Bank of America to turn over the money they have HELD to Bob Breck/Saper Law/Jed Clampon, and fees must have reduced it to $617.00, meaning that EVERY PENNY was from the $650.00 that had just deposited from Benefits Management and was entirely my Disability Benefits that they manage.

YES, that is totally illegal, but not knowing I needed to do that, I had not informed BoA the account was primarily for that purpose, so they GOT MY BENEFITS through that "technical" problem.

3. This must refer to Benefits Management replying to Bob Breck that they have NO MONEY OF MINE that is eligible to be taken by this kind of law suit -- so it's closed.

4. I guess this also closes the matter of BoA after they grab my money.


1. Bob Breck still has NOT answered my question of what Jeb Clampon's response to my offer of March 29, 2014 is. In fact, in his email to me of April 25, 2014, Bob ADMITS he has sat on my offer to Jeb Clampon for nearly a month -- and there is NO EVIDENCE he is not still sitting on it.

I dare say this delay of a month or more, now, could convict Mr. Breck of NEGLIGENCE!!!

My offer to REMOVE all references to Clampon from my blogs was incomplete -- but substantial enough to see if Mr. Clampon is willing to talk, when we could discuss it more fully.


2. Bob claimed he has mailed all court paper to my address here in Puerto Vallarta, yet I've received NONE of it. I asked him to check that mailing address and then mail them again to me. He has NOT responded that he will or will NOT do this.

* * *

Screen-capture of my complaint to the WILMINGTON (NC) STAR NEWS newspaper over the abusive and threatening postings there against me, sent one week ago, April 24, 2014.

I have gotten NO RESPONSE from the Wilmington paper, or its agents who handle these things, although they said they strive to reply within three days.

That said, nothing new has been ADDED the last few days and NO ONE but me and legal researchers is likely to visit this site more than 2.5 years after Evan Fish's death. While I'm disappointed in the Wilmington paper, there is no point worrying about this at all.


While this is TRUE, more important is this:


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